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NPP (VAFB) NASATweetup Participants

The Official NPP Launch NASATweetup List of Participants, curated by @NASATweetup on Twitter, follows 27 people, including 2 NASA Twitter accounts—@NASANPP and @NASA_LSP—and 1 U.S. Military Twitter account—@30thSpaceWing.

Per NASATweetup, over 650 people registered for an opportunity to attend this NPP launch tweetup.

If you received a notification email from NASA that you are invited to attend, and you have confirmed your attendance, then please add yourself to this list.

NASA Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@NASANPP NASA NPP Official account of NASA's newest climate and weather satellite - NPP. Launches in October!
@NASA_LSP NASA LSP The Launch Services Program is Earth's Bridge to Space
Non-NASA Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@30thSpaceWing 30th Space Wing Official U.S. Air Force 30th Space Wing twitter. Tweeting up to date news and information.
@AHMalcolm Andrew Malcolm Political news & commentary from Andrew Malcolm of (formerly Top of the Ticket) Investors Business Daily
@AllanManangan Allan Manangan My thoughts and opinions about space and its exploration, science and technology, food, current events, marksmanship, and life—among other subjects!
@ardaniel Ard Collier (Janice) vfx geek, comics nerd, fairytale of los angeles, w00tstock volunteer
@arsenio Arsenio Santos an engineer @ SonicLiving, a musician, and not Arsenio Hall
@astrosaur_us Jason Davis Original articles about human spaceflight, planetary exploration, and Earth sciences.
@blang17 blang17 Hoping to meet new people & new places. Tech geek, student of business, sports fan, & wannabe traveler. @NASATweetup STS135 landing & NASA NPP attendee.
@chrisbrowntv Christopher S. Brown Longtime TV producer and wordsmith, now director of digital at a DC lobby shop. Opinions shared here are solely my own. Open 24/7:
@curtbuthman Curt Buthman Private Corp Training/Seminars | Promo Dir | Founder | Native TeXan | all'round Good Guy | Gadget/tech Geek | Mac junkie
@elakdawalla Emily Lakdawalla I'm the Planetary Society blogger, once a planetary geologist, now a writer and mom, writing about great space images and mission news.
@GravityDynamic Gravity Dynamic Climate Activist for Human & Animal Rights, Inventor of Stand-alone Gravity-powered Electrical Generators to supplement Solar & Small-scale Wind Power in 2012.
@jmccarty_geo Jessica McCarty Ph.D. in Geography; research in biomass burning emissions, land cover/land use change. Love traveling! Passion for economics, art, politics.
@justinlevy Justin Levy Head of social communications at @CitrixOnline. Productivity-nerd. Dog lover. Red Sox, Patriots & Celtics fan
@KevinBaird Kevin Baird Fringineer (Photos: )
@MarshaCollier Marsha Collier Prolific author of 36 eBay books; Online Customer Service, Inspiring speaker #techRadio host, Founder #CustServ chat
@mrdenny mrdenny Independent Consultant, SQL DBA, SQL MVP, MCM SQL Server 2008, Co-Founder of @SQLExcursions (, XBox 360 player, Motorcycle Rider
@nay731 Renee Inamn Liberal Dem #ConnectTheLeft, Animal Mom, News Junkie, reading, writing, music, science, movies, tv, travel. #NASATweetup #ows #OccupyLA
@oliverhine Oliver Hine The DotNetNuke Surgeon
@reidab Reid Beels Designer, developer, geonerd, community organizer, and generally nice guy. Works on @calagator, @osbridge, @wherecamppdx, @paydici, & more.
@rindsay Lindsay MacLean Fan of space, zombies, Carl Sagan, music, Japan, geeky stuff. Web monkey for a major electronics company. JPL #NASATweetup alum.
@roach Jason Roche Geek, developer, off-road enthusiast, amateur radio operator, time tourist. I work @ Twitter go/roach
@SpaceGurlEvie Evie Marom Space Crazy, Aerospace Engineer, FIRE Button Presser, Control System Maker, Green Energy Enthusiast, Science Geek, Atheist, Snowboarder, Silly, Funny, Awesome.
@TomcatFanatic12 James Eberling Huge Laker/Dodger/St. Louis Rams fan...90% of my tweets will be sports-related, so if you don't like it, than you probably shouldn't follow me...LOL..
@ThatsWright Diana Wright A writer, comedian and podcaster. Welcome to my muckity-muck.
@trixie360 Christa Charter Mommy, pottymouth, word nerd, Gunny's wife. Community & Social Media consultant. Author of The Sleepless Nanny.
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