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JSC Mars Curiosity Landing NASA Social Resources

NASA Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event: http://www.nasa.gov/connect/social/social_curiosity_aug2012.html

@NASA is holding 7 concurrent @NASASocial events on August 3, 2012, to celebrate the upcoming landing of @MarsCuriosity. These multi-site #NASASocial events will be attended by the following Twitter participants: Official Twitter Master List for MSL Multi-Site NASASocial curated by @NASASocial.

The following table lists attendees selected for the official NASA Social event at the Johnson Space Center (JSC).

Screen Name Name Description
@bspg Ward W Vuillemot Big Scary Programmer Guy · http://wardosworld.com
@GrizzGuy Jess Lucero Love traveling, NASA and my wife. Not necessarily in that order. #STS135 #NASATweetup alum Go Griz! · http://lucerofamilyfun.blogspot.com/
@geoffryken Geoff Ryken I say things; #STS134 #NASATweetup alum; I won't get your Harry Potter jokes. · http://isaythings.com
@SWinholtz Shannon Win Retired.
@copugluver J Powers On a quest for the truths about space and little-understood phenomena. Eyes and mind wide open. We don't have all the answers yet, but that's half the fun.
@MattAttackPro MattAttackPro Chemistry and Physics teacher. Element collector. Film Geek. Holder of 3 World Records. #GRAIL, #STS135HQ #NASATweetup and #SmileMovie #SCTweetup Attendee!!
@AstroN8 Nathan Moeller Technical Developer, Graphic Designer @MaxQEnt. #STS128 SCA Flight, #STS132 Launch, D.C. #RogueTweetup, #DiscoveryChaseTeam & #MSL #NASASocial
@glorialloyd glorialloyd Raleigh @NewsObserver journalista. Duke grad student. Things that make me smile: adventures, animals, avocados, and Saturn V rockets. I'm.all.in.
@JoeyLicklider Joey Licklider I work in a theatre, doing sound, lights, and design. Favorite things: NASA, Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Flying. #NASATweetup #STS133 #STS134 #JSCMSL
@rachaellauren7 Rachael Lauren open mind. forgiving heart. free spirit. passionately curious. infinite hope.
@shilawila Scheila
@Blu3RSX Jerry D. Elmore Only hope can keep me together. Not in Blacksburg :( #GoHokies · http://blu3rsx.tumblr.com
@JeffDeM Jeff DeMaagd I make adapters and mounts for video and photo equipment. And stuff for custom cars as a side job. Attended #GRAIL #NASATweetup. · http://shop.dm-accessories.com/
@omaflinger omaflinger A Teacher/Shuttle Hugger/STEM Embracer/Social Media User/Married to Vet. #NASATweetup Attendee!
Kevin Burger Kevin Burger https://plus.google.com/107251574882706130701/posts

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NASA Hosts/Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@NASA_Johnson Johnson Space Center NASA's JSC is the lead center for the International Space Station and the Orion spacecraft, and the home of the Mission Control Center and NASA astronaut corps. Houston, TX · http://www.nasa.gov/centers/johnson/home/index.html
@NASASocial NASA Social Follow us for announcements on social media @NASA and for info about upcoming NASA Socials · http://www.nasa.gov/social
@amikokauderer Amiko Kauderer Storyteller. Some are true; most are lies. Hippie. Volunteer. Competetive creep. Outdoors. World travel. I teach astronauts to tweet & sometimes I'm on #NASATV
@SpaceCenterHou Space Center Houston Official Vistors' Center of Nasa's Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas · http://www.spacecenter.org
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