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This page is retired.


If You WON'T Be in Florida

If You WILL Be in Florida

If you have a pass/ticket for the NASA Causeway

There's an unofficial Causeway Tweetup for STS-135. To register, follow @CausewayTweetup & send a mention that you'll be tweeting from the NASA Causeway. There is also a Facebook event set up so you can indicate your participation. See Also: Twitter List

If you don't have a Causeway or other launch viewing pass

Space View Park Tweetup for STS-135 [Registration OPEN until July 4]

Sincere thanks to @JerryWS98 and other SpaceTweeps for pulling together to organize this non-NASA sponsored opportunity for folks!

Space View Park in Titusville is an excellent location for launch viewing. However, try and get there very early (as in 3am, perhaps even consider camping out due to this being the last launch), and grab a spot under the covered dock. It'll be essential with the summer sun and heat, plus you can usually clear out a comfortably-sized space for you and your party before the area gets packed to the gills. Bring a cooler with lots of food and water as well, but there is a Burger King and deli/bistro/ice cream shop nearby in a pinch. Spaceview offers a tremendous view of the launch, from lift-off all the way past SRB separation. Oh yeah, and you get to see the pad and the VAB illuminated as well. Pretty sweet sight.

Other Local Viewing Options

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