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SpaceX NASASocial Participants

Official Announcement of the NASASocial:

The Official Twitter List of Participants, curated by @NASASocial on Twitter, currently follows 48 people.

Screen Name Name Description
@twirlandswirl Laurel Ann Whitlock WARNING: I should come with a warning label. If I ever start making sense, I'll worry. Views are my own - no one else wants them! @NASAJuno/@SVPTweetup
@shimpster Alex Shimp I'm a #Spacetweep, Mac Geek, #SDOisGO GSFC, #STS132JSC, #STS135 Launch Tweetup attendee, Ham Radio Operator (WB4BSA), Eagle Scout, Photographer & all round geek
@NavyPictures Navy Pictures We offer stylish photo t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, photos, and more of US Navy ships, submarines and air squadrons, for Navy families and Navy vets.
@Catahouligan Sherry V Be yourself, don't take anyone's sh*t, and never let them take you alive! Own cutest dog in cosmos!! Future NASA scientist-watch me! #GRAIL #NASATweetup Alum
@deliciousblur Pedro Vazquez A decent human being.
@DorrainePetras Dorraine Petras Meet #NASASocial's @DorrainePetras: Sci. Teacher, Worked on SST & ISS @JSC. Mom of 4. Thrilled to be part of @SpaceX/@NASA history! So.Cal.
@TheOldManPar Charles Boyer Writer, photographer, technologist that's chasing that white ball down green pastures looking for the rabbit hole.
@cell911 Craig Lee Redhead, smart aleck, web coder, photographer (and photo geek), gourmet cook, butterfly chaser, kayaker, bicyclist
@catloversun Sunshine Schulenberg I am making the transition from full time student to starving artist. I make jewelry & am a native Floridian that loves to garden. Also a NASA fanatic!
@dwhelton danielle whelton SVP, Operations & Strategic Engagement - Home Front Communications in DC. Fmr tv-news producer - @CNN @CNNI alum. News junkie, space geek, and RedSox girl!!
@DestinyRoxx Catherine McKee Information Guru. Wannabe Viral YouTuber. Single Mom to two Awesome Teens ♥ Business Owner and always looking to better or improve the universe around me.
@BraxtonJulie Julie Willis Info here on Braxton C4ISR, space, humanity & other fascinations. Views are Julie's. #NASATweetup/ #NASASocial, #SVPTweetup alum.
@jamerz3294 Jamie Rich Still Crazy, After All These Years... Space Nerd and #JPLtweetup and #Glenn50th tweetup alumni! Going to @SpaceX #NASAsocial launch!
@NickInNC Nick Hlavacek Football, physics, music, computers, what have you. I'm incredibly lucky to be married to the greatest woman and to have two absolutely wonderful daughters!!
@WinObs Richard Hay Keeping an eye on Windows & other things tech! Tech, gaming, space & photography related tweets. Microsoft MVP, Xbox Live Amb & Host of Observed Tech PODCAST.
@OnidaGirl Amanda Barber Married to @TwinsFanFL. Owned by @MauiAndMia. Born and raised in South Dakota. @NASAtweetup #GRAIL attendee. Hope to someday be in a flash mob.
@MsWZ MsWZ Health & HigherEd Policy - Patient Evangelist - #hcsm #daaeu #AttheWH #NASASocial #ACOchat #cspanafterdark - @iwilltakemymeds SuperFan Tweets are my own
@NobbeChristine Christine Nobbe Gifted Ed Specialist & Adjunct Prof; Moon colony advocate; self-proclaimed space cadet!
@MonyelleMingo Monyelle Speaker of Sarcasm // Arts Advocate // Spoiler of Cats // Words by Post (Travelgirl3) // Creator of #LadiesLovingLife // President & Founder @SMCgburg
@DJFrankieee Francis Unson #SocialMedia #Travel #Food #Linguistics #Science #Numismatics #Photography #Mathematics #Museums #Business #Finance #Technology #Art #LateralThinking #Puzzles
@JeffHolton Jeffrey Holton Business analyst at Cisco, wannabe Christian, teacher, blogger, networker, photographer, husband, & father. Bearer of unbearable puns. Well, somebody has to!
@kurtjmac Kurt Documenting every step as I walk to the edge of the Minecraft world in Far Lands or Bust! Raised over $14,000 for Child's Play Charity in the process! INDEED.
@carlheiney carlheiney CappStreet app development and consulting
@shupp Bill Shupp Software engineer, musician, space enthusiast, maker of
@nutzareus Ching-Yao Yu ℠ Native Detroiter. US Army OIF combat veteran. Smartphone collector. Love #NASASocial #WHTweetup. Podcast host for
@Maveriiick Rob Gibbons
@JediOliver Oliver Leembruggen A simple man who happens to loves Jesus, his family, aerospace, wind tunnels, acting, being a military veteran, @NASASocial vet, and being the geek that he is.
@camp629 Camp629 I am Firefighter and Pacer fan. I also follow NASA and the private aerospace companies.
@jeffk Jeff Kramer
@bluflowr Irma Kramer Stressed out Latina!
@bitterforsweet Lizzie Straight Edge Disney Nerd.Magic Fanatic.Dreamer.❤s Wrestling,Makeup,Space Travel,Pokemon,Sushi, Video Games, Aliens,and Phobucks. #NASATweetup Attendee
@MarkLiederbach Mark Liederbach #NASASocial / #NASATweetup Alum -- Surviving Cancer, Athlete, College Student, Science Enthusiast, Cancer Blogger, President of The Cancer Fight Organization
@anthonyfitch Anthony Fitch space junkie | geek | runner | #NASAtweetup #11, 25, 28, 36 | 4sq SU1 | @SpaceUpHou IT Lead | KY Colonel | @SObserver engineer | Ad Astra
@kelleytastic Kelley Clark all views are my own.
@edseaman Edward Seaman
@ywxwy Tom Cook ops at @Quora, ex @facebook ops, internet addict, dog owner
@RaamDev Raam Dev Explorer, thinker, humanist, engineer, nomad.
@cyndigo Cynthia Barnes From Bangkok to Baghdad to ... Boulder? What the hell? Writer, traveler, foodie, flirt. Not necessarily in that order.
@serenetyhanley serenety hanley first female White House Internet Director, original GOP Team Leader, tech leverager for grassroots politics - all tweets my own
@bcmartinez Bryan Martinez Web developer, e-book developer, former TI-85 developer.
@paulbalcerak Paul Balcerak I run the Facebook & Twitter accounts for @KIRO7Seattle (they don't necessarily endorse this account). RTs don't imply endorsement.
@nasanerd Hannah #NASATweetup #WHTweetup #LMTweetup alum. Career counselor. Interests: space beer news film politics arcades travel. I like to think of it as a passion for life
@CiroV1 Ciro Villa Software Developer, Jazz, Astronomy, Technology Trends, Internet Trends, Social Trends, Current Events, Life, The Past, The Present, The Future.
@sycophantic Dan Electrical Engineer, Amateur Radio (W2GRK), Amateur Photographer, Amateur Astronomer, Redditor, Software Defined Radio, Linux
@dazeofadventure dazeofadventure #celiac mom | #canon shooter | #socialmedia enthusiast | #blog conference hopper | #STS135 #NasaTweetup attendee | #organization freak
@PalmBeachPR Rebecca Seelig Palm Beach Public Relations (PBPR) is a boutique public relations firm located in West Palm Beach, Fla. #PR, #PRSA, #APR, #PublicRelations, #Communications
@DorrainePetras Dorraine Petras Science Curriculum Specialist. Love teaching science and sharing my love for space!
@miss_lynsey Lynsey Smith Insatiable Curiosity + Untamed Passion. Making a difference & making a profit aren't mutually exclusive. Striving to create something that matters. @PDXGirlGeek
@SolomonNicole Nicole Solomon
@ThatGirlCrystal Crystal Coleman Admin Assistant, Staff Writer at @persephone_mag, Independent Social Media Consultant, Awesome Auntie, Puppy Mom. ·
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