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Mars Science Laboratory NASATweetup Participants

If you received a notification email from NASA that you are invited to attend and you have confirmed your attendance, then please add yourself to this list.

NASA Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@MarsCuriosity Curiosity Rover The next mission to Mars. I launch in 2011!
@NASAJPL NASA JPL NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.
@NASA_LSP NASA LSP The Launch Services Program is Earth's Bridge to Space
Non-NASA Participants
Contact @ktraphagen or @mtclemente if you need help adding yourself to this list.
Screen Name Name Description
@ktraphagen Karyn Traphagen #GRAIL #NASATweetup alum; Science (esp. Physics), Science Communication, Co-organizer ScienceOnline2012, Photography & Art, Difficult things, Small things, Nature. Encouraging people to Stay Curious! I am also the Twitter voice for NC Museum of Life & Science @lifeandscience.
@ARJules Julie Chittenden Visiting Assistant Professor of space studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. As a Mars person, I'm ecstatic to see MSL finally launch! Go Curiosity!
@asc_csa @csa_asc Magalie Renaud Communications Advisor at Canadian Space Agency. One of 3 faces behind CSA Twitter accounts and CSA tweetups co-organizer. Space and social media aficionado. I also tweet in French on @asc_csa. Pinch me please!
@asc_csa @csa_asc Nancy Vezina Web Communications Officer, Webmaster and Social Media at Canadian Space Agency. One of 3 faces behind CSA Twitter accounts and CSA tweetups co-organizer (#CSATweetup). I love Tweetups! :)
@cpamoa Anne 1st ESA/DLR #SpaceTweetup and 1st #CNESTweetup alumnus; French; Former computer scientist; Mother and space enthusiastic;
@FLanga Fred Langa Tech/Computer writer and life-long NASA fan. Got to see Juno, and that was great. But this is *Mars*, man. Awesome! Go, MSL!
@glorialloyd Gloria Lloyd Duke grad student, aspiring journalist, first time at a NASA Tweetup! Interested in everything and excited about life!
@mattprindible Matt Prindible Recent Penn State grad, technologist currently at Disney, watched STS-131 and STS-135 from Titusville, first time on KSC property, and first NASA Tweetup!
@imakillerdad Greg Phillips Appliance store manager, choral music director, watched Apollo 11 on TV, loves learning science with my four kids. Very excited to attend a NASA Tweetup and see Curiosity off to explore!
@lunanola Kalen Wright Full-time resident of the absurdly beautiful/beautifully absurd French Quarter of New Orleans, passionate pro-NOLA community activist, digital forensics analyst, and an Aries with a name that means "warrior" in Gaelic. First time at a NASA Tweetup!
@martarauch Marta Rauch I'm a principal information developer and team lead at Oracle. As the EPM ID industry liaison, I tweet about mobile technology and social media. I am so excited to be joining this team in support of the NASA Mars Rover Launch. This is also my first time at a NASA Tweetup.
@sagethefool Mark Traphagen Social media consultant, musician & storyteller.
@STEM_Wonk STEM_Wonk graduate student; chemist; first time at a NASATweetup!
@zekenix Charlie Kersey Watched the #JPLTweetup online & got selected for the #MarsCuriosity Tweetup! From Florida; computer technician, artist, and space geek.
@dandahlberg Dan Dahlberg Software QA Engineer and social media lead at a networking and communications technology company. First tweetup and excited to attend.
@EffEqualsEmA James Kelly Senior student in Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics) at Mississippi State University. First NASATweetup, and really excited!! Also, looking for a job with NASA [:
@lesliemaxfield Leslie Maxfield Director of Academic Media Technologies at Caltech. I make videos about cutting-edge scientific discoveries. I've seen many launches but this is my first Tweetup. I look forward to meeting all of you!
@mtclemente Mark T. Clemente MARS Analyst for SPAWAR. Got to see Curiosity at JPL and looking forward to seeing her launch! Can't wait to see old friends and make new ones! Run a Space forum site at:
@razcat Cat Razim New York born and raised. Artist, geek, and techie. Love science, sciFi, and comics. Insanely excited for my first launch!
@ridingrobots Bill Dunford It's a great privilege to be here, and I'm so looking forward to meeting you all. This is my second space-related Tweetup, and my first official NASA event. I manage internal communications for a software company by day, and run by night.
@CNES_France Séverine Klein Head of the General Public Department at CNES, the French space agency ( The one behind @CNES_France and all social media stuff. Organising some tweetups in France, and looking forward to my first tweetup at NASA !
@mrtimklein Tim Klein Data (warehouse) architect by day, hobby roboticist by night ( You can also find me in my garden or at a contra dance. This will be my first Tweetup and first launch viewing.
@conductor222 Caroline Carson Conductor at The University of New Orleans, NOLA Civic Symphony, and St. Paul's Episcopal Church ( I'm in love with music, space science, travel, puns, and life! My first Tweetup, launch, and visit to NASA and KSC.
@STEMconnector Lizzie Ellis JHU Grad Student, proud New Yorker, and #GRAIL Tweetup alum. Tweeting on behalf of, a Science/Tech/Engineering/Math Education resource website, set to launch Nov. 30th. Also found at @lizmeister321 in my free time, if you're curious.
@eBON Erin Bonilla Creative Director, Music Lover, and Smile Producer. A @yurisnightdc organizer. CAN-AM Girl. GOAL: To Skydive from Space. (
@big_valley S. Johnson-Roehr (JR) Architectural historian at University of Illinois. Research specialty in the history of astronomical observatories (in India). First NASA Tweetup. (
@cstephens30 Christy Stephens I'm really excited to be here at my first Tweetup and launch.
@concussion962 Pat Cooney Purdue Boilermaker Aerospace Alum, currently working in the BizJet industry - but have always found space and NASA fascinating!
@n8foo Nathan Hubbard UNIX Admin, Science Nerd, Adventurer. - recently sent a few cameras 20 miles up into the stratosphere. Love talking big (and small) science. My first tweetup, second launch (STS-127).
@macduffmacduff Paul Duffy Still in denial that this is actually happening.
@dfwcre8tive Noah Jeppson Graphic/environmental designer in Dallas, Texas. First Tweetup and launch.
@failedprotostar Andrew Symes Marketing/Communications consultant, backyard astronomer & space exploration fan from Ottawa, Canada. Have never seen a launch of any kind so this opportunity is a dream come true!
@arma358 Zachary McCauley College student currently living in Erie. This will be my first tweetup and visit to any NASA center, as well as my first launch. Pretty excited for this opportunity.
@LarryM1945 Larry Maka Retired Mathematics teacher; a 1989 NEWMAST participant, who spends much of his free time wishing upon a star.
@funky49 Steve Rush IT guy by day, science enthusiast and rapper by night. Check out my music video shot at Fermilab "Particle Business" (
@TexasDeano Dean Workman Just a mild mannered geek who loves all things politics, sports, science and technology...especially space exploration!
@mlm101 Margaret Mason Higher Education administrator, been around long enough to remember Sputnik, have seen 8 shuttle launches (including 6 of the final 7) and several rocket launches in person, think that the KSCVC is my home away from home in Tennessee, first Tweetup.
@cycleroadie Lloyd Campbell I am currently working in Computer Operations arena at a life insurance firm, also have worked as an AIX Sys Admin. I am also president of our local competitive cycling club, which may lead you to the fact that I am also a cyclist. I am interested in a number of NASA pursuits from HSF to the robotic explorers such as Curiosity. Seeing it start it's journey and then seeing it working on Mars should be exciting. I have successfully seen two space shuttle launches from the NASA causeway, STS-131 and STS-133 (Feb. '11).
@LocoBedoya Carlos "El Loco" Bedoya Music producer, mixing engineer, songwriter, armchair space traveler. This will be my first rocket launch and my second visit to the KSC.
@ThePixelVixen Cara Thiem Multimedia Specialist working for Wyle -San Diego. Avid photographer/videographer, artist, designer, creative thinker and active outdoor enthusiast. Inspired by nature, positive people, and the stars. NASA fan, science and technology geek! This will be my first launch, my first visit to the KSC, and I'm excited to be apart of the Tweetup!
@saieva Salvatore Saieva Technology Manager in financial Services. So happy to be attending the MSL Curiosity Rover Tweetup and launch. APOD enthusiast, Computer Scientist by academic training, Unix devotee, BASH scripter, former NeXT Authorized Service Provider, aspiring chef, and wine... more wine... ( Looking forward to meeting everyone.
@abosio Anthony Bosio Web designer and developer at a university. Macintosh disciple, shutterbug, Plone CMS fan. I am a huge fan of NASA/JPL and have followed the Mars missions with great interest. I am so excited about Curiosity and the opportunity to be a part of this event.
@AlternNocturn Baris Bicer Just an astronomy geek who has always wanted to watch a NASA launch.
@jompoppi James Orr Computer Engineering and Science student at UCF. Photography and skywatcher hobbyist and enthusiast. Reader, writer, thinker. Floridian who appreciates the weather, sunsets, and theme parks, but mostly our premier launch-it-into-space location.
@JeffHarbert Jeff harbert Space nut, IT admin, Star Trek fan, soon to be small business owner. I actually saw part of Discovery's ascent after its night launch during STS-116 from my house in Greensboro, NC. Just a dark red streak, moving incredibly fast.
@05HAWKI Mathew Cover University of Iowa graduate student (Electrical Engineering). I'm also a research engineer that works in a lab that focuses on human factors in aviation. I've been to KSC several times to watch STS-121, STS-118, STS-125, and STS-135 launch.
@singingbell Ally Computer programmer who's proud to have supported the space shuttle team. Traveled twice to KSC to view STS-133 launch and left with life-changing memories. June '11 #JPLTweetup alum. UC Irvine Anteater alum. Baseball & figure skating fan. Sings occasionally.
@tascon Juan Tascon Love learning. Ignorance keeps me awake at night.
@AllanManangan Allan Manangan My thoughts and opinions about space and its exploration, science and technology, food, current events, marksmanship, and life—among other subjects!
@jenniferhuber Jennifer Huber Blogging to support travel habit; by day travel marketing pro by night travel blogger & derby girl; #NASATweetup; on quest for bragging rights.
@techgurumiami Ronnie Williams Air Force vet, All around nerd; but in a cool way. Enthusiast about all things Aeronautical or Technological. Love to entertain and be entertained.
@feixiao Fei Xiao Powered by Fei
@ryanejohnston Ryan Johnston Marketing coordinator at a software startup. Fascinated by space. Dreams of starting a space-themed brewery.
@vanessastro Vanessa Thomas science writer, amateur astronomer, roller coaster enthusiast, traveler
@brouhaha brouhaha Developer of iPhone, Android apps and microcontroller firmware. Volunteer on PDP-1 restoration project at Computer History Museum.
@tweetynole Susan Retired Teacher, All Around Cynic. Lover of all things educational.
@jwitcraft Jeanie Witcraft Teaching business owners how to reclaim the heart of what matters: the ability to make both love & money flow in their lives in the midst of this chaotic world.
@Snoww3D Shanon Clemmons college student and aspiaring nerd
@ThatsSoBrandon Student Visitor You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you. By me. On Twitter.
@handygeek Jeff Handy Senior Video Editor
@richbo1969 Rich Bohanan Retired police officer headed back to school to study forensic pathology?! A space junkie at heart... love everything NASA!
@Bawkchicken Jacobus VandenAncker Into; 3d, motion graphics, art, invention, technology, architecture, cars, music, theme parks, randomness, weirdness, thoughtfulness, and friends!
@workman Steve Workman Art professor and admitted geek: printmaking, photo, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Canon.
@MattVayda Matthew Vayda Film buff and 3D animation student. I also sing in the shower.
@AinhoaGoni Ainhoa Goñi Sainz Directora de Comunicación Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) Twitter personal, como la opinión También tuiteo en @CSIC
@trentperrotto Trent Perrotto Not an official account; opinions are my own. NASA, tweetups, Gov 2.0, internet freedom. Twitter true believer (now, what did y'all have for lunch?)
@schierholz S. Schierholz Awed by the wonder of the universe; motivated by how we can get out there. Love soccer, gardening, snowboarding, Denver Broncos, family. Views are my own.
@VeronicaMcG Veronica McGregor NASA-JPL news/social media mgr. Also tweeting as @NASAJPL, @MarsPhoenix (RIP), @MarsCuriosity, @AsteroidWatch. Creator of the 1st #NASATweetup. Really busy mom.
@Stephist Stephanie L. Smith Writer, Assistant Scoutmaster & bon vivant. Part of the hive mind behind @NASAJPL, @MarsRovers & @MarsCuriosity. Opinions here my own.
@CourtOConnor Courtney O'Connor Space geek, foodie, music enthusiast. Part of the social media team behind @NASAJPL, @MarsRovers, @MarsCuriosity & more. Views are my own.
@bphuettner Brenda Huettner Technical writer, manager, trainer, speaker, communicator, consultant, author. Based in Tucson, but working in the virtual world.
@tomtomorrow Tom Tomorrow Creator of weekly cartoon This Modern World, Pearl Jam album cover artist, proud dad.
@Sterne_Weltraum Sterne und Weltraum Sterne und Weltraum ist das Magazin von und für Profi- und Amateurastronomen aus dem Hause Spektrum der Wissenschaft. Aus der Redaktion twittert Uwe Reichert.
@bigopenspace B.O.S.S. Studio Kids and adults inspiring each other with their creations. Updates from the all ages studio at The Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center. You are invited.
@PalmerHelen Helen Palmer I want to be an astronaut when I grow up. But for gov't data, public sector innovation, digital collections, palaeobiology, Haigh's marshmallow bars.
@kathywinter kathywinter Success at the intersection of social media & traditional media. Web/social media manager with Shriners Hospitals for Children.
@cindymariej Cindy Marie Jenkins Director of Online Outreach @Soc_Impact | Nonprofit Consultant in LA. Geek. Obsessed w/ Outreach. I also like beer.
@mathling Mary Holstege Software geek, XML/XQuery, soccer nut, jam maker, mom.
@felipc Felipe G just graduated on comp.sci., helping Mozilla make the web better
@NYMarsTeacher Jean Pounder I'm an Earth Science Teacher and Mars nut.
@joyniss joyniss social media nerd. budding philanthropist. teenybopper. @philanthrola co-president!
@Liza_F Liza Fernando One day at a time.
@nkyconnect Ann Digital Librarian. It’s about lifelong learning. Topics: NKY/ Cincinnati news, saving/money, health, search, ebooks, lists, & my work @kentonlibrary
@SpaceCampUSA SpaceCampUSA The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is home to Space Camp, Aviation Challenge and NASA's Official Visitor Information Center for Marshall Space Flight Center
@kscosmosphere Kansas Cosmosphere The Kansas Cosmosphere, a world-renowned Smithsonian Affiliated museum - allows visitors to experience the thrill of space exploration.
@OnWithTheShows RobC Carlos Bedoya
@brx0 -b- Software drone. Science dork. Photo geek. General nerd. Obscure blogger. Mildly amusing at times. Mostly harmless.
@jjayj Jeffrey J. Johnson I Tweet, therefore I am.
@ferrousalloy Ryan Steele Jackson A geology undergrad with aspirations of a planetary science PhD/Native New Mexican/Hiker/Runner/Geocache enthusiast/baffled by other's lack of interest in rocks
@skysketcher Deirdre Kelleghan I am an amateur astronomer, an artist and I like to write. Co Author of Sketching the Moon an Astronomical Artists Guide Vice Chair IFAS
@calacademy CalAcademyofSciences Exploring, explaining and protecting the natural world. Since 1853. @amie108 tweeting.
@n0tb Tim Blank Avid space geek, ham radio operator, private pilot, aviation photographer and astrophotographer
@TheSuss Danny Sussman Webmaster, University of Minnesota Extension. Chowhound, Traveler, MN Wild/Twins fan, STS-133 and JPL NASATweetup alum. Opinions are mine, not my employer's.
@LaurenAlloyce Lauren Tucker Cross Space and science geek. Music geek. Psych pro. Honda motorcycle and Odyssey driver. Mom of three, all same age! Energy Medicine aficionado.
@LoriMoreno LoriMoreno  ?Travel ??Lo?e? Enjoying Spiritual Adventure with Amazing Souls Miracles Trends Empowerment Connector Innovate Inspire ?
@glamour_84 Elizabeth Mercado Please Help find Baby #LisaIrwin, kidnapped on Oct 4th, 2011 (whose my profile pic) any info please call 816-474-TIPS Thanks!
@JasonRothFL Jason Roth FL politico. Obama FL27 Deputy Field Director. Miami Heat Fan. FSU Alum. Husband. Father. Just trying to do my part for America.
@ajaywaghray Ajay Waghray Associate Product Manager at Starmount Systems. Fitness connoisseur, Texas Longhorn for life. I love music and movies a little too much.
@BJNemeth BJ Nemeth Poker tournament reporter, photographer, and award-winning podcaster. I'm also 1/2 of @JessAndBJ, and I used to drive around the USA w/ @Rhapsadog.
@french_marc Marc Ultra runner, Skydiving coach, Near Space balloon bus builder. One of the few that, by endurance, conquer.
@Felipster Felipe Buccianti Art Director, Photographer, Visual Thinker, Geek, Gamer, Perfectionist.
@JulioMiravalls Julio Miravalls Director de Documentación de Unidad Editorial / Director adjunto de El Mundo
@terra360 Rice Jackson time traveler and photographer, also hiker, PADI SCUBA instructor & occasional writer & bicyclist.
@MelissaRowley Melissa Jun Rowley Ambassador for Social Innovation, Social Media Correspondent for @WhatsTrending, Warrior for love, jazz, rock 'n' roll & all the wild at heart.
@Joi_the_Artist Joi Writer, novelist, artist, believer, and all-around total geek. Currently running a Mars fiction blog on my site.
@Photog4NY Lou Braga WNBC-TV New York News Photographer. Wherever IT happens in the tri-state I'll be there. & all things NASA hang gliding HDSLR Linux - Images & Opinion = Own
@zachgodwin Zach Godwin I uncover beauty for others to behold. My Company:
@PRBonny Bonny #PR. #SocialMedia. random #tweeter. #fashion and #beauty junkie. #music lover. #tech savvy. work hard to play hard. i go where the wind takes me...
@adlerskywatch Adler Planetarium The Adler Planetarium in Chicago invites you to join us in exploring space!
@AdamWeeks Adam Weeks Co-founder and iOS developer at APPSVERSUSROBOTS (creators of Brewski.Me), movie geek and former band nerd.
@JameyErickson Jamey Erickson Wanna be Astronaut, Avid experimenter, Owner/Creative Director at Sevnthsin
@nvbinder N.V. Binder Librarian, adventurer & author of the new sci-fi series #Redshift. Bridging the gaps between outer space, inner space and cyberspace.
@Cygnusx112 Tom McCool I love NASA and anything related. I had the pleasure of watching four Shuttle launches and loved it!
@CEMcKenzie1 Catherine McKenzie Author of ARRANGED, SPIN and the forthcoming FORGOTTEN.
@KristineKisky Kristine Kisky Writer, photographer, educator, Seattle based space and sports enthusiast.
@Brian_Rue Brian Rue @ FSU I work in the Information Technology Services org at Florida State University; however, any opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of FSU.
@just_denise just denise TX girl loves sports (Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Cowboys, Dale Earnhardt Jr.), reading, cooking ( & best auntie ever to triplets!
@Astroguyz David Dickinson An 18th century astronomer trapped in a 21st century world... science teacher, writer and blogging bipedal mammal and chronicler of the late holocene epoch.
@Buccianti Elizabeth Buccianti PR professional in Atlanta that was a ballet dancer in a past life.
@AGUSciPolicy AGU Science Policy The Science Policy and Public Affairs Department the American Geophysical Union (AGU) - keeping you informed on the latest Earth and space science policy news.
@tellusmuseum Tellus Museum Tellus Science Museum is a 120,000 sq. ft. museum featuring dinosaurs, gems, minerals and transportation exhibits and hands-on activities.
@TrustRachel Rachel Sanders Applications architect and UI tech lead for Highwire Press / Stanford University, a host for scholarly journals. Very rarely eats cats.
@WimVO Wim Van Oudenhove Increasingly vegan Space geek, Animal friend, Reiki Healer, Configuration Manager. #ESTEC #SpaceTweetUp
@brouhaha Eric Smith Software engineer, physics student, occasional volunteer at the Computer History Museum
@thesneakymouse John Beals Software Engineer working in Space Modeling & Simulation. Big tech geek, fan of everything space related, theme park junkie. Love spending time with my family at Disney.
@ag5c A. Forest Godfrey Supercomputer software/hardware architect by day, theater lights and sound by night. Big fan of NASA. Software architect for the Cray XK6.
@acwynn Annie Wynn Project manager, runner, writer, photographer, telescope freak, and NASATweetup geek (NASA Ames Kepler and SOFIA, and JPL).
@libbydoodle Libby Norcross Young educator/simulated astronaut for a living (best.job.ever.) and upkeeper of the @CLCatHCC twitter. Growing space nerd. Saved by Jesus & blessed every day!
@1catsch Cathy Schmeltz A nonstop curious Ohioan. Former Managing Partner / Graphic Designer. big Space fan. Formula 1 motorsport fan. artist in secret. love travel, art, literature, sports, volunteering. attended the final 3 shuttle launches & final landing. Thrilled to finally get into a NASATweetup and thrilled that it's the one for the Mars Rover.
@deborahherman Deborah Herman HR/Outplacement Consultant. Total space newbie; caught the bug when I saw one of NASA HR Directors speak at a local HR meeting. Witnessed STS-135 launch; looking forward to learning more about space exploration and meeting everyone!
@stargazegal2020 JoAnne Gruter Legal Assistant for a construction law firm in Houston TX. NASATweetup geek, participant JSCSTS135 Tweetup. Space and weather geek. This will be my first launch to view in person!
@iwysjeancarl @dothewww JeanCarl Bisson Web developer, photographer, and aspiring shirtwearer
@halfastro Robert Sparks Education and Public Outreach Group at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory and NASA Swift Educator Ambassador. Half-Astrophysicist blog at
@scejas Steven Cejas Executive Producer for and Social Media Manager for WSVN-TV. Space geek, country boy, and social media junkie. Starting a photo blog at:
@mwilkinson3 Michael Wilkinson MSL Tweetup•Witness to STS135 Launch•MathSciEducator•Photographer•Curriculum Designer•Staff Developer... My Blogs:
@deliciousblur Pedro Vazquez A decent human being. Interests include: Spaceflight, Aviation, 3D Human Flight, Parenting, Holistic Living. STEAM = SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS, MATHEMATICS. Life long launchchaser beginning with STS 1.
@wxgirl Jennifer A Weather geek who would love to study the earth from space. Attended SCTweetup for STS-135 but this is my first NASA Tweetup event.
@cygnusx112 Tom McCool Old enough to remember “One Small Step” but young enough to still have fun! Seriously addicted to NASA and rockets. Other hobbies are music (I play drums) and golf. Why are all of my hobbies so expensive?
@krswan Kris Swanson 1 week to launch, and I got a standby spot - I'm so excited! I'm an astronomy and science teacher at an Elementary STEM magnet school in Boynton Beach, Fl. This will be my second #tweetup, my first was Juno. Can't wait for another amazing experience to share with my students!
@janellewilson Janelle Wilson I also got a standby spot one week before launch. I teach accelerated Earth science to sixth graders in Buford, GA. This will be my third #nasatweetup. I'm an alumna of #STS130 JSC tweetup and #sts132 launch tweetup.
@Jenna_84 Jennifer Jackson I was on standby too and can't believe I was picked! I'm a housewife/stay-at-home mom/kind of college student from Winter Park, FL (basically Orlando) lol. Not only is this my first NASA Tweetup but it's my first time going to KSC and my first "up close" launch =)
@PML33T Taralyn R. Frasqueri-Molina 1st launch! 1st Tweetup! Technologist on the outside. Storyteller on the inside. Project Manager at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. I'm originally from NYC but now live in Pasadena, CA (go JPL!). I remember my first telescope, my first chemistry set and telling my Mom I wanted to be an Astrophysicist. Orion is my favorite constellation. Pluto is my favorite planet. Fingers crossed that Curiosity opens the gateway to human missions to Mars!
@omaflinger OmaFlinger A teacher, adjunct instructor, shuttle huger, tech user, addicted to social media & science. JSC, STS-135 & MSL KSC Tweetup attendee!
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