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Space Camp #SmileMovie Tweetup Participants

Official Announcement of Tweetup:

Official @SpaceCampUSA Twitter list of attendees and their bios/Twitter IDs.

Screen Name Name Description
@BJNemeth BJ Nemeth Poker tournament reporter, photographer, and award-winning podcaster. I'm also 1/2 of @JessAndBJ, and I used to drive around the USA w/ @Rhapsadog.
@MattAttackPro MattAttackPro Chemistry and Physics teacher. Videographer. Element collector. Film and TV Geek. #GRAIL and #STS135HQ #NASATweetup Attendee!!
@trentfaust Trent Faust Astronomy and Spaceflight geek, usability tester/web developer from Seminole, Florida, @NASAJuno #NASATweetup participant
@libbydoodle Libby Norcross Young educator/simulated astronaut 4 a living. Keeper of @CLCatHCC tweets. #NASATweetup alum. My heart sings JESUS, the One who made me new. It's not about me!
@glorialloyd glorialloyd Duke grad student & @DukeChronicle staff writer, Alton Telegraph journalista, MSL #nasatweetup, crazy and curious. Smile- it's a great day!
@jwhittenburg Jason Whittenburg Baker, brewer, father of three, adult fan of LEGO, author, and scientist. Equal part lover and fighter.
@SSquire SSquire Biker, Divemaster, Firefighter/EMT, Amateur Radio Operator, Engineer, Baritone, 2 x STS-135 NASA Tweetup attendee
@undefined_v Erin Byers NASA nerd. Pessimist. Combat veteran. Do or die. Often don't care. Artist. Occasional troublemaker. I enjoy my brief glimpses of sanity.
@UCFENGR02 Colleen Mom, Computer Engineer, crafter, wannabe photographer, a not so good blogger, and a whole slew of other things.......
@OneJayAtATime Jay Holt Runner. Coffee drinker. Movie watcher. Code monkey. #NASATweetup #NASAJuno alum.
@AbsolutSpaceGuy CAtkeison Aviation Challenge grad | NASA Tweetups JSC STS132 & STS135 | 1st #LMtweetup | Crimson Tide
@scienceesl Patty Cleveland mom, military wife, 4th grade teacher, nascar fan, Owner of PLC Photography, #nasatweetup #sts135 member! :-)
@KelleyApril Kelley April Singer/Actress~‚ô•Space~For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.~Van Gogh~ #SCTweetup #NASATweetup STS135&Wallops
@JohnRSports John Ratnaswamy NASA STS-135 Tweetup HQ Alum. Interests in space exploration, cosmology, astronomy, science fiction, history, opera, horseback riding. Been to Space Camp a lot.
@funky49 funky49 - steve rush rapper, producer, TEDx presenter, science enthusiast, technologist, traveler, thinker, learner, nerdy, lucky, sometimes funny, usually awesome #nasatweetup
@cmilesbaker Catherine Baker chemist, artist, dreamer, maker of things. Science, space, photography, aviation...
@GabeSalas Gabe Salas Student at UCF, Educator at KSC, Mentor for FIRST Robotics - #NASATweetup #100YSS alum
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