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KSC50th Anniversary & Mars Curiosity Landing NASA Social Resources

NASA Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event: http://www.nasa.gov/connect/social/social_ksc_50th_august.html

@NASA is holding 7 concurrent @NASASocial events on August 3, 2012, to celebrate the upcoming landing of @MarsCuriosity. These multi-site #NASASocial events will be attended by the following Twitter participants: Official Twitter Master List for MSL Multi-Site NASASocial curated by @NASASocial.

The following table lists attendees selected for the NASA Social event at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) on August 2-3.

Screen Name Name Description
@JBrianCoyle Brian Coyle Middle-aged-crazy aerospace and rocketry geek. @ORLPredators season tix holder. #InfoSec helps feed the HPR propellant habit. Juno #NASATweetup participant.
@UCFENGR02 Colleen Cino Mom, Computer Engineer, crafter, wannabe photographer, a not so good blogger, and a whole slew of other things.......
@Redshift42 Jim Edwards-Hewitt Apollo kid, software engineer, science fiction fan, amateur cosmologist, and multi-geek. NASAHQ and JSC #NASATweetup participant.
@profboyd Bryan Boyd lawyer, law professor, @NHLCanes Caniac, Abby-Kate's Daddy...#NASAJuno #NASATweetup Alum.
@thesneakymouse John Beals Software Engineer working in Space Modeling & Simulation. Big tech geek, fan of everything space related, theme park junkie. #NASALangley, #MSL #MarsCuriosity Launch
@Sheila_A Sheila Adams Grade 7 Science Teacher, webcaster, #STS-133 #NASATweetup attendee.
@F1Richie Richie Smith New to NASASocial, Met 14 Apollo Astronaunts and many Shuttle and ISS Crews, watched various Shuttle and Rocket launches since moving to Florida from London. Sole Blogger on http://mynasaspace.blogspot.com
@AstroSquatch Chris Ferri I am not an astronaut. Just some scruffy guy that pretends to be. Husband, Space Enthusiac, Android Advocator, wannabe robotist. #Juno #NASATweetup attendee
@jarrodlovett Jarrod Lovett USFSP Student. Entrepreneurship. Marketing. International Business. Rays. Lightning. Bucs. Bulls.
@imizze Michelle Marie Tweets are high in flavor, low in boring with a double shot of awesome. Social Media Strategist & Founder of @cloutster. Over 1 million followers on GooglePlus.
@KathyWingard Kathy Wingard Journo, news, justice, social media, photography. Owned by ShihTzus and parrots. #NASATweetup, #GRAIL. Have a good story for me? My Tweets are my own.
@BradfordBenn Bradford Benn Technologist. (Disclaimer, just in case: My opinions are mine and not my employer's)
@kev_mccarthy Kevin McCarthy DUVAL
@moon Paul Mooney Tech Blogger, videographer, social being and life-long space traveler
@emilyc1978 Emily Carney Journalist and nerd supastar. http://this-space-available.blogspot.com/ founder and writer; http://spacelog.org/ contributor; #NASAJuno #NASATweetup attendee.
@iJasonblog Jason O'Neil Husband, Dad, Computer Geek, Mets/Redskins/UCF fan, NASA nut, Superman nerd and just an overall swell guy with an awesome goatee. http://www.ijason.net
@bb1955 Rebecca Barrett Retired Dept of Army HRC employee, NASA fan, Disney devotee, love to travel.
@nasanerd76 Kim Davis NASAnerd, attended Educator Space Camp, teacher, veteran of 9 shuttle launches
@jamey_martin Jamey Martin Husband, Father, Martial Artist, Guitar Player, Tattoo Collector and Restaurant Owner with the goal of being the Official Caterer of the Moon. #VVO · http://josephsfinefoods.com
@mlazarusdean Margaret Lazarus Dean Assistant Professor of English at the University of Tennesseee. Author of The Time It Takes to Fall (Simon & Schuster, 2007), a novel about Challenger. · http://www.margaretlazarusdean.com
@jenvargas Jen Vargas Field Producer for @icstvshow. @relayhunterscrk @msabcmetroorl committee, @centralfltop5 media contributor, #NASASocial alum, lifelong NASA supporter, @bunnnn fan. http://www.indiecinemashowcase.com
@vejout Steve Veloff Photographer, Web Developer, Mobile App Developer (hopeful), and now first time to KSC! http://www.veloffdesigns.com
@GabeSalas Gabe Salas Student at UCF, Educator at KSC, Mentor for FIRST Robotics - #100YSS #NASATweetup #SCTweetup alum
@AlligatorClick Mitchell Rudin Wannabe adventurer, amature photographer. Florida Master Naturalist program, FTA, Sierra Club. Founder/President Space Fans of Broward. Tim Dorsey Fan. · http://www.AlligatorClick.com

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NASA Hosts/Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@NASAKennedy NASA Kennedy / KSC Official Tweets from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Florida, USA · http://www.nasa.gov/kennedy
@NASASocial NASA Social Follow us for announcements on social media @NASA and for info about upcoming NASA Socials http://www.nasa.gov/social
@Commercial_Crew NASA Commercial Crew The Official NASA Commercial Crew Program Twitter Account. Kennedy Space Center · http://www.nasa.gov/commercialcrew
@ExploreSpaceKSC KSC Visitor Complex Tour behind the scenes, meet a real astronaut, get vertical on the Shuttle Launch Experience, walk beneath a moon rocket and see 3D IMAX space films. ÜT: 28.581355,-80.83501 · http://www.KennedySpaceCenter.com
@AndreaFarmer Andrea Farmer PR for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, wildlife enthusiast, bicyclist, and artist. ÜT: 28.522592,-80.698844 · http://www.KennedySpaceCenter.com
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