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Official Announcement of Event: Witness the Launch of the next Landsat Satellite
Per @NASA's Social Media Manager, John Yembrick (@Yembrick), "We had over 2,000+ registrants" for this @NASASocial!

Screen Name Name Description
@SamVerhasselt Scramuel Verhasselt I'm not after fame and fortune... I'm after you.
@ShilpaBanik SBarnacle
@Hardingra Ryan Harding People Tell Me I'm the Man
@joe_mcneil Joseph McNeil Pilot, Bartender, Engineering student and all-things-aerospace enthusiast.
@Roach Roach * * Not an actual cockroach
@GypsyJewel Julie S.
@_chrissilva ⚡☁Chris Silva☁⚡ Maker, artist. I am interested in why we make things and how we view them. http://www.chrissilva.net - http://www.articulat.es
@DocSok44 Harris Sokoloff Things Syracuse, NYC, Travel, Tech, Engineering, Interesting Reads
@gbuyitjames gbuyitjames Father. Engineer. Life Philosophy: low and slow
@THenggeler Thomas Henggeler Bay Area Sports Fan (Go A's, Niner's, Raider's, Sharks, Giants), Avid Golfer and Fisherman, and major RUSH fan.
@JarrettGoetz Jarrett Goetz Tech, ops, strategy exec for startups/growth companies. Serial volunteer. Seeker of adventures. MIT Sloan Fellow/MBA, Harvard MPA, Director of Ops @ OpenMobile.
@geriwittig Geri Wittig Content creative - Senior Global Web Producer at Adobe Systems Inc. NASA fan since 1971, when after sending a drawing and letter to the Apollo 14 crew to congratulate them on their moon mission, my 9 year old self was thrilled to receive an autographed photo of Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell. :) Very fortunate to have seen two Space Shuttle launches from the NASA causeway at the Kennedy Space Center: STS-116, Discovery, December 9, 2006 (a night launch) and the final voyage, STS-135, Atlantis, July 8, 2011. Thrilled to have this Landsat Data Continuity Mission NASA Social opportunity at Vandenberg Airforce Base.
@EthanVonZamft Ethan Von Zamft Planet's not big enough for the both of us.
@JetForMe Rick Avengees is coming! http://avengees.com
@ChrisGriffith Chris Griffith Mobile developer. UI/UX prototyper. Adobe Community Professional. Adobe User Group Manager. Presenter. Kayaker. [NOTE: Thoughts expressed here are my own.]
@bigshel99 Sheldon Thomas Enjoying life... sports, exercise, startups, investing, embedded systems, home theater, electronics... all the things a growing boy needs. Go Hokies!
@USGSLandsat USGS Landsat The Landsat operational mission, future missions, and the Landsat Science Team are co-managed by USGS and NASA.
@AriesK AriesK social media, NASA, zombies, science & food: Tweets are personal opinion & don't represent NASA, DCSWA or any other acronym.
@billbuckwalter Bill Buckwalter My other Twitter Accounts: @w0sun, @nnerdsllc. IT, Ham Radio, WØSUN, Drums, Space, NASA, Denver, Colorado, LDS, Technology, Skiing, Korea, 한국, Celiac, Autism
@JerseyMare Mary Andrews
@soranatarmu Alina S. Tarmu graduate student in #Ecology and #GIS at Montclair State University NJ; visual artist; cultural promoter
@t_harris Thomas Harris Geospatial technology, earth science & New Tech Boulder. http://about.me/thomas.harris#
@Loungekitten Lori I like stuff and things. I am an #atheist #humanist. I believe sarcasm is the spice of life.
@Plastorm Robert B. Fortney Vector Pusher. Pigment Peddler. Word Manglerer.
@jesslynbrown1 Jesslyn Brown Earth enthusiast... #RemoteSensing #phenology #drought Tweets are my own opinions, not of any government entity or organization
@oscarsalguero Oscar Salguero #TranceCoding
@enuminous Matthew Video and Audio junkie. Computor. Editor. 3D Video enthusiast. Conduit by dvGarage enthusiast. eNuminous & Archimedes creator. Artist & Rapscallion.
@indygadgetguy Scott Davis Scott Davis. My personal views on gadgets and life. Geek and space fan. Senior Webmaster at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
@derekjcole Derek Cole Co-Founder of Fully Social, Team NFL Player Promoter at United Way for Cam Newton. Graphic designer, social media nerd. Like George and Abe, I cannot lie.
@PamHoffman Pam Hoffman Space Entrepreneur
@ALTA807 Brian McKevitt
@omgitsskatie Katie French
@esten Esten Hurtle Journalist turned developer. International engineering @ Twitter. I like making things and telling stories.
@astrosociology Dr. Jim Pass Founder of Astrosociology & CEO of Astrosociology Research Institute (ARI), a nonprofit public benefit organization/The #socialsciences contribute to #space, 2!
@lordyamamoto simon yamamoto .do what you love. first year engineering.
@akwhitcraft Alyssa Whitcraft PhD Candidate - Feminist - Humanist - Dog lover - passionate about food security, Earth Observations, and the advancement of women & girls worldwide.
@WhereverWriter Amy Florida born and raised. Adventuring out in Cali. Travel blogger at http://WhereverWriter.com. Next adventure? #Landsat #NASAsocial on Feb. 10-11!
@jpatten John Patten Director of Technology and Information Systems for the Sylvan Union School District
@cali_martin Martin Henderson Web Developer in SB Cali always looking for Entertainment and fun
@mygrapejelly Jennifer artist, wife and mother, atheist, Space Nerd
@Bubbinski Justin Davenport I'm a total space cadet. ATK DM3 (9/2011) and GEM60 (5/2012) tweetup alum. All set to go to CA for the #LDCM #NASASocial Feb 10-11 2013
@IdeaGov Alan W. Silberberg Founder @Digijaks @Gov20la. Techie Dad of 3. Global Digital + Gov 2.0 / Cyber Adviser. Think Fast. Don't be afraid.
@lapeltz Lorri Peltz-Lewis GISc, GIS-P, ASPRS GIS/LIS, Earth Sciences (Hydro, Fire Sci, Geol, Geog, Bio, Marine Sci), Gov 3.0??, GIS Coord, Modeler, BAER, USFS FAM CA,
@Emxsys Bruce Schubert Emergency Management Expert Systems. Created Wildfire Management Tool software from the Campbell Prediction System (CPS) using NASA WorldWind SDK & NetBeans
@SammiWestall Samantha Westall Built from stardust and assembled by gravity
@santacruz_expat David Grassi Married to @tapati. Step-father of two, grandfather of three. Italian-American. Born/raised in Santa Cruz. Kevin Smith fan.
@tapati Tapati McDaniels Essayist, contributor at Synchronized Chaos, body image educator, domestic violence survivor, mother of 2 & grandma of 3. Married to @santacruz_expat
@jsmjr John Mitchell Attorney, husband, uncle x 5, photo + map geek, @NASA nerd, policy wonk & world traveler
@Maira_Souza Maíra Souza Futura Geotecnóloga por profissão, assessora e consultora da @UniSigma com satisfação, musicista por paixão, filha de Deus por convicção, pilonense de coração!
@KeahuKahuanui Keahu Kahuanui actor, rocket surgeon, geek
@ackermaky Kyle Ackerman I like/tweet about social media, science, outdoors, travel and occasionally video games.
@maxclark Max Clark
@jasonamcgraw Jason McGraw Im from Virginia where there aint ish to do but cook.
@ju5t_v151t1ng Paul Born on Vulcan, raised by Droids. INTP. I drive at the speed of light.
@MuseumMusings Megan Stewart Science Center Professional, Museum Enthusiast, Project Manager, and Super Nerd!
@mikaylatatiana Mikayla Kemp Biology student/researcher, member of Sigma Xi, aspiring astrobiologist, and now part of #NASAsocial
@Geott Michelle Bouchard Geographer and pixel pusher
@TranquilMammoth Hunter Burgan Bassist for AFI. Coffee lover. Level 5 vegan. Non sequitarian. Unpublished author. Recipient of the Nobel Peach Prize.
@Observe26 Yvette Johnson To know me is to love me and to be blind.
@turro26 Arturo Garcia Jr Nerd, Sports Fan, Charter School Business Manager, just me.
@mattman123401 Matt Matyas Software guy, space geek, and proud Dad.
@khphotos Kurt Harvey photographer, IT guy and curious mind
@datsjon13 Jon Crisan Passionate Christ-Follower, Curious Science Nerd, Enthralled Technology Enthusiast, Loving Husband
@JennaBusch JennaBusch Host and writer of all things geek for @Fanhattan and co-host of Cocktails With Stan with @TheRealStanLee http://www.facebook.com/jennabuschpublicpage
@mcassel12 Michelle Cassel Canadian girl believing Scouting shapes tomorrow, everyone has sparkle, miracles surround us, shoes heal the soul, & stars are for wishing
@ToddETracy Todd Tracy Help'n small biz. Backpack'n through history. Trek'n though the stars.
@hannahraekerner Hannah Kerner May the force be with you. But mostly with me.
@binfordryan Ryan Binford
@grantdmckenzie Grant McKenzie Pop punk music, socio-spatial science & cream soda slurpees
@jmsciencegal Joanne Michael Elementary science teacher in southern California- love cooking, baseball, photography, being with loved ones. Honeywell Advanced Space Academy Grad 2012
@jotulloch John O. Tulloch Spacetweep, attended NASA Tweetups at JSC for STS-132 & STS-135, also Ames Planet Hunter Tweetup, and the First NASASocial at Dryden. I love Space!
@KevinBaird Kevin Baird Photographer, Fringineer™ (photo set)
NASA Hosts/Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@jtowns Jason Townsend I do social media by day and crave good friends, food & wine by night. Tweets are mine and are about my life. They don't represent NASA.
@yembrick john yembrick NASA HQ Social Media / Public Affairs, NY Mets baseball, books, history, boats, movies, SciFi geek
@NASASocial NASA Social We're the @NASA Social Media Team. Follow us to learn about ways to get connected and collaborate with NASA. http://www.nasa.gov/social
@NASA_Landsat NASA Landsat Program The Landsat Program is a series of Earth-observing satellite missions jointly managed by NASA and USGS. The first Landsat satellite launched in 1972.
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