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List of tweeps

Screen Name Name Description Location URL Followers Friends Listed Tweets Time Zone Created At Last Tweeted
@5tu Stu MaschwitzFilmmaking nerd.Bay Area, CAhttp://prolost.com1174665511827665Pacific Time (US & Canada)8/27/07 9:044/28/11 11:32
@6thgradersrule sara hemenwayA place to tweet about Hemenway\'s Amazing Students, class, and Hutto MS. Her online students are known as Twitterways!Hutto, Texas City10/7/09 12:434/28/11 11:36
@AdamS Adam SharpFood, tech, politics, media & other randomness from Twitter government/politics staffer in DC. All comments my own, etc. Past career: C-SPAN, NBC, Senate staff.Washington, DC Time (US & Canada)2/17/09 11:484/28/11 11:48
@AdoramaPix AdoramaPixOne of the world\'s premier photo labs!New Yorkhttp://www.adoramapix.com514823826067538Eastern Time (US & Canada)6/11/08 6:594/28/11 10:25
@adriennejurado Adrienne JuradoVisionary wisdom-seeker ~ Striving to create awareness & sustainable change ~ Thriving on adventure, meaningful connections, & French-press coffee! #NASATweetupOhio Time (US & Canada)7/22/09 16:334/28/11 11:31
@adventuregirl adventuregirlHi Everyone! Travel Expert- Adventure Girl at your service!Sharing Life\'s Adventures!http://www.adventuregirl.com15030381770564811656Pacific Time (US & Canada)11/4/08 16:044/28/11 11:28
@aeg0707 Ashley Elizabeth\"I read. I run. I write-for Presidents(43),Congress(TN-7), and my dad. Over the moon to be a part of #STS 134 for Endeavour\'s final launch to the heavens.\"384451204003Central Time (US & Canada)5/4/09 8:084/28/11 11:41
@ajturner Andrew Turnerneogeographer and CTO of GeoIQ & GeoCommons. Building the world\'s best location visualization and analysis platform.Washington, DChttp://highearthorbit.com29297143196072Eastern Time (US & Canada)3/11/07 15:404/28/11 11:28
@Anne_McKevitt Anne McKevittCurious Adventurer in Life. I don\'t care about lipstick, shoes or celebs. I do care about how we treat the planet, each other & animals. Bona fide Entrepreneur.Sydney, Australiahttp://www.annemckevitt.com82935622164Sydney6/16/10 2:024/28/11 9:57
@ArcticExplorers Milko VuilleFounder of ACARSA Scientific Expeditions, attendee at the STS-134 Tweetup for the launch of Endeavour on April 28-29, 2011 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.Neuchâtel Switzerland 3:254/20/11 16:02
@astroboy Robb M.\"Superhero. @BarrieCycling Club President. Automotive Community Manager for Internet Brands. vB Master. Forum Community Overlord.\"Barrie, ON Time (US & Canada)7/13/06 22:074/28/11 11:56
@AstroFuzz Fuzz AldrinI am taking a journey to the upper atmosphere with @Camilla_SDO to promote science education and Bears on PatrolThe Upper Atmosphere Time (US & Canada)1/25/11 5:054/28/11 11:25
@attianasar Attia N.Diplomacy, traveling, and eating is what I do.Washington D.C.http://www.attianasar.com672537684054Eastern Time (US & Canada)4/29/09 18:314/27/11 21:33
@AviationTimes Aviation Times MagThe official twitter account of Aviation Times MagazineMiamihttp://www.aviationtimesmagazine.com1536200193419Eastern Time (US & Canada)12/12/09 9:574/28/11 11:06
@AVwriter Linda Seid FrembesWriter & social media adviser for audiovisual (AV) industry. Created #AVnews & #AVchat. Confirmed for #STS134 #NASATweetup. Loves @FulcrumAcoustic & #AVtweeps.Massachusetts USAhttp://www.frembes.com166250613711400Eastern Time (US & Canada)6/14/08 6:434/28/11 11:37
@BarbaraNixon Barbara B. NixonListener, PR prof at Southeastern Univ., Presbyterian, PhD candidate, floral photographer, NASCAR fan, Auburn fanatic, foodie and mom of 4. #NASATweetUp #STS134Lakeland, FLhttp://publicrelationsmatters.com8822354350740014Eastern Time (US & Canada)2/24/08 15:084/28/11 11:50
@bbuckner Barbie BucknerNASA STS134 Tweetup attendee Blessed and Highly Favored Math/Science/Computer Teacher Teaching = Doing what I love...loving what I do = BlessedCleveland, TNhttp://www.bbuckner.com23335074155Eastern Time (US & Canada)9/15/08 22:224/28/11 11:23
@bcrosby Brian Crosby5th Grade Elementary Teacher integrating Web 2.0, 1:1 laptops and project/problem based learning in an At Risk schoolReno, Nevada, USA Time (US & Canada)6/23/07 5:404/28/11 11:52
@BearsOnPatrol Blake RaabBears on Patrol is a nonprofit that provides police officers with free teddy bears to give to kids in traumatic situations. Attending #NASATweetup #STS134Carrollton, Georgia, USAhttp://www.bearsonpatrol.org9519371234292Eastern Time (US & Canada)1/12/09 4:254/28/11 11:34
@boonbeth Beth Schaefer\"Curator of Natural Encounters and Sea lions at the Houston Zoo. Find Beer, Beach, Baseball & BUFFALO, find Beth! And proud participant in STS134!!!\"Houston, TX30089020424Central Time (US & Canada)6/12/09 7:094/28/11 11:40
@brendajburrell Brenda Burrell... more fun than several barrels of particularly whimsical monkeys. Confirmed attendee of the #STS134 #Endeavour #NASATweetup April 28-29, 2011.MOhttp://www.brendajburrell.com321511201349Central Time (US & Canada)8/19/08 8:144/28/11 11:48
@caroladams1 Carol AdamsSelected for the #NASATweetup #STS134 !!! Having fun raising chickens, making pottery, gardening, cooking and entertaining!Raleigh Areahttp://www.fustercluckfarm.com312660174539/12/09 7:554/28/11 11:14
@carsonskinner Carson SkinnerYes, that Carson Skinner... the one who\'s been invited to NASA Tweetup STS-134: Shuttle Endeavour\'s Final Launch.Jacksonville, FL188233162996Eastern Time (US & Canada)1/23/09 9:224/28/11 11:44
@CentralFLTop5 Bess AuerEditor of the award-winning Central Florida Top 5 blog. 3rd generation Floridian. Proud attendee of #NASATweetup STS-133 and STS-134.Central Floridahttp://www.centralfloridatop5.com2914209723512529Eastern Time (US & Canada)7/1/09 7:414/28/11 6:35
@chadwickian chadwickianMarathoner / Triathlete / Martial Artist - full time Crohn\'s Disease fighter - husband of an awesome musician & dad of 2 beautiful girlsDacula, GAhttp://www.chadparson.net155777162493Eastern Time (US & Canada)5/5/08 18:224/28/11 11:46
@chriscardinal Chris CardinalWeb entrepreneur, blogger, drummer. Run a small dev shop called Synapse Studios. STS-134 #NASATweetup attendee!Tempe, Arizona 23:064/28/11 10:35
@ClareGrant clare grantactor. gamer. lover. ta\'veren. jedi master. unicorn.Manetheronhttp://www.ClareGrant.com150461875501668Pacific Time (US & Canada)10/3/08 13:314/28/11 8:05
@claudiabia claudiabiaTraveler, Writer, Photography Lover- 360o and Panos(,Social Media Enthusiast,IT Geek. Brazilian. #NASATweetup #STS134 attendeeWashington DC areahttp://www.aprendizdeviajante.com195715861458633Central Time (US & Canada)11/25/08 11:254/28/11 11:46
@cpm5280 Chris Maytaghuman type m, earth resident, carbon based. Wanna-be Twitterati. Grateful #STS134 #NASATweetup attendee. I\'m a science educator & video, 3D & gfx producer.Boulder, Colorado3811308162496Mountain Time (US & Canada)12/7/08 12:53
@cpuguru Doug WhiteResearch Associate at the University of Delaware. Will be attending #NASATweetup to watch #STS134 launch!!!!!Delaware, USAhttp://www.oceanbytes.org495404356032Eastern Time (US & Canada)4/11/08 8:354/28/11 11:00
@cswriter Chris SmithWriter, editor, runner, AP style nerd. Author of The Unofficial U.S. Census. #NASATweetUp #STS134ÜT: 29.950199,-90.078256http://www.cswriter.com817323992349Central Time (US & Canada)2/27/08 10:24
@Cwiddy Christine MetzgarPhotographer, Hapkido Student, Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse, Chakra Balance Practitioner, and Poet. Attending STS-134 NASATweetup!Maryland Time (US & Canada)12/1/08 7:574/28/11 11:34
@damondepew Damon Depewsinger, food addict, funeral director, husband & Christian. May i introduce you 2 Jesus? TOTALLY STOKED #NASAtweeup for #STS134!!! still can\'t believe im going!ÜT: 36.540451,-82.50654430459084918Pacific Time (US & Canada)4/22/09 16:424/28/11 11:31
@DanaDanger Dana NeumeyerIntegration tech lead at Twitter. Hoosier expat. Woman of mystery.San Francisco53213051144839Pacific Time (US & Canada)3/8/07 7:094/28/11 11:36
@datachick Karen LopezSr. Project Manager Avid tweeter. Fun & work, in that order. Traveler & NASATweetup STS-134Toronto, ONhttp://www.infoadvisors.com3279133830836822Eastern Time (US & Canada)7/22/08 11:064/28/11 11:31
@dclingman Dustin ClingmanCEO Zee Gee Games. Game Developer. IGDA Fan. Runner #NASATweetUp Alum #STS132 #STS134Orlando Floridahttp://www.dustinclingman.com845110814571Quito6/25/08 6:284/28/11 11:49
@DennisBailey DennisBaileyFormer reporter, now a PR pro, husband, father, and rarely mistaken for Bob Dylan when I play my guitarSouth Freeport, MEhttp://www.savvyspin.com606429511345Eastern Time (US & Canada)12/4/08 4:454/28/11 10:05
@DjTesla Dj TeslaMy name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^.Colorado, USAhttp://www.bladeradio.com516194141859Mountain Time (US & Canada)4/21/09 20:354/28/11 11:50
@DrLucyRogers Lucy RogersAuthor It\'s ONLY Rocket Science - An Introduction in Plain English. Also Engineer, Astronomer & Freelance Science Writer. Looking for a new Challenge ...Hampshire, UK 12:544/28/11 11:11
@Ech03 Andrew BanasPrincipal of Ech03, we help clients produce seamless event experiences that make an impact. Streaming, Email and more. Attendee of @NASATweetup for STS-134Minneapolis, MNhttp://www.Ech03.com55961443611Central Time (US & Canada)3/30/09 12:44
@ejmangus Elizabeth MangusI\'m a baby loving, full time working, music playing, sports watching, jewelry loving mommy. Attending #NASATweetup #STS134Salt Lake City, UThttp://www.marshallandliz.blogspot.com171358111058Mountain Time (US & Canada)4/4/09 18:044/28/11 11:45
@elcardenas elcardenasEditor for St. Clair Shores Patch - a hyper-local news and information website. This is a personal site and used to keep track of newsworthy items and people.Metro Detroit64899314850Central Time (US & Canada)1/7/09 11:264/28/11 11:48
@esaoperations ESA OperationsFrom low Earth to deep space: keeping up with spacecraft operations at ESA - Europe\'s space agency. More via:, Germany 0:554/28/11 11:47
@eugenephoto EugenePhotographer, blogger, GT graduate. I enjoy making lists, reading, and writing. My photoblog: Will be at #NASATweetup for #STS134Atlanta, GAhttp://readingbyeugene.com224227826918943Quito7/28/08 11:444/28/11 11:58
@flashman Tim BennettGuy with a sweet hat (not pictured), proprietor of music forum & social/web/mobile producer at UNSW.Sydney, Australiahttp://www.electronsoup.net3691452310076Sydney3/27/07 5:014/28/11 11:02
@FlatSamantha Flat SamanthaI am a flat ambassador from the state of Delaware, heading to the #NASATweetup for the Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-134) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.Delaware 2613473Quito4/14/11 9:144/28/11 11:34
@foundonmars Dr. Heather GoodHeather Good EdD is editor of and webmaster of the Space Tweep Society Attending STS-134 Tweetup!!Exploring Hebes Chasmahttp://FoundOnMars.com145612972191781Pacific Time (US & Canada)5/12/09 15:00
@geoffryken Geoff RykenI say things, Marketing technology guru, #STS134 #NASATweetup attendeeConway, ARhttp://isaythings.com283610194428Central Time (US & Canada)6/1/08 21:064/28/11 11:50
@greenskychaser Rebekah LaBarOklahoma storm chaser & meteorologist, formerly from Washington. Going to STS-134 NASA Tweetup / Endeavour launch in April! See also @RebekahLaBarNorman, Oklahomahttp://www.greenskychaser.com22016316830Central Time (US & Canada)8/21/10 14:084/28/11 11:52
@hdoug H. Doug MatsuokaWonder / Wander / (Attending STS-134 (#sts134))Honolulu 18:564/28/11 7:03
@HeyJo1 Jodi WilsonA gal just trying to navigate her way thru the single life while having fun. I swear alot. Oh and I like beer! Attending #NASATweetup #STS134 April 28-29Milwaukee, WI Time (US & Canada)12/24/08 5:264/28/11 11:34
@hmundahl Hans MundahlEducator working in adventure ed, technology integration & independent schools. @edsocialmedia blogger, I tweet for @NHSHuskies, STS-134 @nasatweetup attendee.New Hampton, NHhttp://hansmundahl.com705635683126Eastern Time (US & Canada)4/16/08 7:564/28/11 11:52
@iamangee Angee WagnerLibertarian, Sooner fan, Confirmed STS-134 #NASATweetup attendee!Oklahoma City, OK Time (US & Canada)3/18/09 20:36
@iowaradioguy Jeremy BingamanAs seen on the radio. I coach roller derby, but I can\'t control them. Web and graphic designing pays the bills. #NASATweetup STS-134 attendee!Des Moines, IA Time (US & Canada)6/28/07 10:294/28/11 11:53
@ISS_Research ISS ResearchNASA\'s official source for research news from the International Space Station (ISS) - The world\'s laboratory in orbit.ISS Program Science Office 6104614404999/10/10 12:484/28/11 10:52
@Jackdearlove Jack DearloveBBC radio guy, student and STS134 #nasatweetup attendee. These views are mine not those of the BBCLeeds 11:164/28/11 10:45
@jambondeluxe Abe and Nicole11740332Pacific Time (US & Canada)1/5/11 17:194/28/11 11:37
@JasonBrownlow Jason BrownlowI\'m a safety inspector for NASCAR. I\'m married to a wonderful woman and we have two little ones on the way.Third rock from the sun1255160671325Eastern Time (US & Canada)12/22/09 10:594/27/11 19:21
@jbzimmerman91 J.B. ZimmermanItinerant military analyst, professional IT architect, soloed student pilot and native New Yorker. Confirmed attendee of #STS143 #NASAtweetupUpstate Manhattan Time (US & Canada)3/29/10 9:274/28/11 11:57
@JDWoodard JD WoodardI play with technology, live in a suitcase, Vol Firefighter and I travel a lot. Any Questions?Any major airport Time (US & Canada)11/15/08 19:144/22/11 0:56
@jeanettegtf Jeanette AndersonUnique, just like everyone else. Multi-tasker, kindle lover, girl geek, volunteer,road warrior and #nasatweetup STS-134 lucky lady!Road warrior/Lenexa, Kansas6561313381168Central Time (US & Canada)7/3/08 13:054/28/11 11:16
@jeffleroydavis J3ff L3RoY D4v1$4th Generation Ranch Raised Wyoming Oil Field Trash STS-134 #NASATweetup HQ InviteeJackson Hole, Wyoming Time (US & Canada)4/26/08 17:074/28/11 11:20
@jenniferhuber Jennifer HuberBlogging to support travel habit; by day travel marketing pro by night travel blogger & derby girl; STS-134 #NASATweetup; on quest for bragging rights.Port Charlotte, Floridahttp://www.solotravelgirl.com512647451607451Eastern Time (US & Canada)11/12/07 19:264/28/11 11:14
@JL_Davis Jillian DavisLove my BlackBerry, Scrapbooking, space, all things Florida, making stuff for my Etsy shop, & Disney. Geeky Fair Maiden of the #STQs. #STS-134 #NASATweetupÜT: 28.35794,-81.56232http://jilliebeanie.etsy.com8938559414448Eastern Time (US & Canada)11/17/09 4:434/28/11 11:18
@jlopez255 Jennifer LopezI am transgender and greatly support the LGBT community - I enjoy computer and technology – I am a total geek – I am your Computer/IT ConsultantNew Haven, Connecticut, USAhttp://www.lopezlan.com11361186221718Eastern Time (US & Canada)4/28/07 0:55
@jonverve Jon VervilleEngineering Collaboration Lead, social media nut, change agent & big thinker @NASAGoddard All tweets are mine & do not represent NASA. #STS134 #NASATweetupGreenbelt, Marylandhttp://jonverve.posterous.com527367571689Eastern Time (US & Canada)7/6/07 9:484/28/11 11:47
@jreichhold Jonathan ReichholdEngineer at TwitterSan Francisco, CA22962701051508Pacific Time (US & Canada)5/28/08 8:08
@jthelmsdeep Joseph ThompsonLots of thinking makes my head hurt. My wife and kids make it all better!Behind you. Boo!1818310667Eastern Time (US & Canada)1/16/08 13:104/26/11 10:00
@Jules_F1 Julie QuesnellTechnology Integrator. Working as Library Media Specialist in 2 K-8 schools.Fan of F1 & WRC.iPhone: 35.657413,-78.475716 Time (US & Canada)8/7/10 7:52
@Justmyspace IamMikeHey now, twitter. Who am I? Well, the question becomes.. who are you? warning: Ill be brutlally honest. Dont let me lose u. see you at the tweetup. #sts134usa, london, egypt710994506911Eastern Time (US & Canada)1/21/09 17:564/28/11 10:28
@KateHarding Kate HardingBitter and truculent when excited.Chicagohttp://www.kateharding.info57173745366885Central Time (US & Canada)10/22/08 7:444/28/11 11:36
@KathrynLHill Kathryn Hill Voyager | Gastronome Time (US & Canada)8/27/09 15:20
@Kiran_ KiranA daughter, sister, wife, blogger, photographer, foodie, social media enthusiast and space-geek! #NASATweetup #STS134 AttendeeFlorida, USAhttp://kirantarun.com838155466177Eastern Time (US & Canada)8/30/08 22:144/28/11 11:53
@KitchPantrySci Liz HeineckeScience blogger dishing out simple recipes for real science. Mom of 3. Member of #NASAtweetup group for Endeavour launch #STS-134 in April.Minnesota, USAhttp://www.kitchenpantryscientist.com870837882380Central Time (US & Canada)9/27/09 11:384/28/11 11:23
@KTVee Krissy VenosdaleGifted ed teacher & EdD Student who loves photography, design, & CokeZero. Hope to inspire kids to reach for the stars. Ready for #NASATweetup STS-134!Missourihttp://teachfactory.com11601208674199Central Time (US & Canada)2/6/09 7:544/28/11 11:56
@kwidrick Katy WidrickExecutive Producer for GROWING BOLDER TV on PBS; #Fitblog founder, Health & Fitness Blogger, Vegetarian Foodie, Triathlete, Syracuse \'02, wife of @nighthops.Orlando, FLhttp://katywidrick.com9166596440120667Eastern Time (US & Canada)10/11/07 6:174/28/11 11:27
@L_Hawkins Lyle HawkinsSEO Professional Family Man On Digg Mixx Reddit SU FaceBook. Love My Wife Jenn, Son Aiden, & Daughter Hannah. Also my Dogs Sara, Dane, Bubbie, & RicoPort Saint Luciehttp://www.searchenginesurgeon.com176451810259280346Eastern Time (US & Canada)5/20/09 8:444/28/11 11:53
@Leighbra ErynSecular homeschooling mom of two. Small scale homesteader with an internet addiction. Loves science, travel, cooking, camping & zombies.Inland Pacific Northwesthttp://www.hearth2heart.com177059210134521Pacific Time (US & Canada)9/12/08 1:294/28/11 0:57
@levarburton LeVar BurtonActor, Director, Educator, StudentLos Angeles, CAhttp://levarburton.com1645194252151332816Pacific Time (US & Canada)12/26/08 13:514/28/11 9:59
@Lionnesss Lioness\"I read. Occasionally I write. #NASATweetup Attendee for STS-134.\"Toronto3472244610989Eastern Time (US & Canada)6/29/08 11:02
@liprap liprapNew Orleanshttp://www.liprapslament-theline.blogspot.com9877627323691Central Time (US & Canada)3/3/08 10:114/28/11 11:08
@LisaGemini LisaGeminiA sarcastic writer/editor, oral cancer survivor, experimental chef. I\'ll be at NASA\'s #STS-134 Tweetup April 28-29. God bless our shuttle astronauts.Near Tampa, FLhttp://www.prosetogo.squarespace.com1853197914921333Eastern Time (US & Canada)12/3/08 8:294/26/11 20:53
@lwdupont Lucien W. DupontHusband, father, and indie iPhone/Mac developer. Part of NASATweetup\'s group for STS134!!!Calgary, AB Time (US & Canada)5/2/07 13:344/28/11 11:10
@MarshaCollier Marsha CollierEcommerce Expert, Author 36 books, Online Customer Service, Host Computer & Tech Radio, Co-Founder #CustServ chat, Social Media InfluencerLos Angeles Time (US & Canada)3/30/08 19:144/28/11 11:56
@MartinSantic Martin SanticBuilt and Flying a Van\'s RV-12 (N128MS) - Newsletter Editor, Love Aviation, Amateur Radio (W9EAA), ElectronicsDavenport, Iowa28924721443Central Time (US & Canada)3/23/08 15:354/27/11 14:57
@marybethhunt Mary Beth HuntA semi-retired mom in the middle of the country. New Grandma. Member of #NASAtweetup group for the launch of Endeavour #STS-134 on April 19.http://www.backseatnavigator.com10451999292529Mountain Time (US & Canada)2/2/09 23:134/27/11 22:51
@MCapp22 Mindi CappNASA Education Specialist by day, music loving, sports fanatic, fun-loving Chicagoan by night.Chicago281358276461Central Time (US & Canada)4/23/09 18:454/28/11 11:58
@melissaseuffert Melissa SeuffertMarketing girl with a PR/Journalistic flair; loves all things art, museum, theater, music, movies & dance! #NASATweetup #STS134 AttendeeHouston474712331230Central Time (US & Canada)9/11/08 17:364/28/11 11:55
@michaelbmoore Mike MooreSTS-134 #NASATweetUp, @LancetStudent Blogger, Medical Student, Marathoner, Husband of a Physician, Father of 2 Sassy Kids, Diarist, Poet-in-Training & SoldierYakima, WA Time (US & Canada)11/6/07 20:024/28/11 11:48
@mikewo Michael WoodI write code....for a living....yes, seriously. Attending the STS-134 launch via #NASATweetup!Burlington, KY Time (US & Canada)4/19/08 19:544/28/11 11:56
@mikeyarbrough Mike Yarbrough@HuffingtonPost blogger. Writer. Scientist. Politico.NYC Time (US & Canada)9/22/10 9:114/28/11 11:53
@MindspaceLtd Vincent Thome@VincentThome 39, Married w/ 3 kids. Designer + Developer. Photographer & Culinarian. Live in #ABQ. #SXSWi #NASATweetup aka @SpaceportUSAAlbuquerque, NM16216318492Mountain Time (US & Canada)3/10/07 16:054/28/11 11:21
@MMichelle21 Michelle GalvanLoves anything marketing, advertising, & media- B2B & B2C. City life is good. Staying busy keeps me out of trouble. #NASATweetup #STS134Chicago32539316761Central Time (US & Canada)4/7/09 11:054/28/11 11:27
@mrtech1 Mr.TECHI am Mr.Tech and I have never failed a CaptchaPuerto Ricohttp://www.mrtechpr.com504114261186428Quito3/26/09 22:144/28/11 10:26
@nancybroden Nancy BrodenLead Designer on the Growth Team @TwitterSan Francisco, CA Time (US & Canada)3/13/07 12:454/28/11 11:52
@nasanborn Nathan SanbornPart-time stay-at-home Dad, part-time graphic designer, and full-time owner of @risingtidebeer.http://www.risingtidebrewing.com172126134584Eastern Time (US & Canada)1/30/09 11:494/28/11 11:38
@natala Natala MenezesCurrently the PMM for Amazon Mechanical Turk, previously at Google, Microsoft & TeachStreet. Loves college hoops.San Francisco & Seattlehttp://natala.net1575413714684Pacific Time (US & Canada)2/7/07 11:074/28/11 10:13
@neemaamini Neema AminiI am interested in infinity.Austin, TX1089571072Central Time (US & Canada)9/2/09 9:404/28/11 10:58
@nickcicero Nick Cicero Social Media Strategist w/ @benedictadv | @syracuseu alum | Trumpet Player | #NASATweetup STS-134Daytona Beach, FL Time (US & Canada)12/29/08 3:594/28/11 11:56
@NoNameEMT Brian PrinceFire Medic with Polk County Fire Rescue. Instructor with Polk State College. Photographer, IT Guy and overall diversified nerd. Attending #STS134 #NASAtweetupLakeland, FL Time (US & Canada)4/2/09 21:034/28/11 11:52
@nurse_emily nurse_emilyFinished Nursing School. Working full time in Oncology _and_ back in school for Bachelors degree. Attendee of nasa tweetup STS-134.birmingham, al3725812113Central Time (US & Canada)9/21/08 18:294/28/11 11:40
@ohlauren laurenA skitterbrained girl with a penchant for crafting, tv via internet, caffeine, all things geektastic, & somehow always not enough or too much time on her hands.probably pennsylvaniahttp://thislittlemoon.wordpress.com440654217240Eastern Time (US & Canada)8/1/08 23:314/28/11 10:36
@outcast outcastNetworking and Computer GeniusThe InterTubeshttp://askoutcast.com858968212612429Eastern Time (US & Canada)4/27/08 18:424/27/11 18:35
@pankaj Pankaj Gupta\"Tech Lead in Twitter doing user relevance (personalized recommendations,ranking). Also thinking about India+Twitter. Founder of two startups with modest exits.\"San Francisco Time (US & Canada)11/2/08 2:464/28/11 11:21
@pedramamini Pedram AminiI tweet about science, infosec, some politics and things that make me laugh.Austin, TXhttp://pedram.openrce.org1660111104733Central Time (US & Canada)2/18/09 12:264/28/11 10:25
@Race2Beach Race2BeachWas selected to attend STS-134 NASA Tweetup / Endeavour launch in April 18th & 19thth......So excited!!!!33.09275 -79.96585 Time (US & Canada)11/17/08 5:584/28/11 6:13
@RadioGeek KKØHF\"Ham Radio Geek, Linux Fan, Geologist - Selected to attend the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour during NASA\'s STS-134 Tweetup:\"EM29da - Kansashttp://RadioGeek.us1232729942733Central Time (US & Canada)1/4/09 19:184/28/11 11:42
@RAPTOR0065 Scott GallowayUSAF Lieutenant and EC-130H pilot assigned to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ Time (US & Canada)9/1/09 3:264/22/11 11:53
@rmiriam Rachel Donner\"Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult. Also, lucky #NASATweetup #STS134 Attendee!\"Salt Lake City, UT Time (US & Canada)7/16/07 6:564/28/11 11:45
@robpegoraro Rob PegoraroEx-Washington Post columnist who writes about (and is often vexed by) computers, gadgets and other things that beep. Opinions my own; who else wants them?Washington, DC Time (US & Canada)7/6/07 13:584/28/11 11:51
@rockbandit Dave Schumakergdgt community manager, laughing squid guest contributor, photographer, consumer of information, and former geologist. Also, #nasatweetup guest for #sts134.San Francisco, CAhttp://daveschumaker.net1274206998555Pacific Time (US & Canada)1/2/08 16:594/28/11 11:34
@ryantombleson Ryan TomblesonActivist. Progressive. Atheist. Almost Vegan. Seeker of peace and justice for all, regardless of creed, skin color, or ideology. Astrophysicist in training.Charlotte, NC Time (US & Canada)3/2/09 6:594/28/11 11:34
@sarahbethwhite1 Sarah Beth WhiteElementary Education major at Southern Miss. Sponsor to 4 children in Africa and 1 in India. My heart will sing no other name...Jesus.USA Time (US & Canada)3/11/09 19:574/28/11 11:40
@schollem Scholle McFarlandSenior editor at Macworld; attending the #NASATweetup for the #STS134 launch!Portland, Oregon367157295890Pacific Time (US & Canada)3/26/07 15:124/28/11 11:40
@SethGreen Seth GreenHello Twitter. I\'ve heard we should meet. I promise not to say anything too stupid.PJs & Slippers Time (US & Canada)3/20/07 22:234/28/11 11:56
@ShareefJackson Shareef JacksonPharma professional - tech obsessed - living my life like it\'s golden! #Philly #Nupe #NASATweetup #STS134 http://shareefjackson.comPhiladelphia, PAhttp://shareefjackson.com5721719162581Eastern Time (US & Canada)11/4/10 5:554/28/11 11:56
@shell7 Shelley BernsteinChief of Technology at the Brooklyn Museum. I live in Red Hook, work on the web and love my dog. I\'m attending #nasatweetup #sts134!!Brooklyn Time (US & Canada)5/8/07 7:394/28/11 10:25
@siggy_sf Andrew SeignerSoftware Engineer at Twitter. I like stuff. I have an underscore in my name, and yes, I\'ve been writing C for a long time.37.784933,-122.397072 Time (US & Canada)3/10/09 21:134/28/11 11:37
@SkierSarah Sarah WilliverTwo active boys dominate my exciting, challenging life. Innovator, 25/8 technology geek...#NASATweetup #STS-134 attendee....ÜT: 44.07252,-121.28596 Time (US & Canada)11/16/07 8:424/28/11 11:40
@skrishna SwapnaBlogger. Freelance Editor, Writer, and Book Reviewer for Kirkus. NBCC Member. Beer Snob. #NASATweetup Attendee for STS-134.Arlington, VAhttp://www.skrishnasbooks.com2639135429226928Eastern Time (US & Canada)11/30/08 17:594/28/11 11:42
@socialmeteor Troy JanischSocial media & digital marketing beatnik. Guitar strummer. Optimist. Contributor to SmartBrief on Social Media, Social Media Today, UnGeeked Elite and beyond.Wisconsinhttp://www.socialmeteor.com277542222411975Central Time (US & Canada)10/10/08 11:45
@SocialNicole Nicole HarrisonConnector of people...builder of relationships...helping businesses grow through social media and digital strategy. #NASATweetup #STS134Minneapolis, MNhttp://www.SocialNicole.com10470903268119777Central Time (US & Canada)4/26/08 10:234/28/11 11:53
@sorenrags Søren RagsdaleI\'m a senior TD, shader writer, and VFX artist at Double Negative.London, UK Time (US & Canada)6/3/09 10:044/28/11 11:21
@spacemama Tara RMom to preschooler and Associate Program Scientist for ISS- NASA JSC. Married to @valeopt. Life is good. Not an official NASA account.Houston, Tx 298188474785Central Time (US & Canada)6/25/08 7:104/28/11 11:06
@SpaceportUSA Vincent Thomeaka @MindSpaceLtd. Will be at @Spaceport_NM April 13 for #Xprize tour. At Kennedy Space Center April 18-19 for Endeavor #STS134 #NASATweetup #SpaceUpNew Mexico Time (US & Canada)3/31/09 14:414/28/11 10:34
@spaceteam Florida Today SpaceFLORIDA TODAY\'s space team covers NASA and the space industry around the clock from Kennedy Space Center.Kennedy Space Center, FLhttp://space.flatoday.net3010240204938Eastern Time (US & Canada)11/29/07 8:174/28/11 11:48
@SQLRockstar Thomas LaRockSQL MVP, Database Professional, and bacon lover but not necessarily in that orderhttp://thomaslarock.com278931829718244Eastern Time (US & Canada)18/03/08 11:174/30/11 14:14
@star_geek Di Star\"Web developer by trade, artist by passion. A girl that wears her Geek badge proudly! Attending #NASATweetup #STS134\"270864232466Pacific Time (US & Canada)5/3/09 11:444/28/11 11:41
@stephonee Stephanie CollinsDreamer - personal finance blogger - nostalgic - knitter - geocacher - actually likes ramen. Proud #NASATweetup #STS143 attendee!Washington, DChttp://poorerthanyou.com845366733697Eastern Time (US & Canada)8/12/08 5:584/28/11 11:55
@SusanMazza Susan MazzaPassionate about people creating clarity, connection and collaboration. Love instigating leadership. Driven to explore, learn, play music and ski.Vero Beach, FLhttp://www.randomactsofleadership.com133371436846910227Eastern Time (US & Canada)10/21/08 17:38
@SuzeeToo Suzee CorbellTV Statn Mgr, head of Prodtn Co. Loves Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure. Work on shows in NM & H-wood. A Tardis would help immeasurably. #NASATweetup #STS134 attendeeUFO Crashlandhttp://www.suzeecorbell.com249466162975Mountain Time (US & Canada)7/29/10 13:23
@tcampos tcamposI am an advisor for several startups. I run IT for Facebook. I\'ve been the CIO of KLA-Tencor, ran engineering for a startup, and was an engineer @ SGI & Sybase12628755Pacific Time (US & Canada)11/29/07 13:224/23/11 10:50
@teachdig Dvora GellerLiving around the world teaching HS Math and Physics. Currently in Mexico City. Attending the STS-134 launch via #NASATweetup!Cuajimalpa, Mexico Cityhttp://dvorageller.blogspot.com352314391751Mexico City2/26/10 18:324/28/11 8:06
@Tempegirl Nina TallmanLoves nomming, traveling, and being a nurse. Fist-shakingly excited about attending NASA TweetUp STS134!Tempe, AZhttp://tempegirlfoodfunlife.blogspot.com131146111035Arizona1/28/09 13:154/28/11 11:47
@TheLittleKitchn JulieI write software & love to cook and bake (blog at Other blog Tweet @ my pets too. #NASATweetup #STS134Central Floridahttp://thelittlekitchen.net2789238420312573Eastern Time (US & Canada)12/8/09 5:564/28/11 11:57
@theonetruebix The One True b!XAccept no substitutes. Might or might not be twitchy, unreliable-looking. All packaging, no product. Elitist douche. Get me to SDCC!, OR Time (US & Canada)7/13/08 2:07
@TheRealLisaBain Lisa Ikeda BainSales Rep at TitleOne Corporation (opinions here are my own); Parkinson\'s Advocate; NASA TweetUp Attendee STS 134 EndeavourIdaho Time (US & Canada)2/4/09 8:354/28/11 11:58
@TimLillard Tim LillardChrist-Follower, Husband, Dad, Youth PastorNorfolk, NE1262017586Central Time (US & Canada)2/19/09 7:144/28/11 11:33
@tinydream lacindaevery time I blink, I have a tiny dream.birmingham, al Time (US & Canada)6/30/08 10:464/28/11 11:37
@tombuchheim Tom BuchheimDad/husband; tallest member of @amfam\'s social media team; Hawkeyes/Steelers fan; #SMsports blogger; #STS134 #NASAtweetup attendee. These views are mine.Madison, WIhttp://FourthAnd140.com872583953431Mountain Time (US & Canada)3/6/09 11:004/28/11 11:58
@TrafficMike Mike SheridanLONG TIME RI Traffic Reporter and Morning Radio Guy attending STS-134 #NASATweetUpRhode Island Time (US & Canada)1/29/07 14:304/28/11 10:28
@triciamckinney Tricia McKinneySooper psyched to be picked for #NasaTweetUp #STS134 Currently with MSNBC\'s The Rachel Maddow Show, but anything I say here comes purely from me, not Rachel.iPhone: 40.796177,-74.064384927783441459Eastern Time (US & Canada)7/11/07 11:274/28/11 11:53
@tristamsparks tristam sparksphotojournalism, UX and graphic design. interaction designer at amnesty international#STS134 #NASATweetuphttp://www.restlesseye.com900862425041London8/21/08 15:044/28/11 11:46
@UniquelyAllie Allison KelseyFormer Cincinnatian and Philadelphian who drinks and writes. Not necessarily in that order. Moving back north of the Mason-Dixon Line in May! Yay!Savannah, Ga.http://AllisonKelsey.wordpress.com8306934810338Eastern Time (US & Canada)5/15/08 16:554/24/11 9:18
@warandpeace Andrew FergusonA photographer who finds it very difficult to write about himselfiPhone: 49.262486,-123.070023 Time (US & Canada)6/5/08 15:074/28/11 11:08
@WeatherZach Zach PaulMeteorologist for KRCG-TV and KJLU-FM. Selected to attend #NASATweetup #STS134. These tweets are mine and mine alone.Columbia/Jefferson City MO Time (US & Canada)4/11/09 1:414/28/11 11:37
@Zamiradance ZamiraBelly Dancer, Sci-Fi Geek, Cupcake Fiend and Sushi Addict. Confirmed attendee for #STS-134, #NASATweetupUSA157297191086Eastern Time (US & Canada)1/18/10 12:35
@ztresearch Tom A. WarnerLightning researcher and photographer. Will be attending NASATweetup for STS-134 Endeavour launch. Lifelong dream.Rapid City, SDhttp://www.ztresearch.com26922427438Mountain Time (US & Canada)3/24/09 15:554/28/11 11:42
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