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STS-135 NASATweetup Participants

Screen Name Name Description
@bonnieupright Bonnie Upright, APR Snarky PR chick. Mom of 3. Co-Chair of 2011 #PRSAICON. Stalker of Kenny Chesney. Amazing singer in my car. Bad housekeeper. #STS-135 #NASATweetup Attendee.
@eriksowa Erik Sowa Physicist and engineer. Team builder, problem solver. Director, Engineering @ExactTarget Social Media Lab (@CoTweet). #STS135 #NASATweetup
@ScienceChannel Science Channel Thought-provoking updates, insider news and more from Science your #nerdtweet pride!
@sesamestreet Sesame Street Coming to you live and official from Hooper's Store!
@5wa 5WA - Rob Photographer, Contemporary Artist, Writer, Poet, Photo Essays, Politics. Social Conscious, Rugby, Snow Bird Alerts, F1/Grand Prix, @Purdyz
@timmermansr Remco Timmermans father of two , arctic expedition leader , business process specialist , MBTI , CSR , travel and tourism futurist , aviation , space flight , NASATweetup
@CapnWiley Jason Wiley Missing one gall bladder and one Appendix. Now working on the Twitter Trust and Safety Team
@noizangel Nicole Winchester interactive producer@CBC, travel & culture + @addict_nerd. part-time baker. opinions are mine. #STS135 #NASATweetup OMG!
@pomegranata amanda willard
@antimorris Anna Morris I am married to a trunk monkey, spend my evenings star-hopping/imaging, and my days chasing around an adorable 2yr old #STS135 NASATweetup attendee
@AdamTReineke Adam Reineke I'm a senior in Software Engineering at Iowa State University, on a co-op 'til December as a web dev at Emerson Process Management. #NASATweetup #STS135
@CaseyOmaha CaseyOmaha Father of 2 now 3 in Nov/Husband/Business Owner/Marketer/Lover of all things in this Universe/Peaceful Mind & Soul/Spaceman/Movie guy/#STS135 #NasaTweetup
@Brigitte_Ba Brigitte Bailleul Failure is not an option.
@DrBoddey Justin Boddey Molecular cell biologist and malariologist. Intrigued by pathogen-host interactions. I work at @WEHI_research in Melbourne. NASATweetup STS135 attendee!
@PlanetDr Sarah Horst Planetary scientist, triathlete, pomeranian wrangler
@joeyciccoline Joey Ciccoline
@asketchyfish Andrew Murray Weather geek, web designer, photographer, traveler, and avid outdoorsy person currently paying rent in Boulder, Colorado.
@JasonBrownlow Jason Brownlow I'm a safety inspector for NASCAR. I'm married to a wonderful woman and we have two little ones on the way.
@SwimmerJoe Joe Auer

Olympic trial qualifier in my former life, now I coach them. Check my blog for swimming tips, coaching advice, Joeisms and other half-truths...

@plemeljr Randy Just a kid in Brooklyn
@engle Jesse Engle VP Social Media @ExactTarget. Leigh Ann's husband. Alex, Jonathan and Nick's dad.
@ShareefJackson Shareef Jackson Pharma professional - tech obsessed - living my life like it's golden! #Philly #Nupe #NASATweetup #STS134
@sgurevich23 Stephanie Gurevich
@Gatrgal Christina Morton PR account executive in Central Florida and @PRSAOrlando Social Media Chair. Interests - Florida Gators, skiing, beach and traveling.
@northlight Steve Eisenberg veteran educator in computer science, business and marketing; entrepreneur, event organizer, wordcamp wrangler, tech guy, web handyman and geeky experimenter
@adventureswben Ben Reed Travel Blogger writing about Making Traveling Fun around the World & Central FL. 16 countries, 320,000 airline miles, Insect Eater, Lion Walker, SCUBA Diver
@EmCalandrelli Emily Calandrelli MS candidate in AeroAstro at MIT researching ways to get int'l/commercial more involved with NASA exploration. Working at CSF in DC for the summer!
@stephobadia Stephanie Obadia I'm a DCtonian & I love finding out what life has to offer and connecting others. I'm pretty opinionated about certain things. I'm in PR and looking for news.
@chadcat Chad Catacchio Social Media Manager @AnswerFinancial. All opinions/info from this account are my own & do not reflect in any way the views of my employer.
@latimestot Top of the Ticket All kindsa politics w/ LATimes' Andrew Malcolm, Top 25 Technorati blogger & most popular on Twitter, Sosomos says. Facebook:
@dlprager David Prager I am my own doppleganger
@ots_min 大塚実(Minoru OTSUKA) ライターをやっとります宇宙・ロボット分野の媒体募集中 I'm a freelance writer. My field is PC/Robotics/Space development.
@helenasrox Helena Heliotrope Cave fanatic, volcano enthusiast, photography aficionado. BSU undergraduate. (Tweets not representative of any opinion other than mine.)
@GregHyatt Greg Hyatt Lover of comics, beer, Star Trek, whiskey. I co-host the Radio Free Nerdery podcast. I also get paid to make awesome food.
@andrew_dennis Andrew Dennis Digital marketing, aviation and aerospace junkie. Lifelong ice hockey player. Founder, @northpage research. Selected for #NASATweetup #STS135.
@ruthie147 Ruth McAvinia Occasional snooker commentator, freelance news curation type person, Int Space Uni alumnus, science enthusiast, weather nerd.
@trammell Trammell Young ragamuffin from the streets. A French duke lying about in hammocks eating soft cheese. Chimney sweep. Design Researcher at Twitter. Not Zach Galifianakis.
@jhox1 Christine Ruder Educator, technology coordinator, Jayhawk fan!
@GoodGadd Paul Gadd Sports fanatic, family man, and STS-135 bound!
@ndombe Dan Ndombe Hopeless computer addict, web designer and Internet consultant, loves music, photography and so much more ...
@ageekmom A Geek Mom (Shannon) Lucky #151; Self-employed web developer; Space Tweep, geek gal & tweepmom; Space Camp (1987) & NASATweetup alumnus since Nov. 2009 (STS-129 KSC). My tweets are my own. Facebook, Blog, Flickr
@ctokoku Chihiro Tokoku Astronomer who aim to become an astronaut.
@anildash Anil Dash Blogger at, Director of @expertlabs, Partner at Activate & UN social media envoy against malaria. I love NYC & funk. or 646 833-8659.
@astromsm Diana 8th grade science teacher, NASA and space enthusiast, National Parks camper and advocate, Dodgers fan, JPLTweetup alum
@masalaskeptic masalaskeptic Nerd girl in Atlanta, writer for and dog lover.
@Zimmerino Lisa Zimmer Chicago chick; lover of film, beer, tunes, humor & nerd stuff. Digital Outreach at Tenth and Blake Beer Co. Tweets and opinions are my own. #NASATweetup #STS135
@aewright Anthony Wright Personal thoughts about my son, TV, sports, politics, and more. Also tweet on health policy at @healthaccess as Executive Director, Health Access California
@VTjawo James VT alum, photographer, cook, outdoor enthusiast. Data Analyst by trade, but trying to figure out how I can travel more! STS135 Tweetup attendee
@caw_ Chad Weinard Manager of New Media @ncartmuseum designer artist writer critic developer curator museumist technologist art-historian durham-o-phile #STS135
@RennaW Renna Baptist, 14th generation Virginian, chemical engineer, ex-cheerleader and sorority gal, history buff, and Star Wars geek.
@RebeccaKaz ♡ Rebecca ♡ Owner of Photography, vegetarianism, Jets/Yankees are my life. #NASATweetup STS-135 Attendee
@julieanntuttle Julie Ann Tuttle Assoc Director of Web Development @BallState. Making award-winning websites since 1999. MBA. Writer. Mom to two teens. Sci-fi fan. #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee
@thetufguy Tyler Tufte #STS135, #NASATweetup, Husband, Youth Pastor @SiouxFalls1st , Worship Leader, & Star Wars Freak
@chrisirmo Chris Thompson Editor of @aboutfoursquare. Graphic designer and marketing whiz kid for @qcindustries. Camera jockey and Mac geek.
@VAXHeadroom Emory Stagmer Flight Software Lead for NASA's LCROSS program. Public Speaker. Executive Producer, UnTied Music.
@SSquire Sean Squire Biker, Diver, Firefighter/EMT, Amateur Radio Operator, Engineer, STS-135 Tweetup attendee. Please ask to follow. :)
@jsnell Jason Snell Editorial Director of Macworld, host of @theincomparable podcast, writer, primate, parent
@TimeLord_mk Mary Kate/MK Working on Aerospace Engineering degree with Astronautics. Project Manager for Space Cowboys rocket design team.I was picked for STS135 NASATweetUp
@jaredwsmith Jared Smith Tech/graphics/code for @RWW, weather nerd (see @chswx, @chswxextra, and @hhiwx), #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee
@JamilSmith Jamil Smith Segment producer for @maddow (9pm ET, MSNBC). @MaddowBlog contributor. Cleveland native. Opinions are mine alone, but you knew that.
@heathernaut88 Heather D. Smith College student, Planetarium Educator, and SpaceTweep and Atlantis STS-135 TweetUp Attendee :D
@psionictim Tim Shupp Pop culture, progressive/gay politics, Android/NASA, and some of my infatuations: Big Brother, Garbage and the Good Wife. Attending #STS135 #NASATweetup
@shimpster Alex Shimp I'm a #Spacetweep, Mac Geek, #SDOisGO GSFC, #STS132JSC, #STS135 Launch Tweetup attendee, Ham Radio Operator (WB4BSA), Eagle Scout, Photographer & all round geek
@Astroholic007 Elliot Astronomer and photographer, college student. STS-135 #NASAtweetup!
@PortableRadio Travis Senor Space enthusiast, political junkie, hockey nut, and slightly eccentric amateur adventurer. Trying to make the world a little less boring and a whole lot better.
@skyviewscience Todd Seip Middle School Science Teacher at Skyview MS in Pueblo West. Husband to Kerry and dad (baba) to two beautiful adopted Chinese children - Kai Lin and Li Hong.
@Scobleizer Robert Scoble Technology news, videos, opinions, from an enthusiastic Rackspace employee who grew up in Silicon Valley and has interviewed more than 3,200 geeks.
@KellySchwark KellySchwark I am an artist & photographer, a wife & a mother, a quiet observer & willing individual ready to share much. AND most recently invited to #STS135
@erinleeryan Erin Ryan newly minted PhD from UMN studying main belt asteroids and comets by day, watching bad TV and snarking by night. #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee!
@bravelittlemuon Richard Ruiz Resident-Large-Hadron-Collider-Phenomenologist Extraordinaire. In other words, I do LHC-related physics so ask me questions about it! I also cook. :D
@RhettRothberg Rhett Rothberg Coast Guard Academy EE Prof., rugby coach, cosmologist in a parallel universe, internet insomniac, & #NASATweetup #STS135 attendee!
@phil_rosenthal phil_rosenthal I'm the Chicago Tribune's biz columnist. I used to work @ Chicago Sun-Times, LA Daily News, Capital Times, Waukegan News-Sun. My tweets speak for none of them.
@Oscar Oscar Rohena Associate Product Manager at Boricua, artista, fotografo, conquistador.
@lriggz lisa dawn rigano senior product manager @zipcar. these are my thoughts, just what i'm thinking at the time.
@barnstormed Matt Rawlinson Video maker, photo taker, audio dabbler, film nut, music lover,gadget fan, Android advocate, rugby player,snowboarder. Media Producer at The Open University,UK
@kristen_eliz Kristen Pusey
@MeganPrelinger Megan Prelinger Citizen historian of space and tech:, Library builder:; #STS-135 #NASATweetup
@StargazerQuilts Roxanne #STS-135 #NASATweetup !!! Professional quilter, mother of nine, science fiction geek, science nerd, bicyclist, veteran, military spouse, etc.
@dazeofadventure dazeofadventure homeschool advocate, celiac mommy, love my hubby, my Canon and my life, social media enthusiast, blog conference hopper, headed to #STS135 #NasaTweetup
@wicho Wicho Almost full time geek, certified aviation nut (Aircraft photos), and amateur photographer (Flickr). I also have a blog, Microsiervos, and I work at science center IRL: Museos Científicos Coruñeses.
@N1MXJ N1MXJ If you enjoy hiking - try geocaching! I also enjoy weather, radio communications, and website designing. #STS135 Atlantis Tweetup Attendee
@MissDestructo Amber Osborne Destroyer of Social Media Boredom. Chief Blue Cheese/VP of Online Brand Development at @holmedia. Voted Tampa's Best Twitter Personality. #NASATweetup #STS135
@hannahypernova Supernova Futurist, Programmer, Gamer, Sci-Fi addict, Astrophysics aficionado & Nightlife lover. Somewhere between this dimension & the next.
@cnewville Caleb Newville Just a pilot & technology enthusiast.
@travelholic Eico Space and Travel, that's me. Hoping to do both together sometime... Veteran of #STS115 & #STS124, #SDOisGO turned #NASAroadtrip, Soon #STS135 #NASAtweetup
@claystorm Kevin Murray Systems Admin, jack of all trades, all around geek in IT dept of one for mid-sized commercial HVAC/R company in Albuquerque, NM. #STS135 #NASATweetup Attendee.
@mtaHarlemLine Emily Moser Train blogger, graphic designer, photographer, geek. I write about the Harlem Line, past & present. Confirmed guest for #NASATweetup #STS135
@mrm0726 Michelle Morse Development Director for Jackson County CASA and single girl about town. Now a STS-135 tweetup invitee!
@SWGlassPit Tristan Moody Grad Student, Drum corps fan, Space nut, Marathoner-in-training. #NASATweetup #STS135 attendee!
@MattMira Matt Mira I'm on the Nerdist podcast. I love that video of Buzz Aldrin punching that moon landing denier in the face. Sometimes I tell jokes for money, well once anyway.
@tjaap Jaap Meijers Journalist and allround creative person. Likes paper just as much as new media. Creator of @twisst ISS tracker. Teaches writing classes. #STS135 #NASATweetup!
@LisaAMcGill Lisa McGill Systems Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, VP of Bay Area Badgers Alumni, Wisconsin native, #STS135 #NASAtweetup attendee!
@sciencegoddess Joanne Manaster University online science course creator, video science book reviewer, former international model who LOVES science! Attending #STS135 launch #NASAtweetup!
@KathyMalatesta Kathy Malatesta Library Media Teacher with passion for the ever-changing worlds of Technology, Photography, Research & Genealogy
@JPMajor Jason Major Author of, an astronomy blog featuring images and news from solar system exploration missions. I need my space!!!
@GrizzGuy Jess Lucero Love traveling, NASA and my wife. Not necessarily in that order. #STS135 #NASATweetup here I come
@isalara Isabel Lara Museum geek & news junkie. Media Relations at Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Views are my own.
@GabrielleNYC GabrielleLainePeters Connector, Enabler,Traveller, 9/11 Survivor, Social Media Savvy - Politics & News Junkie, F1. Mine's a Dirty-Vodka-Martini 3 olives! Available 4 Mischief!!
@gapingvoid Hugh MacLeod Cartoonist. Bestselling author.
@KimberKnight Kimberly K Travel & Disney Addict. Auntie & Friend.
@MituK Mitu Khandaker Games PhD researcher. Indie developer (@thetiniestshark). Charity founder (@arohon). Writes @ GSW. Multi-classer. Space-obsessed. Carl Sagan fangirl. #STS135!
@IamTay ElizabethKempPherson Retired Art Teacher. NASA Nerd,Stock Market Watcher.
@Dbirdy {D dot BIRD} Happily married Me-wuk! Cofounder @ppldnc, @TedxCharlotte, @SMCLT board member & @cltblog cat herder. Super proud to rep @From_The_Hip! #NASATweetup #STS135 !
@davidjulyan David Julyan Film Composer of Memento, Insomnia, The Descent, The Prestige. #NASATweetup #STS135 attendee, that's the exciting bit.
@azeducator Tim Johnson Educator, technology and science geek, photographer, DEN STAR and LC, and STS-135 NASA Tweetup attendee
@mayorisaac Teresa Isaac Teresa Isaac is the 5th Mayor of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Gov't and trains Mayors around the world for the U.S. State Department.
@CindieLou CindieLou [alchemistress] I'm a tangent lost in an obtuse world. (Professionally I'm in TV/Film; Personal interest in Fiction Writing). Planning for sts-135 NASAtweetup!
@RantzHoseley Rantz Hoseley Founder & CEO of LongBox, Inc., Editor of the Eisner & Harvey Winning Anthology - Comic Book Tattoo, Married with four daughters. #STS135 Attendee
@wx8ben Ben Holcomb Norman, OK based storm chaser Ben Holcomb. #NASATweetup STS-135 Attendee
@j4cob Jacob Twitter eng, SSL
@DrThomasHo Thomas Ho So much Web little time...sigh! #STS135 #NASAtweetup
@eddie Ed Gutman Manager Extraordinairre at Twitter. Real talk. Real time.
@chaalz Charles Godfrey Voice and Web App Developer by day, wannabe NASA scientist by night. Space Exploration, AI, Science and my Family, rock my world! #NASATweetup #SED2011 #STS-135
@theogor Ted Glick Theo G in Oregon (not an actual Ogre). NASA Tweetup STS-135 Attendee! Programmer, pilot, airplane (RV-6) builder, dad, husband, adventurer, retired Air Force.
@glancz Alison Glancz
@RAPTOR0065 Scott Galloway USAF Lieutenant and EC-130H pilot assigned to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
@xirclebox xirclebox Interactive designer fascinated with the cognitive processes behind web site design and UX. Outside of that, I'm a scuba diver, musician, daddy, geek ... me :)
@singerunlimited Ryan Gage Lover of God, Music and Family. Worship Arts Pastor for Venice Church of the Nazarene in Venice Florida; STS-135 NASA Tweetup Invite


@CraigFifer Craig Fifer Local govt, open govt, communication, technology, politics, baseball, life, #NASAtweetup #STS135. Opinions are my own; facts belong to all of us.
@Pontchartrain Pontchartrain Pete NOLA blogger (all right, who am I kidding, Twitter killed my blog). Print media writer, photographer working on the Northshore.
@KelleyApril Kelley April ~Singer/Actress~♥Space~For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. ~V. Van Gogh~ #NASATweetup #STS135 :)
@andrewdianetti Andrew Dianetti Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering student at University at Buffalo. Product Engineering Co-Op at Moog. President of UB-SEDS. #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee!
@lartist Lar deSouza Cartoonist for Least I Could Do and Looking for Group
@Toddon3 Todd Demers WREG TV, Memphis, TN Weather man Daybreak and Noon STS-135 Tweetup
@californiakara Kara DeFrias TurboTax UX writer, TEDxSanDiego team, 3x cancer survivor, #NASATweetup #STS135, Secret superhero identity: saving world from bad PowerPoint, Tweets mine.
@brentdanley Brent Danley Web developer and social media strategist at @Outside_TV. Private pilot. Snowboarder. Dad. Badass. #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee!!
@konet Omar Core Electronics engineering Student, IEEE Student Branch Chair and member of College of Engineering Council at UAEMex. going to the next #NASATweetup
@darthgeek Jeff Techno Geek, Sysadmin, Husband, Father, wanna-be foodie, #NASATweetup #STS135
@ohmykevin Kevin Cobb Guy behind @OHnewsroom // tweets: South Florida, social media, design + food // attending #STS135 #NASATweetup // kevinthecobb[@]
@jeremycloud Jeremy Cloud Idiot savant sans savant. Engineer at Twitter. Not dead yet.
@scienceesl Patty Cleveland mom, military wife, 4th grade teacher, nascar fan, Owner of PLC Photography, #nasatweetup #sts135 member! :-)
@xc alex choiengineer @ Twitter, improv comedy
@Marimikel Marimikel Charrier In Short: I'm in marketing/pr for entertainment & space industries. Space Tweep. Dog Lover. Unashamed geek. Speed reader of scifi. Harpist. Endlessly sarcastic.
@jaycatalano Jay Catalano #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee, red sox, bruins, disney parks, apple, tech & travel...
@tinacan25 tina canali I need my space! #NASATweetup alumnus 3/16 with @Astro_Wheels & 3/19 #SED2011. Selected for #STS135! I have a front row seat to history!
@girlhack girlhack A website that is the intersection of geeky & girly, with no apologies. Confirmed guest for #NASATweetup #STS135 !!
@rcamp004 Richard Campanha Aspiring Interstellar Propulsion Pioneer and Astronaut. I'm doing everything I can to go into space and to go as fast as possible when I get there!
@spionchen Leigh (aka Trinity) Physicist pretending to be an engineer, proud space tweep and geek, future #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee! Ad astra per aspera ... Cursum Perficio.
@stephmbrown Stephanie Brown Jedi knight, ex-rocket scientist, space fanatic, runner, nerd, photographer, music buff, student of life (and advertising), and slightly sarcastic on occasion
@bryanbranly Bryan Branly Backstage host at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Traveler. Music lover. Space Geek. #NASATweetup #STS135 attendee!
@DaveBos Dave Bos Student, huge fan of Automobiles, Movies, Social Media, and Technology.
@s_boots Sarah Boots My inner science nerd and my inner English nerd are in constant competition for my attention. #NASAtweetup #STS135 attendee!
@Sciwhat S. Bodman Sci-WHAT?!, the Statesman Journal science blog, run by SJ editor/former archaeologist/post-bacc biology student
@sarablask Sara Blask Communications Manager for The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones. #NASATweetup #STS135. Love: Tech, Startups, Space, Eames, Iceland. RTs/links are not endorsements.
@ShuttleHugger Courtney B. This world never ceases to amaze me....
@almostrocketsci AlmostRocketScience The Almost Rocket Science podcast. Inspiring tomorrow's dreamers... Investigating, informing and inspiring the world about STEM topics and careers
@JetPat64 Pat Bell Compassion International Advocate. Work in the aircraft engine industry...amateur wildlife photographer. #NASATweetup #STS135 attendee :)
@aggieastronaut Keri Bean PhD student @ TAMU in atmo sci, dating @JeffAMcGee, Martian astronomer and meteorologist, Pastafarian, STS-130 Tweetup alumni, STS-135 tweetup selectee!
@celticfeminist Celticfeminist Professional writer/editor with a penchant for biology. Gobsmacked on a regular basis by beauty and the natural world. #STS135 and #NASATweetup attendee. OMG!
@thatgirlallie thatgirlallie Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience. My dimension's exquisite, I invite you to visit... #NASATweetup #STS135 attendee! :)
@aubreygirl22 Aubrey Ayala ASCAP Award Winning Electronic/Dance Music Recording Artist and Digital Interactive Project Manager. Pit-bull lover, owner & advocate. #Nasatweetup #STS-135
@dennya Denny A #STS135 NASA Tweetup participant! Microsoft games guy. (Personal acct; Looking for official info? @majornelson @XboxSupport @Xbox)
@Pillownaut Heather Archuletta Summer Profile: It's all about the last Space Shuttle Launch! Cannot wait to get to Florida for #STS135 Tweetup! :)
@TexMassacre Tim Anderson Writer/Director/Producer - Current project: La Fleur de Mort. DVD Managing Editor - and Mexican Food Guru & STS-135 Tweetup attendee!
@philanderegg Phil Anderegg Videographer, photographer, webdesigner, Delta SkyMiles Medallion member, Bucs- & Disney-fan, nature lover, Apple geek, space freak, foodie & STS-135 tweetup!
@andresdavid Andres A. Harvey Milk. Co-founder of @godlovespoetry, flipping the hateful rhetoric of the Westboro Baptist Church. Selected for #NASATweetup #STS135 with @ohmykevin!
@hbeth451 Helen Allen STS135 NASA Tweetup participant,UT graduate, 911 dispatcher, reiki master,love traveling with husband,Texas Longhorn fan,wannabe space traveler,cancer survivor
@karenabad Karen Abad Adventuneer, kite-flyer, dinosaur lover, collector of infinite moments, listener, friend. Director of Photography who likes to collect/preserve moving images.
@noizangel Nicole Winchester interactive producer@CBC, travel & culture + @@addict_nerd. part-time baker. opinions are mine. #STS135 #NASATweetup OMG!

Launch Day Participants from STS-133/STS-134

Screen Name Name Description
@davidparmet David Parmet Photography, ham radio and astronomy geek about town. #NASATweetup alumni (STS-133, #DCWheels, STS-134). Social media, PR and marketing guy.
@TheSuss Danny Sussman Webmaster, University of Minnesota Extension. Chowhound, Traveler, MN Wild/Twins fan, STS-133 and JPL NASATweetup alum. Opinions are mine, not my employer's.
@nasanborn Nathan Sanborn Part-time stay-at-home Dad, part-time graphic designer, and full-time owner of @risingtidebeer.
@seandps Sean working fool, who likes to watch movies, member of the STS 133 tweetup, member of the TRS guild on WOW, and reviewer for Xritic, and more.
@Jackdearlove Jack Dearlove BBC radio guy, student, space blogger and STS134 #nasatweetup attendee. These views are mine not those of the BBC
@Stephonee Stephanie Collins Dreamer - personal finance blogger - nostalgic - knitter - geocacher. Known at most tweetups as "that girl from ThinkGeek" and for having a big blue hat.
@jonverve Jon Verville
@leslieberg Leslie Berg Outgoing fun single gal; very active w/social & charity groups; city girl, Midwest values; Red Sox/sports fan; LOVES to travel; dental specialist/educator #NASAtweetUP STS-133 & Ames alumn!
@socialmeteor Troy Janisch Social media & digital marketing beatnik. Guitar strummer. Optimist. Contributor to SmartBrief on Social Media, Social Media Today, UnGeeked Elite and beyond.
@iowaradioguy Jeremy Bingaman I'm social and in the media. I am NOT an expert in social media. #NASATweetup #STS134 alum and #STS135 attendee! GO ATLANTIS!
@michaelbmoore Mike Moore Flawed Superhero, Medical Student, Marathoner, Storyteller/Poet-in-Training, Soldier, @TEDx Fanatic, @11ysses Cast, @LancetStudent Blogger, & #NASATweetUp.
@schollem Scholle McFarland Senior editor at Macworld; attended NASATweetup STS#134 and excited to see the launch at STS #135!
@tinacan25 Tina Canali I need my space! #NASATweetup alumnus 3/16 with @Astro_Wheels & 3/19 #SED2011. Selected for #STS135! I have a front row seat to history!
@HeyJo1 Jodi Wilson A gal just trying to navigate her way thru life while having fun. I swear alot. Oh and I like beer! Running 1/2 marathon in July. Attended #STS134
@warandpeace Andrew Ferguson A photographer who finds it very difficult to write about himself
@SpaceportUSA Vincent Thome aka @MindSpaceLtd. Will be at @Spaceport_NM April 13 for #Xprize tour. At Kennedy Space Center April 18-19 for Endeavor #STS134 #NASATweetup #SpaceUp
@silverrockets Danielle Signor Web/graphic designer from far-northern California. Gemology student. I likes sparkly objects. STS-133 alumni. Blogger at
@phiden Sophia Dengo STS133 NASATweetup Alum. Multimedia designer out of Atlanta, originally from Houston.
@TheNasaLady Pamela Greyer Educator, STEM Consultant, writer and director, STS-133 2011 JPL and SOFIA NASA Tweetup Alum, Zero G Weightless Fights of Discovery Alumn and STS-135 attendee.
@teachdig Dvora Geller Living around the world teaching HS Math and Physics. Currently in Mexico City. So excited to go to #ISTE11 !!!!
@elcardenas Edward Cardenas Editor for St. Clair Shores Patch - a hyper-local news and information website. This is a personal site and used to keep track of newsworthy items and people.
@LPI_Library David Bigwood Librarian at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX. STS-134 alumni returning for the STA-135 launch!
@ajturner Andrew Turner Neogeographer and recovering spacecraft dynamics engineer. Attended #STS134

Tweetup Houses


#OmegaHouse (Badge/Logo:

#SerenityHouse (South Merritt Island)

#VABHouse (Indiatlantic)

#AquariusHouse (Used to be know as LQ UCF Hotel, badge

#HC39A (Housing Complex 39A, Cape Canaveral)

#BigHouse (BigHouse 3.0)

#betahouse (betahouse 4.0)

MECO Mansion

#NewFrontiers House

Meet #NASAtweetup's Storify

Biographies & Introductions posted by @NASAtweetup A storify: "Meet #NASAtweetup's...(STS-135)"

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