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JPL Mars Curiosity Landing NASA Social Resources

NASA Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event:

@NASA is holding 7 concurrent @NASASocial events on August 3, 2012, to celebrate the upcoming landing of @MarsCuriosity. These multi-site #NASASocial events will be attended by the following Twitter participants: Official Twitter Master List for MSL Multi-Site NASASocial curated by @NASASocial.

The following table lists attendees selected for the NASA Social event August 3-5 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) - the Lead Center for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission.

Screen Name Name Description
@Skywise88 Brad Snowder Astronomy Instructor and Planetarium Manager #NASASocial Bellingham, WA USA
@amandacdykes Amanda Dykes Mom of a 4 & 6 y/o. Teacher who is passionate about using tech to ignite learning. Teach 6th science. Attending #NASAsocial for @MarsCuriosity at @NASAJPL ·
@susanbellfilm Susan Bell Filmmaker. Stop-mo producer formerly w/ #RobotChicken. Transmedia creator. Love cats, space, geocaching, hiking, flying & (of course!) #NASASocial. ·
@Belachman Ben Brain cancer survivor, riding the social media wave for a museum. My tweets do not represent my employer.
@EvergreenMuseum Evergreen Museum Home of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose and 200 other aircraft, spacecraft and exhibits. Tweets written by Ben in Marketing. ·
@SpaceCampKimbly Kimberly Stockton Development, Space Suit Designer for Space Camp US Space& Rocket Center Huntsville, Al Job+ costume = Happiness ·
@rocket_dreams Kassandra S AE major from GT with a wide variety of hobbies and a love for the Lord! I love meeting new people and learning more about them!

behind you...

@tristamsparks tristam sparks Photojournalism, UX & Graphic design. Interaction designer at Amnesty Int'l. Attending @marscuriosity JPL tweetup ·
@rmglennon Rhonda Glennon Geospatial engineer and technical communicator. Private pilot. #esri #MSL #NASASocial ·
@M_Daily Matt Daily Future Engineer, NASA or Boeing would be incredible! It's important to have dreams, no matter how lofty.
@monniewolf Monica Wolfson ·
@girlmeetsglobe Sadia Haute hobo fueled by Ghostface Killah and kombucha. Sharpened pencil, big appetite. #travel #design #africa #food #body #dhamma #大阪 My love: @gbaigbon ·
@Jeffrey_Ant Jeffrey_Ant U.S. Navy Oral Surgeon and Dad of 2 ·
@mgpopolo Meredith Popolo Assistant editor at online tech magazine. Carefully editing tech articles to make sure writers don't any words out.
@SolomonNicole Nicole Solomon
@AbrahamBenrubi Abraham Benrubi Actor. Music lover. Art appreciator. Avid reader. Beach bum. ·
@AGNgalaxygirl Danielle Martino In the universe there are planets, blinking dots, and fuzzy blobs. I prefer the fuzzy blobs. Especially if they are eating stars!
@tamarakrinsky Tamara Krinsky Actor/Journalist/New Media Producer/Science Geek
@JohnLukeZeller John Zeller, SpaceX, OSU Mars Rover Team, Oregon Robotics Consortium, Beard Owner
@wilw Wil Wheaton I'm just this guy, you know? ·
@billprady Bill Prady Executive Producer, The Big Bang Theory ·
@RealNichelle Nichelle Nichols Actress / Producer / Singer / Writer ·
@iamwill ·
@SethGreen Seth Green Hello Twitter. I promise not to say anything too stupid. Here & Now ·
@ClareGrant clare grant actress. ta'veren. jedi master. unicorn. memphian. I like to make things that make me laugh. Manetheren ·
@trustrachel Rachel Sanders Senior software engineer at LinkedIn, co-founder of SFPyLadies, rarely eats cats. ·
@NoelRunkle Noel Runkle I'm a Mizzou grad. a travel addict. a lake rat. a social media guy at @linhartpr. and i'd choose flight over invisibility.
@JessicaComposer Jessica Rudman ‏New music ninja and NASA stalker.
@rogers Glenn Rogers ‏ CEO & Co-founder of @floatschedule - scheduling tool for allocating your team's time to your client's projects. An Australian living in Brooklyn.
@iSchoolSU Syracuse iSchool The School of Information Studies at @SyracuseU offers innovative undergrad, grad & PhD programs. Tweets by @kellylux
@KellyLux Kelly Lux #CMGR & Strategist @iSchoolSU / Borg Queen of #NEXIS / Co-founder #CMGRchat / #InfoSpace Exec Editor/ #IG Fanatic / Proud #MSL #NASASocial Attendee / Dogs=Love
@ninjerktsu Michael Hi. I draw a blog comic about Ninjas that are jerks and other weird stuff. I'm also a Story board artist at Dreamworks. Not tweeting my breakfast since 2009.
@dennishoffbuhr Dennis Hoffbuhr
@nonesuch42 Jessica Linguistics student, procrastinates by reading blogs about science, space, technology, and how to make a grad student studio into an acceptable grownup house.
@dseisenberg Dan Eisenberg Software engineer at Google.
@wolfgang8741 Jonathan Brier Out to do good. My favorite advancing research with GridRepublic (volunteer computing with BOINC made easy). Citizen Science Enthusiast. Change maker and geek.
@xeni Xeni Jardin & tech journalist. Breast cancer isn't something I have, but something my body is doing. I tweet about this, and all that my mind is doing. ·

Add your information above if you are a confirmed attendee of this NASA Social!
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NASA Hosts/Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@NASASocial NASA Social Follow us for announcements on social media @NASA and for info about upcoming NASA Socials
@MarsCuriosity Mars Curiosity NASA's next mission to Mars. I'm currently en route to the Red Planet. Arrival anticipated Aug. 5, 2012.
@NASAJPL NASA JPL NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.
@VeronicaMcG Veronica McGregor NASA-JPL news/social media mgr. Also tweeting as @NASAJPL, @MarsCuriosity & @AsteroidWatch. Creator of the 1st #NASATweetup. Opinions here are my own. Los Angeles, Ca. ·
@Stephist Stephanie L. Smith Writer, Assistant Scoutmaster & bon vivant. Part of the hive mind behind @NASAJPL, @MarsRovers & @MarsCuriosity. Opinions here my own. Monrovia, CA
@CourtOConnor Courtney O'Connor Space geek, foodie, music enthusiast. Part of the social media team behind @NASAJPL, @MarsRovers, @MarsCuriosity. Opinions here are my own. Los Angeles
@yembrick john yembrick ‏ NASA HQ Social Media / Public Affairs, NY Mets baseball, books, history, boats, movies, SciFi geek
@jtowns Jason Townsend Jason Townsend is a social media guy by day who craves good friends, food & wine by night. Tweets are mine and are about my life. They don't represent NASA. ·
@doug_ellison Doug Ellison Founder of , Visualization Producer at JPL. This is not an official NASA twitter account. Opinions and views expressed are my own. Pasadena, CA ·
@steltzner Adam Steltzner Master of Mars, expert jam maker, and dangerous dinner guest.
@LeeCuriosity Steven Lee Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems Manager and Strategic Uplink Lead at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
@Doctor_Astro Dr. Sengupta Entry Descent and Landing Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. #NASASocial participant. Public Outreach Advocate. Opinions expressed are my own.
@Astro_Flow Leland Melvin Head of NASA Education, Astronaut flew on STS-122, 129 ·
@Lori_Garver Lori Garver Deputy Administrator, NASA. Updates are provided by me and the NASA team. ·
@SciAstro John Grunsfeld Lead for Science at NASA (Associate Administrator) Astronaut STS-67,81,103,109,125 Hubble Hugger, Space and Earth explorer ·
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