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Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) NASASocial Resources

NASASocial Participants

Official Announcement of Event: Learn about the Radiation Belt Storm Probes at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida

Screen Name Name Description
@PatienceBecquet Patience Becquet Production & Personal Assistant for film/tv shows/video games. photographer and motion capture editor. worked for EA, Westwood Studios, CBS and HBO.
@nwkmom Kelly Haskins Mom, wife, book/space/science/math/computer geek, gamer. #NASASocial participant, #RBSP.
@wkann William Kann Space Enthusiast, Amateur Photographer & Graphic Designer. College Student➡ Future Aerospace Engineer. #RBSP #NASASocial Alum.
@cjujitsu Curtis Packer Marketing Director residing in NYC. Extensive travel. Ju Jitsu and Judo instructor, Boxing Fanatic, Skier, Sailor, Poor golfer. Life is a Gift-Don't waste it!
@medicranz Ranz Husband/father/amateur astronomer/photographer/NASA spacegeek/paramedic/NASATweetup alum: JUNO, STS-135, #RBSP, 100+ launches in person!
@bitterforsweet Lizzie Straight Edge Disney Nerd. Magic Fanatic. Dreamer.❤s Wrestling, Music, Space Travel ,Pokémon, Sushi, and Video games #NASASocialite
@MediumFidelity Ryan Ziolko Chicago based iOS and Android developer with a passion for science and technology.
@krats2you Becky Stark Middle school teacher. Space geek. Science nerd. Honewell Advanced Space Academy for Educators Alumni 2012. Environmental Educator.
@bowen2587 Elizabeth Bowen
@RennaW Renna Baptist, Virginian, engineer. I love NASA Tweetups and Socials. Tweets about Politics, space, history, Jane Austen, Star Wars, and pathetic attempts at humor.
@okaythanksbye Go Away I am a travel agent. You call me, I make you go away, everybody's happy!
@eileenkahn eileenkahn Robotics and Entrepeneurship Teacher. FIRST Senior Mentor. Google Education On Air Presenter
@ByrdGirl Robin Byrd i cant fly but i do tweet.
@Jonssonville Greg Jonsson Likes: My job as breaking news editor at @stltoday / www.stltoday.com; #stlblues hockey; urbanity; St. Louis; music; nerdy stuff. Dislikes: Character limi
@lydabeth lydabeth Usability/info design, ocean science, food policy, art, humor, knitting, history, a better world; always on the lookout for the next terrifying leap of faith.
@Sugah3673 Dillon James Electrical and Aerospace Engineering Student. Art Student. #NASASocial participant , #RBSP
@AeroNut321 Jason Panzarino Aerospace Engineer University of Florida University of California Irvine #NASAsocial #RBSP #ULAlaunch ULA Intern
@SpaceGurlEvie Evie Marom Space Crazy, Aerospace Engineer, Rocket Propulsion, FIRE Button Presser, Green Energy Enthusiast, Science Geek, Atheist, Snowboarder, Silly, Funny, Awesome..
@fradyp Pamela Frady 8th grade Science teacher, attended STS-135 launch, attended NASA Explorer School teacher workshop at NASA Langley.
@spaceyliz Liz MacDonald professional space scientist; semi-professional space weather forecaster; interested in science, art, & diversity therein *tweets are my opinions
@daddyk Kris Haislip
@lhutton Leander Photographer, avid video gamer, astronomer and physicist, developer and systems administrator. I wear a lot of hats.
@FredSchwark Fred Strategic business consultant with a passion for aviation, social business transformation, leadership, and NASCAR. The usual stuff!
@glundy31 Gary Lundy Youth Pastor and loving it...
@ccain79 Crystal Cain Can't wait for #RBSP with #NASASocial!
@ericasmith Erica Smith Journalist, researcher, social media enthusiast, 'Twitter sweetheart.' I eat M&Ms in Roy G. Biv order. (Curator in chief at @Infuz; these tweets are all mine.)
@ag5c Forest Godfrey Supercomputers by day, theater sound and light by night. #MSL and #RBSP #NASAsocial attendee. Senior Principal Engineer & Lead Software Architect for GPU Computing at Cray.
@HaveSippy Samantha I'm Samantha- a wife, mom, teacher, and traveler, writing about our adventures. I am PR friendly :) Live in NY/PA/NJ area. Attending #Blogher12
@computerbugg Ken Buxton Independent computer consultant. Former engineer, tobacco shop owner, real estate sales. Worked with NASA during the 60's during Apollo.
@_doughill Doug Hill Husband, Dad of two girls, Disney software developer by day... Technology enthusiast, geek, iOS/Android #NasaSocial Juno/RBSP by night. Tweets/Views are my own.
@evenstaroasis14 Dottie Evans Assignment Desk Editor CF News 13
@PlayMoBob PlayMo Bob Encouraging life-long imagination and innocence
@jaseguin55 Jason Seguin
@LouBevi Lou Bevilacqua Villanova alum and software engineer. Nova Hoops, Yanks, Jets, Devils.
@deliciousblur Pedro Vazquez A decent human being.
@emokid9963 William Wagner
@tenuto Ben Emmel Position: Standing or sitting when not lying down.
@feixiao Fei Xiao Powered by Fei
@davehiggins1 Dave Higgins Strategic technology consultant, author, and social business blogger. #NASASocial participant #GRAIL, #RBSP
@Brian_Rue Brian Rue - Go Noles IT Business Continuity/Security enabler with interest in football (Soccer/Throwball), auto racing, and planetary exploration. #MSL #NASAsocial attendee.

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NASA Hosts/Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@RBStormProbes RB Storm Probes NASA's Radiation Belt Storm Probes will provide insight into Earth's radiation belts and help scientists predict changes in this critical region of space. JHU APL, Laurel, MD · http://rbsp.jhuapl.edu
@NASASocial NASA Social Follow us for announcements on social media @NASA and for info about upcoming NASA Socials · http://www.nasa.gov/social
@NASA_Kennedy Kennedy Space Center NASA's vision: To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind. Kennedy Space Center, Florida · http://www.nasa.gov
@ulalaunch ULA Atlas V, Delta II, and Delta IV launch vehicles. · http://www.ulalaunch.com
@NASA_LSP NASA_LSP The Launch Services Program is Earth's Bridge to Space · http://www.nasa.gov/centers/kennedy/launchingrockets/index.html
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