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Juno NASATweetup Participants

Per NASA: Attendees represent 28 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Finland, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom. NASA received more than 1200 registrations for the tweetup.

Screen Name Name Description
@cwcgsd Laura Ricci Brevard County resident since 1974 - seen most launches from my front yard. UCF alum. Strong interests in veterinary medicine (especially equine)and astronomy. Show Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Star Wars (OT) & original BSG geek.
@66comet202 Greg Clark Average car guy, blues guitarist, all around nice guy and owner of a '66 Mercury Comet 202. @NASAJuno attendee
@lisarichardson Lisa Richardson Part-Time computer research lab assistant - MDC CRL. Full-Time BS EET student School of Engineering and Technology, MDC @MiamiTech . @NASAjuno Attendee .
@AstroSquatch C. Ferri I am not an astronaut. Just some scruffy guy that pretends to be. Husband, Space Enthusiac, Android Advocator, wannabe robotist. #Juno #NASATweetup attendee
@OneJayAtATime Jay Holt Advanced researcher in the artscience of drinking coffee while running. Attending the #NASAJuno #NASATweetup.
@taekwondo4ever Chris Bhulai -Majoring in Digital Media at UCF -3rd Degree black belt in taekwondo - I like to work out and eat healthy. -I suppose you should follow me to learn more!
@amaiman Andrew Maiman Systems Analyst, IT Guy, Geek. Always looking for a new gadget to try; amateur photographer; occasional gamer; love to travel. @NASAJuno #NasaTweetup attendee
@mcrsquared Cliff Squared The Edge and Back. Newly-minted impresario & #NASATweetup participant.
@alli_gonding Alli Gonding gamer ... geek ... mom ... math teacher Attending @NASAJuno #NASATweetUp
@kevinwparker Kevin W. Parker S/W engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Fan of sf (especially Doctor Who), women's pro soccer, and the Freddy the Pig books. @NASAJuno,@NASATweetup
@cnmatthews Cyril Matthews PoPa to three and Marketeer to many!
@_doughill Doug Hill Husband, Father of 2 girls, Software developer at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Amateur astronomy, Technology enthusiast and geek. From Windermere, Florida
@LaurennMcNamara Lauren McNamara College student (major: psychology) & bartender, twitter enthusiast, & space geek from Stuart, Florida. Roll Tide!
@TigerGirl528 Sara Kambouris COO, Scientist, Single Mother, Next Gen Smartphone Games, Musician, Analytical, Logical, Bad Case of the Toos, Sailor, Traveler, Entrepeneur, Realistic Idealist
@THEMooCowMama Moo Cow In case you haven't noticed, I am a bit crazy about NASA (and the universe in general!) Am a professional student. @NASAJuno #NASATweetup lucky person!
@danielleford Danielle Ford Associate Professor, Science Education, University of Delaware
@jsmjr John M Information omnivore yearning to be a node. (@Klout score of 46 with a bullet.) #SpaceTweep newbie for @NASAJuno launch.
@JPMajor Lights in the Dark Author of LightsInTheDark.com, a blog featuring images from the solar system. Also writing for Universe Today! (#STS135 and #Juno10k #NASATweetup attendee)
@josephgruber Joseph Gruber Government contractor and project manager. Love for all things aerospace. Private pilot flying an Air Force T-41C. Northeast Philadelphia born and raised (get it?). Lived in Guantanamo Bay.
@gfitzp Glenn Fitzpatrick I'm ridiculously awesome, or awesomely ridiculous. @NASATweetup / @NASAJuno attendee.
@penguintrax Barbara Forbes-Lyons Wife, Mom, Artist, Geek. Alumna of STS-132 NASATweetup. From Tallahassee, FL. http://www.penguintrax.com
@o_daniellek Danielle O Dessert is the only thing I believe in 100%. I'm starting a hidious mini snow globe collection. I live in a building that was once an old nunnery.
@JL_Davis Jillian Davis Love my BlackBerry, Scrapbooking, space, all things Florida, making stuff for my Etsy shop, & Disney. Geeky Fair Maiden of the #STQs. My tweets are my own.
@ishkahbibel Donald Schwartz Technical Writer/Photographer, NASAtweetup newbie, Starting 1st blog thetechnologyteaser, watched Star Trek before it went to reruns, photog examples http://modelmayhem.com/DSchwartzImagelink59
@profboyd Bryan Boyd lawyer, professor, Abby-Kate's Daddy...#NASAJuno #NASATweetup attendee.
@comprof Christine Hanlon Green Mom, UCF COM Instructor (hopefully a prof. soon!), and currently a UF Doctoral student.
@bbuckner Barbara R Buckner High School Math/Science Teacher, NASA STS134 & JUNO Tweetup, Blessed and Highly Favored, Teaching = Doing what I love...loving what I do
@mindylyndy Mindy Rawls Social networking manager. NCLB tutor. Full-on geek. @NASAJuno #NASATweetup participant.
@kimiye Kimiye T My life got a lot easier after I stopped trying to be a hot young chick and started working on cool old lady. NASATweetup for NASAJuno-- first closeup launch!
@miketomei Mike Tomei AV tech at Harvard University and video post production enthusiast. I'm also attending the #NASATweetup for the @NASAJuno launch on 8/4 and 8/5.
@Doorley Christopher Doorley President of Velocity Strategies (@VelocityStrat). Graphic designer, online developer, type nerd, political junkie, car nut, gear head and Boston sports fan.
@emilyc1978 Emily Carney World's flyest nerd. http://this-space-available.blogspot.com/ founder and writer; http://spacelog.org/ contributor; #NASAJuno #NASATweetup attendee.
@IamPter Peter Mac user, ex-coder, photography amateur, politics, history buff, lover of physics, liberal (I like progress), romantic, love to laugh and make others laugh.
@parrott0425 Nancy Stultz Jill of all trades. Interested in the future of building things. Early tech, hiker, implementer, what can we do together? #NASATweetup JUNO
@Singing_Runner Katy Sputo College Student, Marathoner in Training (Chicago 10-9-11!!!), Future RD, Blogger, Singer, World Traveler, Space Geek, Dreamer...
@somnastra Blair Schumacher 25 but still in school. Linguist, engineer, space enthusiast (understatement). Sometimes I write, sometimes I draw. Always I dream.
@Brosner85 Brett Rosner Web producer for awesome news station in Orlando -- Opinions are my own. Links and RTs are not endorsements. Also, attending #NASATweetup @NASAJuno edition.
@spacemike Mike O'Hara Dreamer of Space, Space Advocate, Rocketeer. Evangelizing the benefits of space exploration wherever I go and to whomever I meet. Attending @NASAJuno.
@ArizonaWildcat Sara Hammond PR and journalism pro in Tucson. Devoted to the Sonoran Desert. Vet of @MarsPhoenix mission. JPL/NASATweetup alum. Attending @NASAJuno launch.
@JAsercion Joe Asercion Physics major and all around Nucleon-Enthusiast
@ncummiskey Nikki just trying to figure out life and enjoy the ride. :)
@stepheniealice Stephenie Smith 19. Astrophysics major at Florida State University from Sarasota, FL. Livin' the dream. :]
@projmgr Rob Drysdale Consultant, Engineer, Cat-Dad (no kids), live in Toronto with @datachick. Saw the STS-134 and STS-135 launches, but this is my first NASATweetup
@praguebooks Sean Cowen ► ✈ VP Marketing rammfence.com Dad to chocolate labs & fat cats. Tweet quite a bit about SM, NASA, science, travel, tech, art, film. #NASAJuno #NASAtweetup
@bobncomet Bob and Comet Bob and his sidekick Comet the Weimaraner dog. We love travel, the History Channel, Detroit Red Wings and @HowardStern. Next stop: Amsterdam in November 2011!
@torynfarr Toryn Farr I'm an atheist vegetarian optimist with a passion for new tech, old games, and good stories. @NASAJuno Attendee
@debzuniverse debzuniverze ✔ Rebel and old (sorta) hippie, proud liberal, progressive, and #FOK - mom, granny, music lover & politics junkie #NASAJuno #NASAtweetup attendee ♥
@FLspacereport Edward Ellegood Nothing personal - just space news stuff
@Next_Jen Jen Loves & writes about video games. South Floridian native, fan of Doctor Who, super heroes & football. Kid at heart + Geek #NASAtweetup STS-133 & Juno attendee.
@lyonsdigital lyonsdigital Web developer/woodworker/space tweep/Dad Not always in that order.
@datachick Karen Lopez Sr. Project Manager & Architect,Traveler & NASATweetup: STS-134, NASAJuno. Microsoft MVP. Love Your Data!
@robertbl22 Robert Blaske Husband and Father, Believer, Web developer, Pianist, NASA Fan (of course), #SCTweetUp July 2011
@tim846 Tim Bailey Catalyst, father of adventurous 1-yr old, free-range space tweep, & proficient at zero gravity flips in multiple axis. Celebrate Yuri's Night on April 12!!
@caprickah Amanda Marron Veteran.Wiccan.Empath.Geek.Gamer.BSG/Caprica Aficionado.VASHL View Askew Girls #14.Starbuck.Spitfire.Proud supporter of TWF. Going to @NASAjuno #NASATweetup!


@erica_grossman Erica Grossman Denver consultant, journalist and editor. Examiner.com employee. Lover of nerdy ventures and ridiculousness. Attending #NASATweetup for @NASAJuno launch.
@sports_ministry Destry The Sports Ministry with JP & Destry is Southwest Florida's only LIVE call-in sports-talk radio show! Sundays mornings 10-12, WCCF 1580 AM
@jeanae jeanae Wife/Worship Leader/ Writer/ Day job juggler... @NASAJuno #NASATweetup attendee! I'm a mom. What's YOUR superpower?
@kurtjmac Kurt Amateur of astronomy, player of video games and #nasatweetup wannabe. Currently walking to the fabled Minecraft Far Lands for charity! http://farlandsorbust.com
@GalaxyClusters Melissa Muñoz Literary fox.
@thenick700 Nick Frantz Works for a newspaper. Loves sports, politics and fomenting populist revolution!
@Hunajatar (Finland!) Josefiina Keskustalo Studying to be(e) a professional apiarist, thinking of moving my business to Jupiter. Impossible? Maybe NASA can help? Attending #NASATweetup & Juno launch!
@astrogal123 astrogal123 Planetarium professional and all around astronomy & space enthusiast.
@pdcavanagh Patrick Cavanagh A settled down artist pursuing a degree in engineering. Dreams of working at NASA. Musician. Coffee lover. @NASAJuno #NASATweetup attendee!
@SprocketeersOrg Sprocketeers Sprocketeers is an unofficial blog that follows the happenings of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center aka U.S. Space Camp aka Aviation Challenge.
@porkchopnet Porkchop Idiot Savant (in training).
@debsting Deb Boyer Public historian; book and museum addict; space geek.
@brenthaeseker Brent Haeseker Website consultant, Florida mountain biker, pretend astronaut, amateur farmer, retired musician. #STS132 #NASATweetup alumni. #SCTweetup for #STS135. From Ocala, FL
@studio929 Chris S. Davis Graphic designer, dad of two, ham radio operator KI4HYT, Cub Scout den leader who is attending @NASAJuno #NASATweetup.


@rwang0 R Ray Wang Provocateur,enterprise strategist,disruptive technologist.Biz strategist ,vendor selection,s/ware contracts expert. Constellation Research CEO & Analyst.Club DJ
@Antony511 Antony Francis Founder & CEO of Head of Lettuce Media, I love social media, I'm sarcastic, I Love my wife & kids, all around fun guy:)
@Eurekablog (Spain!) Daniel Marín Astrofísico entusiasta de la exploración espacial, la ciencia ficción y los idiomas. Autor del blog Eureka. Attending @NASAJuno #NASATweetup
@AviationTimes Alexis Dames The official twitter account of Aviation Times Magazine
@medicranz Ranz NASA supporter, space-enthusiast, amateur astronomer/photographer, STS-135 NASA Causeway Tweetup, NASA Tweetup JUNO, 100+ launches in person!
@munciegadgetguy Scott Davis Senior webmaster and lead social media coordinator, Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Space nerd, gadget geek. Hails from Muncie, Indiana.
@DaveFlys David Allen Storyteller, aviation enthusiast, host of Other People's Airplanes and The Pilot's Flight PodLog, technology lover, Christ-follower, linux newbie.
@neha_shah Neha Shah I like games, politics, books, equality, traveling, and chair-o-planes. I'm also looking for a job. Attending @NASAJuno #NASATweetup
@chrisfrienducf Chris Friend Teacher and perpetual student (UCF x 3) living in Orlando. Loves watching rocket launches from any distance, really.
@elenvee Lisa Viers Cats. Boyfriend. Journalism. David Foster Wallace. Aristotle. Neutrinos. Makeup. Oh, and did I mention cats?
@iamstephly Steph Lee Travel lady at http://www.TQagents.com who happens to also love the final frontier! Coming at you from Minneapolis, MN. https://plus.google.com/109116022173712449118
@thetimtracker Tim I like mustaches...
@sonarstrange Bj Price musician, runner, space and technology geek
@flyingjenny Jen Scheer Former Space Shuttle technician. Artist, photographer, inventor. Space Tweep Society founder, @YurisNight & @FragileOasis contributor, 2010 Shorty Award winner.
@trentfaust Trent Faust Hardcore Space Geek, usability tester, web designer. From Seminole, FL
@mathew_hotho Mat Hotho I'm a closet space geek, pursuing a calling to full-time ministry in the Methodist Church. They need pastors on Mars, right?
@hollye_hills Hollye Hills Broadcaster, Producer, Writer, Photographer
@chuck_kesler Chuck Kesler Husband and parent. Usually tweeting about space (fun stuff) and information security (work stuff). STS132 launch and Juno launch #NASAtweetup attendee.
@mla1977 Megan A NDA#1, Disney fanatic, podcast listener, marathoner, and fitness blogger for The Disney Driven Life.
@Reighvin Dana Charter US Marine of over 17 years working in Aviation Electronics for the EA-6B Prowler. Reading and all things tech. Living life at the speed of tech...
@evanzan Tommy Wingo Audio Specialist, Multiple Generalist, Wookie Wannabe, Louisiana Native
@lkjohnsn Lisa K Johnson MIT Aero/Astro undergrad. Obsessed w/outer space, centrifuges, flying, building satellites, planetariums, & scuba diving. Attending @NASAJuno #NASATweetup.
@christensendave Dave Christensen Meteorologist and a space geek from Minnesota.
@museums365 Elissa Frankle Museum educator, citizen history rabble-rouser, devoted Nationals fan, space-geek-in-training, aero engineer groupie.
@MuseumofFlight Museum of Flight One of the largest non-profit air and space museums in the world. @SIAffiliates museum and @AAMers accredited. Tweets from the Marketing Office.
@bananakin Jeff Peak Motion Designer, 3D Generalist, Analog and Digital Artist, Freelancer. Dude.
@holmes540 Scott Holmes University of Alberta Mechanical Engineering '11. Pilot interested in aerobatics, air racing, and flight dynamics
@oocscience Uriel Klieger Electrical Engineer and Programmer out of Washington, DC. Editor of Out of Context Science.
@ftofficefuntime Laura Baran K-12 STEM curriculum developer, non-profit ferret shelter director, burlesquer, LEGO/fischertechnic enthusiast, and part-time robot builder. Fascinated by String & M-Theory. Hello from Idaho!
@rtphokie Tony Rice Software Engineer, JPL Solar System Ambassador, Alumni of GSFC NASATweetup. From Cary, NC. http://www.utprosim.com
@Jason_A_Caron Jason Caron Engineer for the Dept of Defense responsible for in-service functions of Air Force ejection seats.
@etcpolitics Adriana RM A photographer, with an addiction to poltical news. 4 kids, 1 husband and a dog.
@brownpau brownpau Web dev, married @amykow, work @usnews, worship @firstbaptistdc. Pinoy, Liberal, Atenista, MICAn, Trekkie. Likes space, scuba, cats, history. Thoughts are own.
@Fil_Scarborough Philip Scarborough Reporting from early 21st century Earth/U.S./Mississippi. Director. Producer. Shooter. Editor. Archivist. Geek. Nerd.
@charlieowen4 Charlie Owen Future Seattle/Vancouver resident, secret Brit and pretty decent geeky guy. @NASAJuno #NASATweetup Participant.
@peglegpug Kelly I take pictures. I measure everything in crap tons.
@amyjp3 Amy Parrent Impossible to describe in 140 characters
@oh_snezhok benedicte (twitrer helt uprofesjonelt).
@And_Tonic Gin BT Washingtonian-geek who geeks out about geek tv, geeky books, geeky IT/TelCo policy, & sometimes really fabulous shoes & things that go fizz! in the bathtub.
@CraftLass Craft Lass A renaissance man trapped inside a modern woman. Singer/songwriter with a passion for inner and outer exploration of many kinds.
@wikkit Ben Brockert Engineer at Armadillo Aerospace.
@memime memime Owner, Photographer - M Cubed Photos @NasaJuno Tweetup attendee!
@maustan B Maustan I salute Military, Law Enforcement, NASA & all those past/present who make their missions a success+a weather nut +amazed w/ aviation & love latest tech.gadgets
@madge707 madge707 Science fiction and fantasy writer. Flack. Alum of #NASATweetup Ames-Planet-Hunters. Pay no attention to my gardening addiction.
@JBrianCoyle Brian Coyle Middle-aged-crazy aerospace and rocketry geek. Orlando, FL resident
@JaniceCane Janice Cane Editor at The Atlantic magazine in Washington, D.C. Basically a casual space enthusiast, but I'm excited to learn more and drop the "casual."
@apacheman Andy Scheer Cryogenics lead technician at Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center. My tweets are my own and do not reflect those of my employer or NASA.
@johnnystock John Stockton Husband, Father. Silverlight Developer, Speaker, Author, MVP. Space geek.
@calloway89 Lauren Calloway I live life to apprciate and love all its ups and downs.
@mojo_la Morris "Mojo" Jones Astronomer, code monkey, bridge player
@young108west Bill Young Science teacher, UCF alumni, nerdfighter, Harry Potter fan, Wrock fan, amateur astronomer, sci-fi fan and proud parent.
@katrobison Kat Robison Biological Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies student. If math liked me, I would have been an astrophysicist. Fan of science and faith. #NASATweetup alumna
@d_l_miller Danielle Miller high school science (physics, chemistry, earth science, biology and best of all astronomy) teacher, twitter/social networking addict, book worm, all around nerd from Orlando
@shupp Bill Shupp Software engineer, musician, space enthusiast.
@krswan Kris Swanson Planetarium Resource Teacher, Technology Trainer, NASA MESSENGER Educator Fellow. Find me at mrswanson.org
@flanga Fred Langa Tech journalist since the dark ages. Windows Secrets, LangaList newsletter, Windows Magazine, Home PC, Byte, etc. Google me, if it matters.
@WhatTonyCs Tony Carvajal Analyst, strategist, futurist, political nag, realistic optimist & ready to opine on anything. Also w/ Collins Center, though all tweets are my own.
@QueenieLICD Queenie Mod for http://www.leasticoulddo.com and http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lartist-at-work Generally Awesome Person :) Also (when I remember) http://t.co/ShA9Zqq
@ouemt Chip Legett Flight instructor, photography enthusiast, and computer programmer
@MatthewJLB Matthew Balan Catholic; multi-ethnic American; conservative; news analyst at the Media Research Center; space travel geek; #NASATweetup attendee, STS-132 launch & Juno launch
@winobs Richard Hay Editor of http://WindowsObserver.com. Keeping an eye on Windows and other things tech! Tweeting about anything tech and space related. Home of Observed Tech PODCAST and @WinObs Tweeted Links.
@Nicolegspain Nicole Spain I am a Science and Math Teacher who is exploring the best way to use STEM. I am a mom and a huge science geek who loves NASA and @NASAJuno #NASATweetup.
@andrejenn Jennifer P. Andrews Special educator from VA, Earth Science/Gov, digital immigrant, association activist, space enthusiast, @NASAJuno tweep
@bonkoif Todd Palino Father, hacker, and general pain in the ass. Space tweep, Disney fan... I'm not a geek, but I play one in real life.
@twirlandswirl Laurel Ann Whitlock 20-something substitute teacher from Orlando. Much to my husband's dismay, I'd rather be married to the space program.
@fritztr Tim Fritz UNIX Sys Admin, Photographer, General purpose all around geek. http://timfritzphotography.com . From St Petersburg, FL
@AppianCTO Michael Beckley I am the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Appian, provider of cloud, mobile, and social business process management software. www.appian.com
@FVRacerShawny Shawn Mattox I drive the 42 Vista Bushwacker Formula Vee in the Central Florida Region of SCCA
@priesett Pete Riesett Software developer, amateur astronomer, mandolinist, and everything else.
@warrenlevine Warren S. Levine Retired on Disability; fmr journalist, intl. logistics director, computer store owner. From Brooklyn, NY., living in Bellingham, WA. & traveling farther than anyone else on the mainland for this event. I can remember watching Alan Shepard on our black & white TV.
@Graphics Graphics Graphics, Print, & Design. Study twitter graphics in Milwaukee with us! We tweet about graphics in the news, social media, and for the Twitter Graphics world!
@rafijoepr Rafi Joe Tweets about Law, Technology, Privacy, Space, Sports; Soccer (PR Islanders FC, Real Madrid CF), and a few other things  going to @NASAJuno #NASATweetup
@TheShahla Shahla I heart football & baseball. Getting lost in the stars on a nightly basis is how I do. The future is oh so bright...attending @NASAJuno #NASATweetUp in August!
@olevia Cheri Campbell Librarian for Cleveland-area library. Budding space geek, but not full-blown (yet). Western PA native. Blather a lot about not a lot. Oh, and GO BILLS !!
@jhjones Jane Houston Jones NASA Science podcaster of http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/news/whatsup-archive.cfm. JPL Cassini and Solar System E/PO artisan. The human behind @CassiniSaturn since '08. Amateur Astronomer
@andrejenn Jennifer Andrews gr 9-12 special educator, Earth Science/Government, mom to 2 STEM oriented young adults, space enthusiast
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