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STS-135 Landing NASATweetup Participants

This was a last-minute tweetup offered to wait-listed registrants of the STS-135 NASATweetup. Here's the @NASATweetup announcement of the tweetup.

Screen Name Name Description
@guthrie22 Paul Guthrie
@bethbeck Beth Beck NASA: Space Operations Outreach Manager. Inspire others with the drama & magic of space. Turn off TV. Watch heavens unfold.
@rewired2orange Kim Kelley Christ follower who loves wife, Betty, two great kids, one son-in-law, & a daugher-in-law. Living in Lakeland & work as minister to children at Victory Church.
@FlightSoft FlightSoft Aviation software developer, business analyst, consultant, engineer, pilot, and geek. I do other stuff, too.
@bacchus71 Orlando Ja Wannabe beer connoisseur. I love technology, especially gadgets, football & living the Florida life!
@WinObs Richard Hay Keeping an eye on Windows and other things tech! Tweeting about anything tech & space related. Microsoft MVP, Xbox Live Amb & Host of Observed Tech PODCAST.
@diamondkracer Kanishk Parashar Entrepreneur and Software Developer
@CraftLass Craft Lass A renaissance man trapped inside a modern woman. Singer/songwriter with a passion for inner and outer exploration of many kinds.
@AtinTX6203 AtinTX6203 2LT USAF Aux: CAP
@daemonhunter124 scott cody mitchell
@jennfox jennfox
@byarmis Ben Yarmis
@mightywombat Ed H. Writer, maker, student, autodidact.
@Fairfight Linda Meyer Wife/Mother of three sons/Reporter/PR/Union Organizer/Former Hockey Director/So much more
@SolomonNicole Nicole Solomon Producer / Director
@kyleriley Kyle Riley Husband, father of four, pilot (CFI), play-by-play man, project manager and #Mariners fan living in Big Sky Country. #NASATweetup STS-135 Landing alumnus.
@sluggernova Vicki Portway Head of Web + New Media at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (@airandspace). [Pers/Prof account, opinions my own]
@flaspacecoast Florida Space Coast Official Twitter Page of Florida's Space Coast Office of Tourism. We're Orlando's Closest Beach, Florida's longest coastline and the gateway to space!
@EmilyZoladz Emily Katelyn Zoladz Grand Rapids Press Photographer
@fontosaurus Dan Bailey I do email marketing. I also build bicycle frames. People who are not awesome make me sad. Cheez-Its are my kryptonite.
@KevinLighty Kevin Lighty Chief Meteorologist at KSPR-TV (ABC) Cell Phone: 417-2004KEV Work Phone: 417-268-3379
@nscaife Nolen Scaife I'm a security engineer. I love Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits. Occasionally I say funny things.
@jyarmis Jonathan L. Yarmis Industry analyst (aka Doctor Disruptive): advanced, emerging and disruptive technologies: social, mobility, cloud. And anything else exciting and important.
@ayprille Jennifer Wilhelm I'm a girl geek. I write software for a living. I ride a motorcycle and travel the world and dress up like it is 1452 (not at the same time) for fun.
@marcusvaldes Marcus Valdes I work for the Federal Aviation Administration in Atlanta, GA. My blog can be found at
@don Don Meyer Grown adult who still like shiny toys.
@blang17 blang17 Hoping to meet new people & new places. Tech geek, student of business, sports fan, & wannabe traveler. Love a good storm in Kansas.
@ImJohnnyKelley Johnny Kelley Speaker. Writer. Storyteller. Evangelist that strives to not act like an evangelist.
@wvaspartan Jason Hildreth GATOR AND SPARTAN 4LIFE! For the Love of all things European Football!
@Brian_Fox Brian Fox Vice President of Engineering, Sonatype. Chair, Apache Maven
@StephenFleming Stephen Fleming Academic VC, professional investor, amateur rocketeer.
@GEF_USEducation GEF_USEducation Check here for updates from GE Foundation Developing Futures in Education. RTs/follows do not imply endorsement/agreement.
@poppabarker Ken Barker Mature Professional/Inquisitive Problem-Solver/Compassionate Conservative/Skeptical Optimist/Gadget-Lovin' Family-Guy
@EricAtkins ★ ∞ εriç αtk¡ñ§ ✿ ✝ ▀▀▀▀vitality // on the go /: ║║ ●●℮ⁿgr●₮ech№phile.●● ║║ ███eaRTH sui┼ ῡs3r.███ ▐▐℮arly ɑd○pter▐▐
@ParentingGeekly Parenting Geekly
@Robayyy MxPxRobbie totally awesome. #NASATweetup Alumnus for STS-135 Landing
@czoladz Chris Zoladz Multi-Media Producer for @wzzm13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Metro Detroit native. News junkie. Weather nerd. Gardener. Foodie.
@nutzareus Ching-Yao Yu ℠ Native Detroiter. US Army OIF combat veteran. Smartphone collector. Wife lets me cook! #NASATweetup #17 and #22 alumni. Podcast host for
@Woodtoast Woody Craftsman with passion for science and space.Singer,song writer,percussion extraordinaire,cabinet maker,problem solver,Bird nut,rock hound,scuba diver,optimist
Jim @DrATP Jim Wolper Airline Transport Pilot, CFI, Mathematics PhD, Professor, STS135Landing tweetup
@wiredforflight Sam Wiltzius IT guy who is an aviation nut
@LisaSullivan Lisa Sullivan Digital Media Marketing Director for @FMRealty. Blogger, wife, coffee lover, wine aficionado, & serious NFL fan living life to its fullest. Tweets are my own.
@prsingleton Paquito Singleton Technologist. News junkie. Idealistic realist. Contrarian, but not a cynic. Discovering & pursuing interesting things since 19XX. Personal motto: Evolve or Die.
@SQLChicken Jorge Segarra SQL Server MVP, BI consultant for Pragmatic Works. Proud Syracuse University alumni. Unabashed tech geek
@NerdyAmy Amy White and nerdy at it's nerdiest.
@onesnowclimber Sharon Ly
@eileenludwig eileenludwig Photographer Travel Writer eclectic blogger consultant instruct
@sharkb8t Lisa K. Sharkaholic seahugger. Love my ebike, my tweeps, weather, wine, tea, yoga, NASA & NOAA. #NASATweetup #STS135Landing; Bingetweeter
@TheRotund Marianne Kirby Writer, Editor, Maker
@neptonia K Not your typical geek
@BWJones Bryan William Jones Scientist, photographer, photojournalist
@UrbanAreaAlicia Alicia Johnson Exec Director of the Salt Lake Urban Area. Believer in Innovation, Communication & Crowdsourcing. Thoughts are my own. Official SLUA News @SaltLakeUASI.
@ralphhightower Ralph Hightower C# developer, SQL, Chevy HHR Owner, Solaris, Linux, Toastmaster, beagle owner, water skier, computer collector: Sun SPARC, DEV VAX @NASATweetup/sts-135-landing
@Antony511 Antony Francis Founder & CEO of Head of Lettuce Media, I love social media, I'm sarcastic, I Love my wife & kids, all around fun guy:)
@DannyEngesser Danny Engesser Web / DVD / Motion Designer at Iowa Public Television (@IowaPublicTV) & all-around Media Mutt. Engaged to @KariBassett...also follow us here: @dannyandkari.
@delrayser delrayser pseudonymous sarcasm spigot
@mrdenny mrdenny Independent Consultant, SQL DBA, SQL MVP, MCM SQL Server 2008, Co-Founder of @SQLExcursions (, XBox 360 player, Motorcycle Rider
@sweet_station Honey Graphic designer, art enthusiast, founder of Sweet Station, caffeine-dependent, lover of rubber cement.
@TJSonOfAnder T.J. Anderson B.S. Material Science Engineering from Boise State, Snowboarder, husband, friend. Currently working for the X-ray tubes dept at GE Healthcare in Milwaukee
@super64 Justin Adams Intl Emergency Response Coordinator for Energy Sector 20+Years of Public Safety EM Fire EMS and Pilot Helo/Fixed/Jet Houston/Paducah
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