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Tweetup/Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event:

Screen Name Name Description
@girlsstem Girls' STEM The Southern Colorado Girls’ STEM Initiative (SCGSI) exists to promote increased participation of girls and women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
@mobriensmmusd Marianna O'Brien 8th Sci Teacher, robotics, nanoscience, 2013 Siemens STEM Fellow, 2013 Astronaut Corp Applicant, gardening, making things,learning MIG welding
@doorlesschambrs Dan Jenkins Set Designer, Shadow Tosser, Themed Environments, Filmmaker, and soon to be Father.
@hellodarla Kat Space Enthusiast, College Student, In love with the stars.
@EnjoyPasadena Enjoy Pasadena Food. Culture. Music. Shopping. Fun. #Pasadena, #Altadena, #SouthPasadena. Passionate Brand Advocates --
@oconno39 Kevin O'Connor A structural engineering master's student at the University of Illinois, looking to work in the aerospace industry.
@KDeerson Kelly Deerson
@rosita7788 Rosa McGuire
@hipstervoyager Hipster Voyager Not an official twitter account. I'm more artisanal
@stokeybrown Stokey Brown Alisases: Strokey Brown Smokey P Brown Stokeworthington Van Brown III
@Anamarmar123 Anastasia Marchand 1 of 10 Participants who attended the #CSATweetup at the CSA HQ on May 13/13! How amazeballs is that? Also going to NASA's JPL in Pasadena Nov 4 & 5, 2013 OMG!
@isisfraustov Isis Frausto Chemistry nerd.
@BaysideScience6 Loehe Science Welcome to Bayside Middle School, where we are all a twitter over the world of science in 6th grade!
@Streeterama Chris Streeter Local Coordinator (Pasadena) for The Planetary Society @exploreplanets
@CrimsonAlkemist Joseph Meany BSC Chemistry 2009 Keene State College MSc Chemistry 2012 UA Author of The Crimson Alchemist Chemistry blog
@StevenReeves0 Steven Reeves Skateboarding. Astronomy. Metal. Nachos. Video Games.
@albertnera Albert Nera
@StevenKaufman1 Steven Kaufman 23 year old aspiring Philanthropist, Social Engineer, Futurist. Views are my own. 661-993-5439
@MeganPanatier megan panatier Scientist, citizen. Future tea-coffeeshop-catcafe owner. Feminist. RTs galore. (more professional Speech Language Pathology #SLPeeps related @avocadotech)
@JenZomederis Jen Mehrnoush Z Astrophysics student @YorkUniversity Work for @YorkObservatory & an Executive member of the @astroatyork #NightSky ♥ I'm also @trulyyoursMeSa #FashionLife ♥
@KittyCahalan Kitty Cahalan Past life as chemist, currently a market research consultant and volunteer science parent at my kids' school
@TheScienceDick The Science Dick Investigating scientific answers to the universe on behalf of the criminally misinformed public
@SammiWestall Samantha Westall Built from stardust and assembled by gravity
@fxdavina F.X. Davina B.
@matt_rowbottom Matt Rowbottom Kinda like that guy you know, but not quite as cool.
@kdbedell Kristin Bedell Educator, Maker, Curious Human.
@pandayna Dayna Brisco 21, full time trouble-maker/cupcake baker. #SpotifyU
@radian Ivan Krstić Danger is funny.
@tbay_beach Tatiana Andric Former Cirque du Soleil dancer, actress, mom and a huge Linkin Park fan:)
@ramjidubey Ram Just a Human Being, Learning Science, Engineering & Technology to Help Humanity & to make Human Life better... NASA JPL Earth Science
@bigshel99 Sheldon Thomas Enjoying life... sports, exercise, startups, investing, embedded systems, home theater, electronics... all the things a growing boy needs. Go Hokies!
@aerial_thermal Eric Olsen Providing high quality scientific aerial thermal imagery throughout the world. Thermal Infrared (TIR) Multi-spectral (MSI) and Hyperspectral Imagery
@calebzim Caleb Zimmerman An ad man with a conscience. Always looking for new technology and innovation to make the world a better place. CM @cpbgroup.
@KeahuKahuanui Keahu Kahuanui actor, rocket surgeon, geek
@ohwangutan Jeff Wang Character Technical Director, Thumb Wrestling Champ, and Space Cadet.
@MEPjoe joe vallino
@ruthcatchen Ruth Catchen Create innovative educational programs with music and the arts that enhance student achievement, critical thinking and problem solving skills. STEM and STE[a]M!
@TiffLSmith Tiffany Leigh Smith Video game developer and founder of Nameless, LLC.
@cburge3 Chip Burge Engineer scientist astronaut astronomer chef & human in training.
@Tommyguns11 Tom Bleicher Geographic Information Systems Specialist (GIS), photographer, web designer and graphic designer. See me on Facebook for more information.
@isabellalugosi bella paradise if you don't like my peaches, don't shake my tree.
@audvin Audun Utengen Jobs to be done: Connect the dots in healthcare social media @Symplur. Disrupt patient satisfaction surveys @Caretotell. Happy Co-founder of both.
@thisDianeNorris Diane Norris Wife, Mother, Teacher, Student, Star Gazer, NASCAR Fan
@avocadotech PLN SLPs/AUDs Personal Learning Network, PLN for language, speech therapy, technology, AAC, education, science news from the web. Megan Panatier M.S., CCC-SLP #SLPeeps Salons
@CitizenKace KC Grim funny, weird and socially retarded, so yes, I'm in the film industry… Love my pup, Yamaha motorcycle, Jeep JK, Surfing, Snowboarding, pizza, and anything SPACE!
@mathematigal Saramoira Shields Doing a science, currently with: Cornell Submillimeter Astrophysics Group
@RaeBeta Rachel Edidin Editor, Writer, Pirate Queen of the Moon
@kaleewrites Kalee Thompson Author of Deadliest Sea: The Untold Story Behind the Greatest Rescue in Coast Guard History, Contributing Editor at Popular Mechanics and Popular Science.
@elsienw Elsie Nwankwo YYT-YYC-ORD-AMS-JFK-LAX
@UCLAIoES UCLA IoES Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA. Our mission: research, education, public engagement. Tweets by Jon Christensen and Karen Lefkowitz.
@anna_1312 Anna Hamshaw Anna, 20, Environmental scientist.
@GovindiniMurty Govindini Murty Writer, actress, Co-Editor, Libertas Film Magazine. Intrigued by technology, women's rights, history & freedom. Published in The Atlantic & Huffington Post.
@shuttle_mike Michael Homburger Space enthusiast (#STS-122) and #NASASocial alumn (#ISS @NASA_Johnson), loves cars and driving, husband, father of two #Lego fans and space geeks.
@rubenaronin ruben aronin Vice President, Outreach and Communications, The Better World Group
@carlabitter Carla Bitter Science muse, sage mom, rogue wife, trail runner, ocean lover, star gazer and bantamweight climate change interpreter.
@KatherineBaylor Katherine Baylor Author: California Rocks!
@maxwchang Max C Space/rocket enthusiast, Recent ERAU aerospace engineering graduate seeking challenge opportunity.
@Lissie_A Time Thief Accident Prone | Weirdly Hilarious | Proud Nerd/Dork | @HollywoodUMC | @TheLaughFactory
@emeraldrobinson Emerald Robinson Host of the @DailyOrbit and the @RedOrbit Report. DC correspondent for #sportsbuddyzdc
@pezpilot Jonathan
@Yeeeeeeha Daniel Gregoire Owner of Halon and Previs Director
@OLTW rachel sussman Itinerant artist w/ penchant for science, philosophy & deep time. TED speaker. Oldest Living Things in the World U of Chi Press 2014. Climate #Reality Leader
@katpf Kat Perez-Fraga VP Social Media @HVNSPT. Former @WarnerBrosEnt @NewLine_Cinema @FoxHomeEnt. Chasing a 3 yr old. Pursuing the perfect playlist. Figuring out what to cook next.
@kmyvz Karen Veazey I'm kinda just me. I think.
@trailermonkey Mike DiBenedetto Senior trailer editor at @moceanla 1) Yes, I get to see the whole movie. 2) No, I can't tell you how it ends.
@thetechemom The Tech eMom #Mom and #entrepreneur of a #boyscout and #martialarts kid. Live for #STEM, #NASAsocial, #homeschool, #legorobot, and #gardening.
@marciasw Marcia Sanchez-Walsh Mother, wife, daughter, sister, minister, photographer, teacher, gardener, catalyst, organizer, liberal, feminist, illuminator. I am many things to many people.
@KDelin Kevin Delin Writer - Horseman - Scientist - Entrepreneur - Director - Technologist - Human
@kriten Kristen Failed violinist. Certified Ghostbuster. Can recite every state in alphabetical order in 15 seconds. Misanthrope. Totes legit.
@MiklCraw4d Michael Crawford Wave and particle, all in one.
@tbakker Trevor Bakker
@kTraphagen Karyn Traphagen ScienceOnline Executive Director. Boundary Bridger. Science Communication, Physics, Photography & Art. NASATweetup alum. Cultivating Curiosity.
@marioesalazar Mario Graphic Designer. All Around Awesome.
@planetlabs Planet Labs Open Information about the Changing Planet
@JerryHansana JH To Infinity & Beyond.
@bdbdb Jennifer If you live tweet anything or check in at places I'm not going to follow you on twitter. It's not you, it's me. We just want different things.
@ageekmom A Geek Mom (Shannon) Geeky mom of a 6yo, lifelong space geek, Space Camp (1987) & #NASATweetup / @NASASocial alum + @tweetupspace wiki editor; Also: @WildTexas @OutdoorPhoto
@scotbyrdcreates Scot Byrd TV Drama Writer-Producer currently co-developing Buzz Aldrin's 'Encounter With Tiber.' UCLA MFA Screenwriting Alum.
@okarol Karol Franks Photographer. Daughter, mom and sister to kidney patients. Advocate for patients and living donors. Daughter needs a type O kidney donor
@faeryqueen21 Ariana Antonio Pretending to be a grown-up
@Keyframegirl Keyframegirl TV/Film Editor who loves technology, expensive cars and martinis. Whomever said you can't have a family and a whole lot of fun too was very, very wrong.
@mr2incredible Walter Galan Professional Analyst Therapist.
@SwoozyC Swoozy Clancey I don't want to start a flame in your heart. I just want to set the world on fire. Intersectional Feminist. Nurse. Alcademic. Vegetarian. Earnest Hipster.
@xdashax the big bad wolf Web Developer living in Los Angeles..
@mariapilarhd Pilar Diaz Creative and energetic connector who loves L.A., Colorado, golf, writing, and @DunkinDonuts. Philanthropy professional by day. Always an idealist.
@OmoNsasi Damara Arrowood NDN, A/V artist, Constellation Manipulator, Digital Empath and Synaesthete. Comedically Prolific Retweeter. Geek Cheerleader. Go Team!! *\o/*
@geriayn Geri-Ayn Gaul Travel, tech, fashion, & food. Founder/CEO at @MedRevolution: healthcare + technology.
@jeffzugale DEATH ZuGHOUL I draw spaceships for a living. No, seriously. Also, I has a webcomic.
@maxdyckhoff Max Dyckhoff Engineering Ellie's AI at Naughty Dog. Proud father of Cameron. Scottish. My opinions are my own, you can't have them. Look up.
@ButtercupD Fern SF/Bay area native, LA resident. Nerd. At the intersection of tech & entertainment. Drinks sugar-free Red Bull. Loves LA car chases & Hawaiian Hello Kitty.
@techlifeweb Scott Kingery Exploring the digital life.
@rocknrollgeek RockNRollGeek Ops @LootCrate, Formerly Dir. of Tech @ Jimmy Kimmel Live. Loves good music, & anything cooked with garlic, avocado, or bacon.
@cdoctor31 Charles Doctor I'm a graduate of #Purdue University and currently work for Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita, KS.
@amyjclayton Amy Elementary teacher
@TinaCassler Tina Cassler MarCom, @Sopheon, Educator, Writer/Editor, World Traveler & Occasional Geek
@Sopheon Sopheon Sopheon Accolade provides solutions to improve performance of innovation and new product development initiatives including planning, portfolio and process.
@dmisen Dean I like NBA, golf, social media, and technology. I'm a software marketer that loves to travel and be near the ocean. Living in the OC.
@dougdechow Doug Dechow I'm the Science Librarian at Chapman University. A computer scientist by training, I'm a writer by necessity. I blog at Lofty Ambitions:
@ridingrobots Bill Dunford I write about robotic space exploration at and
NASA Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@Stephist Stephanie L. Smith Writer, Assistant Scoutmaster & bon vivant. Part of the hive mind behind @NASAJPL, @NASAVoyager, @MarsRovers & @MarsCuriosity. Opinions here my own.
@NASAJPL NASA JPL NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
@CourtOConnor Courtney O'Connor Space geek, foodie, music enthusiast. Also tweeting as @NASAJPL, @MarsRovers, @MarsCuriosity. Opinions here are my own.
@EarthVitalSigns NASA Climate Rocket science isn't enough; we're climate scientists too. Find us at . RTs, links & follows are not endorsements.
@VeronicaMcG Veronica McGregor Loving every day working @NASAJPL. Also tweeting as @MarsCuriosity & @AsteroidWatch. Creator of the 1st #NASATweetup. Opinions here are my own.
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