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The Official STS-135 at HQ NASATweetup List of Participants, curated by @NASATweetup on Twitter, follows 132 people, including 2 NASA Twitter accounts—@astro_sandy and @astro_ferg . Per NASATweetup, over 450 people registered with 250+ guests for an opportunity to attend this 150-person tweetup.

Non-NASA Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@VerdantConcepts Corrie Clark Environmental and energy issues related to sustainability, geothermal energy, green infrastructure, and green roofs
@ajturner Andrew Turner neogeographer and CTO of GeoIQ & GeoCommons. Building the world's best location visualization and analysis platform.
@lriggz lisa dawn rigano
@ShuttleHugger Courtney Bissette In life you will meet two kinds of people. Ones who build you up, and ones who tear you down. But in the end, you will thank them
@tonybalogna  Tone Capone Living among the majesty of the South. #Liberal
@mudfence Mitch Llewellyn 3 Heart Attacks Quintuple Bypass. Died 08-19-07, luckily in the ER waiting room. ER & Red Cross Volunteer. Dad worked @ NASA. I 'm a NASA GRAIL TweetUp Tweep!!
@scoccaro Stephanie squee.
@jaredwsmith Jared Smith Designer & developer at @RWW, weather nerd (@chswx, @chswxextra, and @hhiwx), #STS135 #NASATweetup alum, consumer of fine tacos.
@SSquire SSquire Biker, Divemaster, Firefighter/EMT, Amateur Radio Operator, Engineer, 2 x STS-135 Tweetup attendee. Please ask to follow. :)
@AKTruett Andrew Truett
@MattAttackPro MattAttackPro Chemistry and Physics teacher. Videographer. Photographer. Element collector. Film and TV Geek. Holder of 3 World Records. #GRAIL #NASATweetup Attendee!!
@MrJDZ JakeZ Born and raised in Greenwich, CT. Working in digital communications strategy at Porter Novelli in DC
@MsWZ MsWZ Health & Higher Ed Policy in DC - Patient Advocate - Fan of #hcsm #health2con #daaeu #crisiscommons #nasatweetup #cspanafterdark Comments are my own!
@srslyzach Zach Thomas
@gfitzp Glenn Fitzpatrick I'm ridiculously awesome, or awesomely ridiculous. @NASATweetup / @NASAJuno alum and #WHTweetup / STS-135 at NASA HQ attendee.
@thefestive the festive
@1KarlKenji Karl Kenji 2011 The Right Stuff award recipient at Advanced Space Academy; 2009 National Geo Bee Winner: World Champ Silver Medalist, 5th Place Nat'l, MI State Champion
@BMShimizu Bill ...restless pen, mind twister, aimless wanderer, crazy interloper. traded his steth for the pen- Detroit Fight Sports Examiner..
@colinstapp Colin Stapp Freelance Photographer, Videographer, Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast.
@museums365 Elissa Frankle A baseball-loving DC native out to change the world for the better, one museum education gig at a time. Proud @NASAJuno #NASAtweetup alum, half of @AAM_EdCom.
@kosame06 Brandi Besecker 一生に日本語を話そう! #DoAs Infinity! #GRAIL #STS135HQ #NASATweetup! DoverAFB brat; DSU Admin Secretary; #PennState '06; WE ARE...
@VTjawo James VT alum, photographer, cook, outdoor enthusiast. Data Analyst trying to figure out how I can travel more! STS135 Tweetup attendee x2
@andresdavid Andres A. Fort Lauderdale native now in D.C. Cofounded @godlovespoetry, flipping Westboro's hate one blackout poem at a time. #NASATweetup #STS135 alum. Improv wannabe.
@ccorrie1 Cameron Corrie Student at YCP studying bio! Passionate about astronomy, aviation, food, beer and space exploration! Attended #NASATweetup for #GRAIL mission and #STS135 HQ!!!
@nasanerd Hannah #WHTweetup & #NASAtweetup alum, career counselor, politics, arcades, travel, film, beer, news, & lots more nerd. I like to think of it as a passion for life :)
@RUSoEvolution RU SoEvolution
@Engineersarepic Daniel Sims It's simple, engineers are epic. I tweet about space mainly. I manually filter Google alerts for space and engineering for you. I go to Columbia, MechE Major.
@minimaddog4 Maddy
@SignGenius Michael Schoenfeld Resident Expert. Computer Guy. Ham Radio KC2IPR. Into all things NASA.
@benjamin_carr Benjamin Carr
@wishing4aTARDIS Kathleen Karoly I'm a big fan of the Saint Louis Blues and of auto racing. I also love science, Dr. Who and am a NWS weather spotter.
@sunchica41 Lisa Hite
@DuranDuran_geek Sarah Unapologetic lefty atheist who wants to get donged by Duran Duran.
@boricuajedimom JMG Single Mom who needs to use Jedi Mind Tricks on those around her sometimes :) Love to help others who are worth helping... most people are worth helping :)
@cdunnbie Charllot
@tmackbrown T. Mack Brown
@vrazix Andrew Burbine RIT Microelectronic Engineering Student; Magic: the Gathering player. SC2, TF2 player. Boston area native.
@Ayditi Laura Empassioned social studies teacher. Science enthusiast! Disturber of dung.
@ShannonRenee ShannonRenee It's me in DC...greatest city in the world. Let's chit, chat & have some fun. Also check me out at
@teddylindsey teddylindsey
@cvann75 cvann
@weathersavvy1 Tasha Anderson Simple tweets about my weather blog Weather Chat, meteorology and other Earth Science phenomena.
@Melodie_Woerman Melodie Woerman Communications professional, Episcopalian, proud Jayhawk, news junkie, chocoholic, sports lover, owned by one cat
@FPWellman Fred Wellman President of @ScoutComms, former Army PAO/Aviator, 4 x combat vet, West Point & Harvard grad. Husband of @CCComplexions, father, writer, speaker, coffee maker
@JohnRSports John Ratnaswamy
@alysia_indiana Alysia Potts
@c7five Nicholas J. Percoco I run @Trustwave's @SpiderLabs - 20 GOTO 10, SYS64738, 0073735963, *3001#12345#, ' OR 1=1--
@michaelbmoore Mike Moore Flawed Superhero, Medical Student, Marathoner, Storyteller/Poet-in-Training, Soldier, @TEDx Fanatic, @11ysses Cast, @LancetStudent Blogger, & #NASATweetUp.
@MadEasterling Madison Easterling I'm awesome.
@jarrodlovett Jarrod Lovett Entrepreneurship/Marketing/International Business. Rays. Lightning. Bulls.
@ScottKnuteson Scott Knuteson Husband, father, grad student at The George Washington University, public affairs specialist for Air Combat Command (views = mine).
@JamesKinnison James Kinnison
@SMKinnison Suzanne M. Kinnison Educator who's been around the world. Love photography, bicycling, traveling, space flight, astronomy.
@PierceGowland Pierce A Gowland Native born Washingtonian and award winning actor. Skilled Voice-Over artist and Singer. 24 years experience as a Precision Driver.
@diemtocarpe Tori Gowland Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.
@karon Karon photographer, techie geek, museum lover, spend my time roaming the Washington DC area. current profile pic is from a painting of me by
@lindaleigh Linda L. Capriotti Space Tweep...Captivated by the Cosmos and the Science that takes us there. I Love all things NASA !!!
@cajunjoel Joel Richard Music lover and code monkey for librarians.
@KateCantrell Kate Cantrell Cure Fan, Sea Monkey, NASA Tweetup, etc.
@cmbrazill Christine Brazill
@katerina475 katie spallone someone that knows me very well called me an insecure egomaniac; i tend to agree with him.
@KireRoth Erik Bjarnar Actor. writer, general inhabitant of the planet.
@unitednuclear J. Bachman Web guy at The opinions expressed here are mine and are subject to change without notice. I also tweet official stuff from United Nuclear.
@princessofntn princessofntn Tomorrow is another day y'all
@mwindle Michael Windle Fun loving humanitarian, critical problem solver. Thinker, dreamer, and hopeful. Trying to find my way in this world. As if there's only one way. Living it up.
@CouncillorMcRae Maria McRae City Councillor in Canada's Capital
@joshuapittman Joshua Pittman Creative, Cheesy, Weird, Lover of people, eater of food and watcher of Matlock and In the Heat of the Night.
@RosenKratz Chris Kratzer Up and coming Musician, Entrepreneur, and Writer with a zest for life (as well as cookie jar culture).
@infodude Joe Hansen Red Cross Disaster Public Affairs Guy|Washington D.C. Newbie|Urban Rookie|Former NYer & Floridian (All thoughts are mine)
@MazeratiKG KG Space Swagoneer Residing In An Artistic Perennial Sphere. INQUIRIES Re: DNEZ-Dae One-Perfecto-High Heel Junkie contact
@sevecost Severin Costa
@copugluver J Powers CO accountant fascinated with NASA and all that is space. On the causeway w/my family when STS-135 Atlantis launched for the final time. And I love pugs too!
@kvenkat kvenkat IT Executive / Avid Cyclist / Plays the Kanjira/Listens to Carnatic Music and any other kind that moves me /
@l_krishnan Lavanya Krishnan Grad student -Public Health /Epidemiology, personal trainer, avid cyclist, obsessed with all things NASA, Carnatic music, and fitness
@paulfalavolito Paul Falavolito Public Safety Official, National Public Speaker, Published Musician & Author, Business Owner, Die Hard UFC Fan
@chrisgolden Chris Golden Exec Dir & Co-Founder @myImpact Tweet about politics, govt, current events, transportation, NASA, service, civic renewal, media. AU '10 #NASATweetup #WHTweetup
@alexpriest Alex Priest Hilariously driven. Marketing at @GeniusRocket. Love tech, politics, design, and my bicycle. @AmericanU alum. Goal: to have good stories to tell when I'm old.
@Janine_Renee Janine Renee I am a dedicated and passionate creator who enjoys taking photographs, starting projects and making friendships. Email:
@wubbahed wubbahed I make digital things. It's my day job, it's my hobby, it's what I love to do.
@LeoLorenzoLuis Leo Luis Fictional Character . Microsoft MVP . Microsoft Student Partner . Microsfot Imagine Cup '11 Worldwide Finalist .
@Shamrocketeer Conor A Nixon Irish planetary scientist, musician, and bar-room philosopher.
@_caturday Zack Panitzke software developer : traditional gamer : geocacher : (very) amateur astronomer : social media skeptic
@stephonee Stephanie Collins Dreamer - personal finance blogger - nostalgic - knitter - geocacher - #NASATweetup addict - ThinkGeek's Spreadsheet Ninja monkey. Not necessarily in that order
@deliciousblur Pedro Vazquez I'm a decent human being. If I follow you, I'd appreciate a follow back.
@RealLifeUnplugd RealLifeUnplugd History is made by those that take part in the experience that is life each day.I am writing it.Equality.Savvy.Social Entrepreneur. Advocate.Catalyst for change
@jenzingg jenzingg North American Alliance Director for Microsoft, SAP and EMC. The views expressed here are my own.
@mwilkinson3 Michael Wilkinson Witness to STS135 Launch... MathSciEducator...Photographer...Curriculum Designer...Staff Developer
@starlingLX Alex von Eckartsberg engineer, questioner, explorer, outside-the-box thinker, big fan of our planet, human spaceflight and common sense
@LaurenAlloyce Lauren Tucker Cross Space and science geek. Music geek. Psych pro. Honda motorcycle and Odyssey driver. Mom of three, all same age! Energy Medicine aficionado.
@usnoaagov NOAA NOAA provides science, service, and stewardship to protect life and property and conserve and protect natural resources.
@TonersFatboy Mark Tonaj Father, husband. Lovely wife. Lovely Life. Love to talk, love to listen, travel and explore. At this rate there will be no Bucket list.
@stephaniekays Stephanie A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. - Coco Chanel
@JonathanESmith Jonathan E Smith Director of Technology for Faith Ministries, traveler, speaker, space nut, professional geek.
@4faraday Paul E. Smith Working as a chemist at Purdue U. in chemical education with a strong interest in pyrotechnics and riding one of them into space
@patriciasmeyers psmeyers Technology Integration Specialist, BSU EDTECH grad student, Secaucus teacher since 1993! Education advocate and life long learner.
@1Prime8 Mark Spencer
@paleophile Caitlin S doctoral candidate; paleoanthropologist; human evolution education specialist; jewelry-maker; collector of vintage clothing and housewares; dog owner & foster
@HartS_APP HartSastrowardoyoAPP Official Twitter acct. Award-winning Asbury Park Press reporter and photog for the past 7 yrs. Works includes books and magazines like Nat Geo Traveler.
@erinleeryan Erin Ryan Mistress of flying rocks studying main belt asteroids and comets by day. #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee, sometimes known as #naughtywheeler.
@therealdjflux The Real DJ Flux DJ, Space Nut, Techie, Wannabe Photographer, Who Dey!, Co-Founder - @miclothing - - #STS133 #NASATweetup Family
@katpenwell Kat Penwell Hughes Doctoral candidate in clin psych stepmomma, wife, liberal, baker, geek, humanist, space nerd, traveler, #SVPtweetup, #WHtweetup, #NASAtweetup, & WVU alumni!
@robpegoraro Rob Pegoraro Ex-Washington Post columnist who writes about (and is often vexed by) computers, gadgets and other things that beep. Opinions my own; who else wants them?
@Pabsi_Me Pablo Olivera
@hannapalmer Hanna Palmer Social media connoisseur. Girlfriend of @Pabsi_Me. Gator grad. Humanitarian. Creative. Alter ego: @SaneandSocial. (Tweets mine alone.)
@mmassie Mike Massie Mobile Technologist. Product Designer. Creator of @airrand and of @TheSmartAlarm. Former UI/UX Designer for @UberTwiter. Husband to @danijela
@danijela Danijela Co-founding a project called @myCopei. Interested in technology, economics, finance, data & startups. Work in finance for a Fortune 200 co. Wife to @mmassie.
@mndhntr Melissa
@MarylandSpace MarylandSpace
@TheLostMaiden The Lost Maiden Help our spokesperson of Maiden Studios return to her proper home and get a chance to win FANTABULOUS prizes!
@aardvarkwizard Megan Goon, etc
@JenniferKime Jennifer Kime Co-Owner @MidOhioLive, Director @OfficialDMI; Social director, family of 5 - I tweet about superhusband, crazy kids, local media, sleeping & the stock market
@chefkime Mark Kime Chef, Artist, Commuter, Husband, Father; not in that order.
@flyidca Fly I DCA Washington DC-based traveler roaming the world one country at a time. I review hotels, airlines and overall destinations. Follow me on my next adventure.
@rydaka rydaka™ world traveler + adventurer + proud patriot + volunteer + news junkie + White House #WHTweetup participant. opinions here are my own.
@jwhittenburg Jason Whittenburg Baker, brewer, father of three, adult fan of LEGO, author, and scientist. Equal part lover and fighter.
@Lerg Andrew Kalat Computer Security Engineer, Nerd, libertarian, gun nut, and certificated private pilot.
@skicarvin Ed Huck Marine This is Peter from Ed Huck Marine, the place Where Family & Friends have come to play since 1889. Spending Summer in the 1000 Islands & Winter in the Mountains
@cicelyjohnston Cicely Johnston Fourth year film studies major and avid celebrity gossip enthusiast. Enjoy skiing in the winter and boating in the summer
@hannah_kali Hannah Johnson Bocce playing, photo taking, bike riding, craft-addicted anglophile. Pacific Northwest girl at heart, exploring the DC region for now.
@ALAJensen Amy Jensen I tweet about malaria. And space. And shiny things.
@BTPhysics Mrs.Henriquez Twitter feed of Mrs. Henriquez's physics classes at Bergen Tech. Updates on class information and nightly homework as well as exciting current STEM topics!
@etmansfield Liz physics teacher, music-enthusiast, science/tech education junkie, dog loving 30-something astronaut wannabe
@brianhaddad Brian Haddad I am an aspiring Aerospace Engineer. I like to learn.
@LionelMtLakesNJ Doug Waller/DaveShaw A Lionel Top Ten Dealer. Est 1974. Lionel Trains Sales and Service Mountain Lakes NJ Old, new, bought, sold, repaired, layout construction.
@pilotp151 Paul Grieco
@AgilistaAG Angela Gibson An agile agilista dedicated to education, serving others, and life long learning.
@DrMRFrancis Matthew Francis Physicist and science writer. I spend my time thinking about science, science education, music, comics, and general weirdness.
@gracecunning Grace Cunningham Environmental Democratic latte-sipping, public-transit-&-bicycle-riding, urban-living liberal. Politics, communications, tech, nonprofits, dance, creating
@MsFiremoney ECC
@Sig727 Sierra Schauer Space lover, music geek, Arkansas grad (Woo Pig), Space Camp Tweetup for STS-135 and NASA Tweetup for GRAIL
@ozoz51 oz
@MRCfmFBC Michael R. Cassidy Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director, Youth Worker, Board Member
@IanBurley31 Ian Burley HS Earth Science teacher, collector, reader, outdoorsman, nature lover
@Photog4NY Lou Braga WNBC-TV New York news photographer. Wherever IT happens in the tri-state area, I'll be there. Images mostly shot by me while on assignment. Opinions = own.
@CraigFifer Craig Fifer Local & open govt, comm, #smem, tech, politics, baseball, 5x #NASAtweetup. Part of the @AlexandriaVAGov team, but tweets from this account represent only me.
@DrBoddey Justin Boddey Molecular cell biologist & malariologist. Intrigued by pathogen-host interactions & space. I work @WEHI_research. NASATweetup STS135 attendee! Opinions my own.
@SBanks20 Sarah Banks Audience Engagement Specialist at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
@Ccorrie1 Cameron Corrie Student at YCP studying bio! Passionate about astronomy, aviation, food, beer and space exploration! Attended #NASATweetup for #GRAIL mission and #STS135 HQ!!!
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