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Tweet archive
Software yourTrapperKeeper v0.5.5
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On September 5th, 2011 around 3pm, @jonverve enabled the archive section of the site. It can be accessed at this link:

The purpose of this section of the site is to archive all the tweets with the #NASATweetup hashtag, thus preserving them for further analysis and archival. I am using the yourTrapperKeeper (yTK) PHP software on the server, which is a crawler that captures all these tweets through the Twitter API.


Streams being captured


A streamgraph made from archived
tweets from the GRAIL NASA tweetup

Credit: (Nathan Bergey)
  1. nasatweetup - gets the hashtag and mentions of the @nasatweetup account (NASA)
  2. spacetweetup - gets the hashtag and mentions of the @spacetweetup account (ESA/DLR)
  3. cnestweetup - gets the hashtag for the @cnes_france Paris Ariane launch tweetup (CNES)
  4. dm3 - gets the hashtag for the @ATKOutreach DM3 engine test tweetup in Utah (ATK)
  5. mars500tweetup - gets the hashtag for the @mars_500 Rome tweetup (ESA)
  6. atvtweetup - gets the hashtag for the @esa and @cnes_france Toulouse ATV3 docking tweetup (ESA/CNES)
  7. isutweetup - gets the hashtag for the @ISU_Tweet Strasbourg ISU 50th anniversary tweetup (ISU)
  8. marstweetup - gets the hashtag for the @oewf Dachstein Austria Mars simulation tweetup (ÖWF)

Others can be authorized to add streams to be captured, just mention @jonverve on twitter and he will set you up.

If you end up adding another stream, please add it to this list.

Other archives


This software can export tweets in a number of structured formats, including: RSS, Excel, JSON, and a simply HTML table (with no formatting). Check it out!


Screen shot 2011-09-05 at 3.45.57 PM.png

When you view a stream archive, you can limit the query. Don't worry if you only see 10 tweets on the list. That is because by default it only shows 10, but you can select from the pull down and view more.


You can learn more about and get help with the yTK software here:

Tools to analyze data

Here are a list of tools that may be helpful if you don't know where to start in analyzing the tweets:

Other ways of archiving

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