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Tweetup/Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event: Social Media Accreditation Opens for Next SpaceX Launch to Resupply Space Station

Screen Name Name Description
@MadelineWahl Madeline Wahl @UCF grad. @Ad2Orlando Social Media Chair. Writer. Dreamer. Green tea drinker.
@paranoidroid Moshen Chan Indie app developer. Creator of Living Earth app for iPhone, iPad, Mac @livingearthhd
@Lowa84 Laura Winger Wanna be entreprenuer. BSE in Industrial Engineering, MBA in Supply Chain, Six Sigma Black Belt, APICS CPIM, CSCP. Loves life.
@StateOfFaded State Of Faded Clothing company that inspires people to follow their dreams.
@twirlandswirl Laurel Ann Whitlock WARNING: I should come with a warning label. Photographer/Writer/Nerd/Catholic/Random/Eccentric/Maybe Crazy SVPTweetup/NASASocial Juno & SpaceX
@TrelleborgSeals Trelleborg Seals Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of precision seals.
@icecreamwithYOU G O T H I C A T + State Of The Art +
@thejustins86 Lukekini Salazar I'm just a normal boy That sank when I fell overboard
@geoffryken Geoff Ryken I say things; #STS134 #NASATweetup alum; I won't get your Harry Potter jokes.
@russo_cristina Cristina Russo Ph.D. in molecular biophysics. Science writer for Owen Software and PLOS . Views are my own.
@pineheadtv pineheadtv Linux, Mobile, and Space
@jonrawlinson Jon Rawlinson Filmmaker.
@dcofoto david oliver
@jouborg Joubert Nel JavaScript Engineer at Netflix
@5wa 5WA - Robert Neff #NASASocial, #Photographer #ContemporaryArt #Writer #Poet, Event Social Media, Politics/Social Conscious, Rugby, Grand Prix, Sailing, #Vet
@amika79 Anna Mika I am in independent consultant with a goal of increasing teacher effectiveness. I am also an avid NASA enthusiast. My content focus is Math and Science.
@shaunmclane Shaun McLane King of all WTF! Into guy stuff, Orlando, fitness, Auburn football, Tech, Android, and, oh yeah...swimming pools. Facebook:
@bmckern Brigette McKern Kicking CF's butt, waiting for new lungs. By day theme park hopping, dog cuddling and Dr. Who watching. By night you can find me working on my night cheese.
@GabrielleNYC GabrielleLainePeters Connector, 9/11 Survivor, Speaker #SocialMedia Savvy Consultant (for hire) Politics, News, #F1, Dirty-Vodka-Martini-3-olives! #NASA #TwitterPowerhouses in HufPo
@clicclic Peter Kuhns
@GK3 GEORGE KEDENBURG III Visual Awesomeness Extraordinaire. Interactive Designer @prplrckscssrs in Downtown Orlando.
@mikeasaursrex91 Michael Saur Just a dinosaur! ROOOOAAARRRR!
@MichaelJohnston Michael Johnston Internetally beloved space captain. Creator of fancy social networks. Host of We Have Communicators.
@JimNtexas Jim Howard The world oldest C++ software developer. Former EF-111A EWO.
@JLHochstadt Jessica Hochstadt Curiouser and curiouser...
@TheBoredomLog The Boredom Log We are the Boredom Log! We create internet videos!
@Cessna157 Jay G. Disney addict, airline pilot, snow skier, BOGP listener, NASA Tweetup alum, and a whole lot more. All tweets are my own opinion..yada yada yada
@rusewcrazy Aimee Space | Garden | Crafting | White House Social Alumni #whgarden | NASA Social Alumni #nasasocial
@cory_foy Cory Foy Software Craftsman running the 8th Light Tampa office. Innovation Games Facilitator, Kanban/Scrum coach, Rubyist but former MSFTie. Dad, musician, seeker of fun
@AstroSquatch AstroSquatch I am not an astronaut. Just some scruffy guy that pretends to be. Husband, Space Enthusiac, Android Advocator, wannabe robotist. #Juno #NASATweetup attendee
@niket niket Time travel researcher & Eagle Scout. @punchd @google @500 Happy to be here and at your service.
@NatalieDas Natalie Krishna Das Born in California. I skateboard, surf,wakeboard, play ukulele and synths. I do social media professionally along with photography and film. I live in Phoenix
@ccorrie1 Cameron Corrie Bringing you an eclectic mix of typical boyish tweets with the sprinkling of intelligence! I love aviation, space exploration, and science!
@Ja2xrod Jarrod Cooper Translucent
@livingearthhd Living Earth App Follow us as we share updates and news on the ongoing developments of Living Earth App for iPhone, iPad and Mac!
@bbuckner Barbie Buckner, PhD Love Aha Moments when kids connect STEM & REAL LIFE! Math/Science Teaching = Doing what I love & loving what I do! TweetUp STS134/Juno/F-22, Mars Ed Conf, AREES
@takesBru2Tango Will
@Lbrittophotog Lafayette Britto Freelance Photographer Living in Orlando FL. Contact me if interested in scheduling a photo session
@DPBigwood David Bigwood Librarian at the Lunar and Planetary Institute
@justinandmaxinc Justin
@carnolddesigns Christopher Arnold Photographer & video producer for Scripps Treasure Coast media and @TCPalm, #NAPP member and #GRAIL & #TDRS #NASASocial alum.
@ThemeParkReview Theme Park Review Robb & Elissa Alvey's theme park & roller coaster site with lots of fun and a little bit of donkey.
@F1Richie Richie Smith NASA Enthusiast, NASA Social Alum, #NASASocial, World & Domestic Traveler, Interested in World & Domestic Affairs, US&UK Citizen, BBC & 70s Retro TV fan.
@icco Nat Welch @CalPoly Alum. Eagle Scout. Software developer for @Google and @Punchd. Randomly clever. My online ramblings are my own, not my employers.
@sharonkjacobs Sharon Jacobs
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