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Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event: View the launch of NASA’s TDRS-K Satellite
Per @NASA's Deputy Social Media Manager, Jason Townsend (@jtowns), "we had just over 600 [people] apply" for this @NASASocial.

Screen Name Name Description
@rfrahm Rita Frahm Innovation, inspiration, collaboration, rural vitality, STEAM education, economic development & philanthropy efforts in our region.....Wife & mother!
@KristenFitzpat1 Kristen Fitz Just a girl observing the world. Commentary on pet ownership, home improvement, various nerd hobbies, specializing in sarcasm.
@FloridaChris Chris Ward Political Science major, drummer/instructor
@ladyamalthea24 Suzy Jones Graphic Artist and Web Designer
@fredkelk fredkelk I take my house with me wherever I go. Love auto racing, space exploration, and most of all our Creator.
@CaptainBJones BJones I joined twitter just to follow @NASA!
@ronmccoy ronmccoy
@Mr_Tweed Daniel Marzec
@AeroUng Richard Ung
@kjonesy287 Kathryn Jones space geek, NASASocial #Goldstone, IRB analyst.
@carnolddesigns Christopher Arnold Multimedia Journalist, volunteer for American Cancer Society, Photoshoptographer, #NAPP member and #GRAIL #NASATweetup alum.
@feixiao Fei Xiao Powered by Fei
@bearshuford Bear Shuford
@omsmasher Tim Jake
@rusewcrazy Aimee Gravelle White House Social Alumni x2, Atlantis Rollover, TDRS, SpaceX Dragon2
@BigBadEd BigBadEd Dry English Wit, Wet Liberal Views, Cyclist, Runner, Father, Husband, NASA Fan.
@KevinSimkins Kevin Simkins CEO at VyperSim ~ Only 3-time winner of the US Army Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge ~ Vice Chair of IEEE Virtual World Standard Group ~ Life is short, I'm not.
@Ashley_Demers Ashley Demers Senior studying Computer Science and in the accelerated masters program at the University of South Florida.
@sheehanperera Sheehan Perera Candidate for MBA and MS in Information Systems at Boston University - School of Management
@jidoctor Jennifer Doctor Passionate experienced Product Marketing & Management leader ... & lifelong Red Sox fan! (Views expressed are mine.)
@RossHolland Ross Holland Christian, Technical Producer at News 92FM Houston Tx. And commercial real estate investor at
@dr_angus Wesley Lima
@Brosner85 Brett Rosner Web content editor for @CFNews13
@sidbyrd Sid Byrd Some personal thoughts broadcast for friends.
@mirceagoia Mircea Goia Web developer, web consultant, tech startups advisor. Aspiring filmmaker (
@artistofideas BOKE [name/brand] the {arts} & science of rhetorical interaction in the public sphere ... Attending #NASASocial #TDRS launch ... BOKE LIKES: Melissa Mars ... and flying cars :-)
@aliwilgus Alison Wilgus I should be making comics right now. Sometimes I do, at and
@mrfrank505 Frank Luciano Apple. Disney. Starbucks. Kelly Clarkson. NASA. Me in a nut shell. #TDRS #NASASocial
@starvingsumo starvingsumo
@JustinJCarter Justin J Carter Digital & Brand Strategist / MOOC & eLearning Enthusiast / Amateur Astronaut / Social Media Buff / Awful Surfer / Kenpo Karate & MMA Student #GoCougs #FightOn
@SeanInMotion Sean Costello @CrashPlan specialist, @EOOttawa member, #NASASocial (TDRSk), #CSAtweetup (#STS135), #Apollo17 40th anniv. event sponsor & big believer in @AstronautAbby.
@traineyscience t j rainey Science lover, aspiring teacher & weather nerd. Currently a math inst. asst. Love hands-on math activities & STEM projects at sec. level. UVA grad. Go hoos!
@BenjyCohen Ben Accountant focusing on the Non-Profit sector, Studying for the #CPAExam, Ambulance Volunteer, #SpaceTweep attending the #NASASocial #TDRS Launch #TweetUp
@analoguepilot joshua conti IT admin. photographer. media. music. tea. #grail #nasatweetup alum. #avgeek. in love with a beautiful girl & our two beautiful kids. i love God most of all.
@espolk2 Steve Polk 'Capturing Life's Moments 1 Frame @ a Time.' Photographer, Film Maker, Pilot, IT Project Manager, Traveler, Aviation 'addict', gEEk
@lkjohnsn Lisa K Johnson MIT Aero/Astro undergrad. Obsessed w/outer space, centrifuges, flying, building satellites, planetariums, & scuba diving. Attending @NASAJuno #NASATweetup.
@KWcel Celeste McWilliams
@VSliker VSliker Content Writer for Broadstreet Consulting. Vagabond, Whirling Dervish. Oh, and Bookkeeper Extraordinaire.
@jwhittenburg Jason Whittenburg Baker, brewer, father of three, and adult fan of LEGO. NASATweetup, SCTweetup, and LMTweetup Alumni
@TheSocialCellar LeahBear It is better to destroy than to create what is meaningless
@yukiyu99 Roberto Martínez #TDRS -K, @AstroAcaba, & #MSL @NASA_Langley #NASASocial 's ; #OV103 Rogue #TweetUp;
@JPJDeveloper John Paul Jones
@DeborahHerman Deborah Herman Recruitment Business Partner@DH Talent Strategies; Outplacement Consultant; Web Support, HRFL State Council; #NASATweetup alumni; loves #jethrotull
@susanna_most Susanna Mostaghim I'm just living life and hoping that it shows me the best it can.
@Cygnusx112 Tom McCool #NASATweeup #MSL #SpaceFest #NASASocial 4 Shuttle, 3 other launches. Love all things #Space.
@love4thgrade Victoria Jasztal In my 8th yr. of teaching 4th grade in FL. I love to tweet about teaching adventures. Was a gr. 3-5 Scholastic Teacher Advisor! NASAGrail tweetup participant.
@UAeroFly William Ung #TDRS #MSL #NASASocial, #SpaceTweep, Disney fanatic, space nut, aerospace enthusiast, scuba diver, underwater photographer, backpacker, traveler...and Nerd!
@joetherocketman Joey Vars Rocket Man, Historian, modern-day L'Uomo Universale. Space is my passion, and rockets are my life. Student Government Senator and Spaceflight Educator.
@AutismTweetsTX Autism Tweets Texas Parent Advocates for Individuals with Autism in Texas working at a state legislation level for change.
@amika79 Anna Mika I am in independent consultant with a goal of increasing teacher effectiveness. I am also an avid NASA enthusiast. My content focus is Math and Science.
NASA Hosts/Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@NASASocial NASA Social We're the @NASA Social Media Team. Follow us to learn about ways to get connected and collaborate with NASA.

@jtowns Jason Townsend I do social media by day and crave good friends, food & wine by night. Tweets are mine and are about my life. They don't represent NASA.
@NASA_TDRS NASA TDRS The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) Project is providing follow-on and replacement spacecraft necessary to maintain and expand the Space Network.
@ulalaunch ULA Delivering critical capabilities to orbit with Atlas V, Delta II, and Delta IV launch vehicles.
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