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Blog post that started it all: [1]


Project Scope

The idea is to first implement a very simple karma based system, like Slashdot has, but perhaps with numbers instead of just qualitative terms. See this slashdot link here (read the first 5 sections) and here. This will essentially be critical in order to provide moderators with the data they need in order to quickly assess whether a addition/modification/deletion can be trusted or not.

Then second of all, we could implement either a mission event database or just simply a mission details database, which would have details of the communication system, power system, science/technology payload, etc.


Discussion Spaces


We have an Internet Relay Chat channel set up on Freenode in channel #spacepoints. You will need an IRC client such as:

The URL for the chat room is irc://irc.freenode.net/%23spacepoints


You can use the web client here: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=spacepoints&uio=d4



  1. This site should run on a standard web server
  2. This site should be designed more like an Apple product than a Microsoft product, in that it has incredibly simply & minimalistic user interface (UI) and experience (UX)
  3. This site should have a industry standard authentication mechanism (i.e. OAuth), such that folks can log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts
  4. This site should not aim too high, but provide very simple functionality, like that of the iOS app, Mission Clock


  1. This site should allow for a user to browse nearly all missions from a top level page, and then drill down to view mission details
    1. This top level page should be in the form of a table or a very short block for each mission
    2. From the main page, the user should see: the title of the mission, the launch site, a live countdown/up clock (i.e. using Javascript), the title of the next upcoming event, and the number of events created for that mission
    3. When a user clicks on a individual mission, they should be able to see: window open, window duration, window close, launch vehicle, launch site, overview text, and a listing of all events (which have details of: event title, time start, time end, all in DOY, T-, L-, and a realtime coundown clock)
  2. Every data field as listed above should have an accompanying history, URL, and comment text. This is very similar to what a wiki provides, in that every change is kept, and has a comment, so this makes it very easy for changes to be reviewed. In addition, each change should have a referencing URL which provides the citation which will allow for the new data update to be verified.


  1. Once a user logs in, they should be able to see added features of being able to add/modify/remove missions&events
  2. This functionality should be granular based on how many SPACEPOINTS the user has
  3. If a user is new, they can make changes, but those changes will not show up unless they are moderated first
  4. Users should be able to be set up in the following roles: standard user, moderator, administrator
    1. Standard users will have the ability to recommend changes, but none of these users’ changes will show up until accepted by a moderator
    2. Moderators have the ability to see all the data field additions/modifications/removals which have been recommended and can with one click approve or deny. All moderators can see these actions which all other moderators have made. Moderators can approve their own additions/modifications/removals.
    3. Administrators have the ability to do all that moderators can, plus they can edit all the history/URLs/comments on all data fields. Administrators can also change user rights and ban users.
  5. Every user should have a simple profile page which lists their current ranking, SPACEPOINTS, and history of activity. Only on this page can other users see the unapproved additions/modifications/removals which other users have made. Also on this profile page, each user can customize profile text (up to 160 characters) and one link to their web presence (twitter, blog, etc.)
  6. Every time a user gets a addition/modification/removal approved, they should get X [TBD] more SPACEPOINTS.
  7. Every time a user gets a addition/modification/removal denied, they should get X [TBD] less SPACEPOINTS.
  8. Other users can give each other “thumbs up” which will give the receiving user X [TBD] more SPACEPOINTS.
  9. Administrators receive SPACEPOINTS for moderating additions/modifications/removals.

Alternate Karma Implementation

  1. Dual interfaces to “unapproved” modifications: User can select a page that shows them all in one place, or they will see an indicator when browsing through missions and events
  2. Any user can up/down vote a particular piece of data once and only once
    1. Posting user does not get points for up/down vote of their item, it just makes it more or less visible to the mods? Or maybe a small amount?
  3. Piece of data starts with a certain number of automatic upvotes based on the posting user’s karma
  4. Any mod can approve/reject a particular piece of data
  5. Users can only edit data of someone with less karma than them (hmmm...)
    1. What happens with other users who edit the data before the mod gets it?
    2. Maybe split the points based on how much was changed by each user?
      1. e.g. calc a “% change” between the original entry and the edit
  6. If the mod has to edit the entry before approval, the entering user gets fewer points than if the mod approved it without edit
    1. Make editing objects be copy on write (i.e. a new object gets created) so we can maintain the original for tracking
  7. Connection to SPACEPOINTS
    1. Maybe you can use points to buy karma?
    2. People with lots of karma should get SPACEPOINTS for that

Possible Karma Chart:

Action Points Notes
Add new entry +2
Up/Down vote entry +0.01 it’s a free action to vote on an item, but you get credit for doing it
Entry is approved w/o edit +5
Entry is rejected -2 cancel out add - should there be a penalty too?
Entry is approved w/edit +2

Additional thoughts/future implementations:



(all models have created/updated/deleted dates. deleted date != NULL means it’s deleted)

See also: Mission Data - Sources

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