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JSC STS-135 NASATweetup Participants

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Screen Name Name Description
@kymberlie Kymberlie R. McGuire From Houston, TX. Loves geeky stuff, reading, movies, frozen drinks, bacon, and Rock Band. Ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Works for SAY Media in TypePad support.
@dcalef David S. Calef Videographer from Spofford NH
@iamkevinlucas Kevin Lucas Consultant from Deer Park, TX - Baylor Bear, sports enthusiast, loves nature & outdoors, music & tech. gadgets.
@omaflinger Marlene Morgan One very energetic busy individual who has a passion for teaching, children, and science. Houston TX @NASATweetup
@NateRPorter Nate R. Porter Student from Wichita KS
@ParentingGeekly Sharon Magliano Feliciano Blogger from Seattle WA
@HandyRandy Randy Lee Kama`aina IT Professional from Kihei, HI
@charmcitygavin Gavin St. Ours fiction writer in Baltimore, MD
@AbsolutSpaceGuy Charles Atkeison Space & Science journalist who enjoys parasailing and piloting aircraft. Aviation Challenge 2011 grad.
@RennaW Renna Warren Engineer from Knoxville, TN
@elissabflo Elissa Morganti Banas International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Coordinator at City Honors School, Buffalo, NY - Blog from the tweetup is at: banasnasatweetup.blogspot.com
@buffalobill1 William Banas Aerospace Engineer at Moog, Inc., pilot, and NASA GSRP Fellowship recipient, Buffalo, NY
@interstel Adam Nathan Warren Senior Systems Engineer (I.T.), Private Pilot, Space Nerd, Huntington Beach, CA
@bwmeier Boyd Meier Software Development Manager with Acorn Systems and space geek from Houston, TX
@joeclucas Joe Lucas Manufacturing company General Manager from Camby, IN. Tweetups: STS130JSC, STS132Launch, Ames2011, Goddard2011, 1st SpaceCamp. Attended JPLOpen 2011
@selucas Sarah Lucas HR/IT Specialist from Camby, IN
@lynnvr Lynn van Rooijen JPL-NASA Solar System Ambassador, The Netherlands
@leslieberg Leslie Berg Outgoing & active; city girl, Midwest values; Red Sox/sports fan; dental specialist/educator #NASAtweetUP STS-133 & Ames (SF) alumn - now JSC-135, Des Moines (Ankeny), IA
@brenthaeseker Brent Haeseker Website consultant, Florida mountain biker, pretend astronaut, amateur farmer, retired musician. #STS132 #NASATweetup alumni. #SCTweetup for #STS135. From Ocala, FL
@jotulloch John Tulloch City Clerk/IT Director, Geocacher, Father of two, #STS131 Launch, #STS132 JSC #NASATweetup, Ames Planet Hunters #NASATweetup. From Oakland, CA
@sarahmworthy Sarah M Worthy Go Get 'Em! @Schipul, #STS132 Launch, #STS132 JSC, #STS133 JSC #NASAtweetup, #Ames Planet Hunters #NASAtweetup, NASA HQ Tweetup, SpaceUp Houston volunteer, Lives in Houston, TX
@criscavalier Crystal Cavalier Army Wife Blogger www.armytankerswife.com at Ft Bragg, 2011 Army Spouse of the Year by Military Spouse Magazine, Government Contractor for US Army Reserve, attended #STS Endeavour Launch #NASAtweetup, Lives in Fort Bragg, NC
@wantmoore Justin Moore Systems Engineer from South Bend, IN. #STS133 Launch #NASAtweetup alum.
@chrisfrienducf Chris Friend Teacher & perpetual student (going for degree #3 from UCF). Visited JSC as a kid when dad worked on ET project. This tweetup ensures familial bragging rights for life. :-)
@jeanae Jeanae Osborne Wife/Worship Leader/ Writer/ Day job juggler... @NASAJuno #NASATweetup attendee! I'm a mom. What's YOUR superpower?


@stargazegal2020 JoAnne Gruter Space and weather geek from Pearland TX. Works for a Houston law firm as a legal assistant in construction law.
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