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Screen Name Name Description
@muellerspace Kelly Mueller #tweetup #NASASocial participant Current library student. Pic is of my parent's dog.
@ScionBoo Melissa O. Amateur Radio Operator, SkyWarn Storm Spotter, Scion Owner and Fan, Space Geek, SpaceCamp Tweetup Alum, Grail NASA Tweetup Alum
@GovInternships ORAU SEP ORAU administers internships & fellowships for federal agencies to find the next generation of science & technology leaders. Follow us & be the first to know.
@nasadeb Debra Derham Mechanical Engineer, Math and Science educator,whovian, and space geek!
@phiden Sophia Dengo ‏ Multimedia designer/storyteller. Space geek. @CNNLightYears contributor, NASATweetup alum & SXSWi '11

panelist. Words, views & expressions are my own.

@ctalley69 Chris Talley
@heathyre Heathyre Perara Originally from NW-NJ, now an official Floridian. Artist, Musician, Actress, Photographer & Licensed Realtor. I run Dr Sketchy SWFL. I'm also a bit snarky.
@MikeLeeSoftware Michael Lee Software Engineer who loves computers, science, and photography.
@jwhittenburg Jason Whittenburg Baker, brewer, father of three, and adult fan of LEGO. NASATweetup, SCTweetup, and LMTweetup Alumni
@imakillerdad Greg Phillips Appliance store manager by day, choral music director by night. Needs Space! Old enough to have watched Apollo 11 live on TV! MSL & LMTweetup
@oreotookie Angela News, photography, science, and history junkie; love MOST things Apple; #SCTweetup participant for STS-135.
@freemre Becky history. art. literature. dogs. nature. europe (esp. england). domesticity.
@dothewww JeanCarl Bisson Web developer and photographer. #NASATweetup: NASA Ames, MSL; #Yelp, #SCTweetup, #GEM60, #Goldstone #DSN
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