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Focusing on the success of NASA's pioneering use of social media, including its NASATweetups (now known as NASASocials), these are useful resources for corporations, groups, and individuals considering holding a tweetup and/or striving to better harness social media:


The Social Media Manager at @NASA is John Yembrick (@Yembrick) and the Deputy Social Media Manager is Jason Townsend (@jtowns). NASA's first Social Media Manager, Stephanie Schierholz (@Schierholz), was also the first Social Media Manager at @Raytheon before rejoining NASA in 2014 as Lead Spokesperson & Public Affairs Specialist for human spaceflight and exploration.

Interviews of Past & Present NASA Social Media Managers & Specialists

NASA Social Media Presentations & Features...

By NASA's Present Social Media Managers, John Yembrick (@Yembrick) & Jason Townsend (@JTowns)

By NASA's First Social Media Manager (now Lead Spokesperson & Public Affairs Specialist), Stephanie Schierholz (@Schierholz)

Additional Resources

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