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See the Ambassador twitter list here: http://twitter.com/#!/TweetupSpace/evangelists/members

Art Credit: Lar DeSouza (@lartist)


Why Are We Here?

The original intent of this wiki was to help curate the experience of attending a specific Space Shuttle launch (STS-134). There were lots of tweets, blog posts, images, and video flying around the internet related to previous launch NASATweetup and we wanted to organize a little of that, and also hopefully become a bit of a centralized resource.

As NASA's Shuttle program is now officially retired, the wiki has matured to support all NASATweetup and other space-related tweetup events, including exciting missions to study Jupiter (Juno), Earth's moon (GRAIL) and Mars (Mars Science Laboratory with Mars Curiosity)! This is a community-owned and community-managed wiki site, and you can simply log in with your Twitter Account (using OAuth), so all Twitter users already have access!

Where Did We Come From?

This site was established by NASATweetup volunteer @jonverve during the STS-134/Endeavour launch tweetup at KSC, with the hope that it would be used by participants for all future NASA Tweetups! And just because 135 is the last shuttle launch, this does not mean it will be the last tweetup. Did you know there have been over 30 other tweetup events? Click here to see them all.

Who Runs It Now? Ambassadors Like YOU!

Anyone can contribute to this community-run & community-owned wiki at anytime, in true wiki fashion. For each tweetup, we try to delegate the wiki promotion and coordination to at least one tweep who is officially part of the tweetup, since a tweetup participant is best suited to that role.

You can also mention @TweetupSpace, which is an account a few of us run on behalf of this site.

Here is the history of those involved:

Tweetup/Social Ambassadors (Twitter List)
JPLEarthSci at @NASAJPL Shannon Moore @ageekmom & Bill Dunford @RidingRobots Karol Franks @okarol
...lots of events that never had pages created - see Past tweetup media and resources Your Name Here?
NASASXSW at @SXSW Shannon Moore @ageekmom
SpaceXCRS2 at CCAFS Geoff Ryken @geoffryken
CSATweetup Chris Hadfield Tweetup in Quebec Karen Lopez @datachick
LDCMSocial - Launch at Vandenberg AFB John O. Tulloch @jotulloch
4YearAnniversary of First @NASASocial - Worldwide Virtual Tweetup! Remco Timmermans @timmermansr, Shannon Moore @ageekmom, Libby Norcross @libbydoodle, Joi @Joi_the_Artist
AGU12Social at Moscone Center JeanCarl Bisson @dothewww
MathAlive SCTweetup at @RocketCenterUSA JeanCarl Bisson @dothewww
VeteransDay Tweetup with @Raytheon Shannon Moore @ageekmom
ShuttleTrainer Tweetup at @MuseumofFlight Annie Wynn @acwynn
Goldstone NASASocial at Goldstone DSN Jan Wee @weejan, Amy @a_neutron & Bill Dunford @RidingRobots
RBSPSocial NASASocial at @NASAKennedy William Kann @wkann
MSLPrimeJPL NASASocial at @NASAJPL Brad Snowder @Skywise88
AmesMSL NASASocial at @NASAAmes Annie Wynn @acwynn
GlennMSL NASASocial at @NASAglenn Jonathan Smith @JonathanESmith
LangleyMSL NASASocial at @NASA_Langley Erin Allen @Erin_Allen & Jamie Rich @jamerz3294
SpaceXNASASocial at @NASAKennedy Anthony Fitch @AnthonyFitch
AstroRon NASATweetup at NASA HQ CindieLou @CindieLou
MSL Launch NASATweetup Karyn Traphagen @ktraphagen and Mark T. Clemente @mtclemente
Langley NASATweetup John Beals @TheSneakyMouse and David McGaughey @dmcgaughey2011
NPP (VAFB) NASATweetup Emily Lakdawalla @elakdawalla and Allan Manangan @AllanManangan
Wallops NASATweetup Anthony Fitch @anthonyfitch
STS135 Astronauts at NASA HQ NASATweetup Erin Ryan @erinleeryan and Jonathan Smith @JonathanESmith
EndeavourLA Tweetup at the @CAScienceCenter Allan Manangan @AllanManangan
GRAIL NASATweetup Erin Allen @Erin_Allen & Karyn Traphagen @ktraphagen
Juno NASATweetup Todd Palino @bonkoif
JSC STS-135 NASATweetup John O. Tulloch @jotulloch
STS-135 Launch NASATweetup Erin L. Ryan @erinleeryan & Shannon Moore @ageekmom
STS-134 Launch NASATweetup Jon Verve @jonverve
STS-132 Launch NASATweetup (original wiki by Chris Harris @ccwharris) Jonathan Smith @JonathanESmith
STS-129 Launch NASATweetup (To Do) Shannon Moore @ageekmom
STS-130 & STS-133 Mission (To Do) NASATweetups at @NASA_Johnson Shannon Moore @ageekmom
SoyuzTweetups at Baikonur (TMA-03M and TMA-09M) Remco Timmermans @timmermansr
AuroraTweetup (Finland, February 2013) Remco Timmermans @timmermansr & Martin Stojanovski @martincco
Para la comunidad hispanohablante
en: For the Spanish-speaking community
Armengol Torres @armengoltorres
European Tweetups at @ESA, @DLR_en and CNES Remco Timmermans @timmermansr
Any/All Shannon Moore @ageekmom & Jon Verve @jonverve

What Do NASA Employees Think of the Site?

See Press page for more info.

Beth Beck and Stephanie Schierholz speaking at European
#Spacetweetup 18 Sept 2011. Stephanie mentions NASAtweet.com!

The community wiki has received praises from NASA employees, past (@schierholz) and present (@bethbeck). One example is this video ; see minutes 135-170, especially 148-150 from this video for full context: http ://bit.ly/pjDgPG


Thanks to @techcrunch writer Devin Coldewey for the site logo. See this blog post where it originated from: NASA To Invite 150 Of Its Twitter Followers To Mars Rover Launch, September 28, 2011

Domains that forward to nasatweet.com

These are the domain names which currently forward to the nasatweet.com domain:

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