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NASA usually recommends for tweetups at Kennedy Space Center that you bring water and snacks. For the typical 2 day tweetup, you usually get access to the LC39 cafeteria for lunch on the first day, but they're still long days. For the Juno launch tweetup, we decided to do a shared snack run the day before the tweetup, and it worked out really well for all involved. There is a BJ's Warehouse on Merritt Island, and by buying in bulk everyone saves.


What To Buy

The Juno tweetup was in early August, so it was really hot. We bought the following supplies and ran through just about all of them. The only thing we would change is that we probably would have gotten another 3 flats of water (not as much of a concern if you are not there in the heat of summer).

Someone else brought in several dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts the first day as well.

Where To Buy

BJ's Warehouse Club Map

Basically, find someone in the Tweetup with a BJ's card, and someone with a decent sized vehicle (possibly one and the same). If you know what you're doing, it won't even take you 30 minutes to make this run.

Where To Put It

We had 3 large coolers, and we bought 5 or 6 bags of ice each morning. There's enough space in the Twent to put the snacks in the corner by the entrance. I suggest getting in early the first morning and driving up to the Twent before parking so you can unload right there. You also may want to bring a sign of some sort designating what the snacks are.

How To Share the Cost

Our snack run was only $137, which was less than we expected going in. We had decided to ask people to contribute $5 each to participate (taking as much as they want from the stash, partly because it was a nice round number. For Juno, we brought in $190 in contributions with absolutely zero complaints about cost or selection. Even if we got additional water, and factoring in the ice cost, the costs were more than covered. We had everyone bring the contribution to 1 person, but it make make sense to just have a contribution jar by the stash. You may want to consider letting the NASA staff know that they can dip in without contributing as well, especially considering how hard they work to pull off these events!

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