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JPL NASATweetup Participants

Screen Name Name Description
@studiochristine Christine Larsen Illustrator and Designer
@mox Mox
@ajhintz Andrew Hintz
@emp Alex personal data flow: neuroscience ⇌ bioengineering ⇌ product design ⇌ social architecture → entrepreneur → party; Not work safe.
@AllanManangan Allan Manangan My thoughts and opinions about space and its exploration, science and technology, food, current events, marksmanship, and life—among other subjects!
@GreyStrider SalehCoder A code monkey and computer lover working at the Meteorological department, Civil Aviation, Kuwait.
@hellbox Martin McClellan Yet another Designer and Writer on this tessellating yarnball of Turing worship.
@chris_radcliff Chris Radcliff software engineer, space advocate, citizen scientist. crazy, but the good kind of crazy.
@evilschultz Tim Schultz nothing really happens to me...
@Spytap Barrett Garese @Spytap I do lots of things; I'm kind of weird that way. Director of Content Partnerships at AR enthusiast. Fitness nerd. Video Game geek. Prone to argue.
@bronwensaurus Bronwen Liggitt I work in television, I heart superheroes and I'll drink anywhere once.
@tompaulus Tom Paulus
@curioused curioused
@SporkFashion Spork Fashion Discovering new designers, one article at a time
@evanphx Evan Phoenix
@susankitchens Susan A. Kitchens digital renaissance woman: graphics, web, writing, oral history, digital audio, kettlebells, curiosity. Blogging since Y2K. Also:
@conelrad Ken Sitz A hill walker and rambler, father of a teenager, a reader, and digital operative
@fabrini Morgan Collins Turn-ons: Internet Tubes. Asterisk & FreePBX. cPanel. EBM Music. CFL Lightbulbs. Chapstick.
{tw|Lynn614}} Lynn614
@BobertMonkey Will Spurgeon
@nhaines Nathan Haines Ubuntu enthusiast, computer technician, videogamer.
@Kcatz KC Cupcakes addict • Foodie • Globetrotter • Hello Kitty & TokiDoki fan geek 人生良いです!
@deoryp Scott Nichols programmer, go player, woodworker, hiker.
@amybennett amybennett
@lowellpickett lowellpickett Virtually Realistic
@ankur_kapadia ankur_kapadia
@annwillmott annwillmott entertainment / business affairs for The Bold and The Beautiful / assistant to the stars
@martiansrock Carolina Martinez Mom, wife, working on Mars at JPL.
@wolfpaulus Wolf Paulus Photographer, Hiker, Hacker, Technologist based in Ramona, California.
@AlistairJeffs AlistairJeffs Alistair Jeffs is a producer of multi-platform, interactive products, services and entertainment content.
@charssun Harold
@jaybushman Jay Bushman Writer and Designer at Fourth Wall Studios. Purveyor of platform agnostic fictions.
@dendro Matthew Pilot. Software. Fish. Frogs. Muffins.
@durbin Neil Durbin i want to be a tangerine
@zappos CEO -Tony
@epim epim Motorcycles and unix. Awwww yeahh.
@shadowsprawl shadowsprawl
@DiscoDapper Disco Dapper I am a disco ball that can destroy a planet with a single pulse from a devestating beat.
@zhukora zhukora I'm a nerd, atheist, and archaeology grad student. I post here when I'm too lazy to blog for real...which is most of the time.
@wittig John Wittig
@tuanyoungpham tuanyoungpham
@ckwright Ckwright ::\= |:::.\ EXTERMINATE
@czeineh czeineh
@eecue Dave Bullock Programmer, Photographer, Admin, Human.
@tryphoon Cyril Rickelton-Abdi To a Brit, I am too much of a French. To an American, I am too much of a Brit with a French accent. To a French, I am too much of an American.
@theresa_who theresa League of Extraordinary Ladies co-founder. Producer/PM in the game industry for 7 years. Also: Gamer, Knitter, Spinner, Dyer, Crafter, Baker. Geek.
@omnicron omnicron Fun at Zappos
@jet_burns Charles White Exploring space for the good of man... and for food.
@Allison Allison Corona Adventures and Boredom in Los Angeles as seen by one individual. Also Trying to watch 365 Movies in one year.
@Exavior Exavior
@nancyann68 nancyann SAHM, geek, photographer, gamer, crafter, baker, sewer - lover of color!
@wildbell Will Campbell Just your average bipedal, opposable-thumbed mammalian who likes to bike most everywhere he goes.
@goetech goetech writer on The Big Bang Theory, USC instructor in web series writing and production
@toph Toph Allen Pro-science queer atheist liberal activist; future epidemiologist. Idealist / skeptic / cynic / optimist. Avid dog lover (specifically Wyatt).
@savagediana savagediana A person with varied interests who doesn't sleep well.
@spaceagemonkey Christian Rishel Lapsed member of the intelligentsia. Citizen.
@Graham_Orr Graham Jaffe Orr Aerospace engineer and propulsion scientist. General researcher for advanced systems. Systems analyst and designer. Physicist, musician, philosopher, human.
@ShanGogh Shannon Ramsay
@samrani Sherry
@JoeSpaceRock DC Agle NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Near-Earth Object Office. Juno mission to Jupuiter. GRAIL mission to moon. Views are my own...
@El3mo Elmo Martin I choose: (D) All of the above.
@caltechalumni Caltech Alumni Assn. Find and follow your fellow Techers on our Twitter list: @caltechalumni/alumni
@Gyeehill GYee Hill mom, NASA media rep, former TV newsie, animal lover, bargain shopper, overall good chum
@nolanfu nolanfu
@Kulia Julia Frey Born and raised in Hawaii. Love my adopted city of Los Angeles. Writer. Reader. Blogger. Safety Graphic Fanatic. Soon to be mom.
@rsherrell rsherrell
@r0b3rta Roberta Romero curious explorer, connector, music lover, film fan, companion to dogs, meditation fangirl, accidental matchmaker
@ilovegarick ✽Garick Chan✽ #Collaboration. Through sharing, we build & grow together. Technocratic solutions to a communal future, I'm #Cmgr of @Nimble & Comm. Chair of @SMC_LA
@JeanneHolm Jeanne Holm Evangelist,; Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA/JPL
@mwittig Mark Husband, Father, Salesman, Servant.
@boochicko Kristi Student by day, Registered Nurse by night, Jedi Knight by heart. I'm all grown up but still trying to make up for lost childhood.
@danafu dana i surf irl
{{tw| Alfred_Lin Alfred Lin
@BlackKatanas Nick Sifuentes I dig prose, politics and photography.
@kw KW Low tech, online, ecommerce, new media - strategy & marketing - jack of all trades
@davidstripinis David Stripinis VFX Labor Advocate and Agitator ScreenWriter & Filmmaker Virtual Production Specialist for Double Negative
@ChrisKimA Chris Kim A Friendly ArtGeek
@PolluxSJ Carl
@LawProf Michael Scott IP/TechLaw prof @ Southwestern Law School (L.A.), single dad, also @InternetLaw @CopyrightLaw @PrivacyLaw @transform_media
@beckycase becky case
@jallenrandolph JAllenRandolph Poetry, Environment, Technology
@joitheartist joitheartist Writer for int'l women's org, learning marketing, hoping to publish a novel someday soon
@Pomerantz William Pomerantz Vice President for Special Projects at Virgin Galactic. Former head of the $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE. Opinions here are my own, not my employer's.
@nickyjor nickyjor aerospace eng,space lover, tech girl,dancer,pilot!! social media learner, fashion enthusiast,wine lover and well..I am simply a person who loves life
@continuum Brian Won what time zone is this?
@Janestarz Janestarz News Chief--NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. These are my own random thoughts.
{{tw|keltraine Bino Gopal Technologist, Evangelist (Tech sales for L4-7 LB @ Citrix NetScaler), Futurist, Scotch Lover and all-around GEEK! Google LA Scotch Club, BarCampLA, TED and BIL!
@ryancash Ryan Cash
@truthknight Theo Romain Beach bum, programmer, lover of San Diego County, especially North County
@crystalschang Crystal S Chang Oh hi! My name is crystal, and the S stands for: soojung, soju, sleepy, & :D Mama API of @zappos_api. Come hang out with me at @IgniteVegas!
@ticean Ticean Bennett Making Magento bling bling.
@NASAJPL_Edu NASAJPL Education Space-related educational activities and resources for teachers and families from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
@mehendi mehendi
@twentyfortynine Rob A. I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said DUBSTEP and there was filthy bass in my ears
@austinrfnd Austin Fonacier
@goDOTchris chris believes in six impossible things before breakfast
@VeronicaMcG Veronica McGregor NASA-JPL news/social media mgr. Also tweeting as @NASAJPL, @MarsCuriosity & @AsteroidWatch. Creator of the 1st #NASATweetup. Opinions here are my own.
@jasonherald Jason Herald I programz the codez and administratez the linuxez.
@ochua1 Oliver Ortega Chua LA / OC / SD
@freinfeld Federico Reinfeld
@belenesq Belén idealist, wife, aunt, bibliophile, gadget geek, insomniac, list-maker, Mac devoteé, pen junkie
@dustbyrn Dustin Byrne
@papa_raja RJ Parsons Howdy
@todbot Tod E. Kurt multi geek, co-founder ThingM, maker of BlinkM
@silav silav i make things and organize stuff.
@tomassoderstrom tomassoderstrom IT Chief Technology Officer -- searching for and infusing useful technology
@SheldonLV Sheldon S
@thesneeze The Sneeze Steve writes He found a woman named @MrsSneeze. They have 2 boys named Raisins and Lux.
@MykalBurns Burns! I'm delightful.
@starwalking Diana Trujillo Space geek, NASA-JPL Aerospace Engineer whose dream is to become the 1st Colombian Female Astronaut!
@danregal danregal geek. photographer. browncoat. time waster.
@JoshNelson Joshua Nelson Happy husband to Emily and proud father of three girls and one boy, Civil Engineer and President of @ASCEoc
@vernhume Vern Hume Currently a generalist with an interest in most things, especially web analytics, former web design company owner and former media artist.....
@Lomara Kimberly Aerospace geek, Unix/Linux girl, photography geek, gearhead, metalhead \m/, Scapecaster - , Disneyland geek, world traveller
@LupinOne LupinOne
@thedessie Destiny I solemnly swear I am up to no good. :-P
@roryreiff Rory Reiff Web/mobile design/development. Co-founder of @frstyinc. Currently incubating @atfight for a fall release. I 3 vanilla soy lattes.
@ZorkFox Jared Robertson programmer|voice actor|writer], #NASAtweetup veteran.
@egradman SyynLabs, Cirque Berzerk, Doppelgames, Monkeys and Robots, The Mutaytor. Specialization is for insects.
@AndreaWittig Andrea On mission to Love!!!
@jhjones Jane Houston Jones Astronomer, science podcaster, writer, edu outreach artisan @NASAJPL, cosmic storyteller & the human behind @CassiniSaturn
@lucindamichele lucinda michele Artist, writer, devourer of Peeps. Fearless leader, fearless hair.
@chrisspurgeon Chris Spurgeon Web builder and obsolete technology junkie. Currently living in LA.
@rocketshadow Aleta Jackson I build rockets, rocket powered vehicles. And I fly in them.
@alliecine Allison Vanore Film / TV Producer, Director, Writer. Check out @UncleSlavko @SOLOTheSeries @ReplacedSeries @HopelesslyJune #TheDrought @ABoysLifeFilm @KillerWhaleFilm
@BrooklynHilary Hilary McHone I'm a smile-wearer, a picture-taker, a people-meeter, a fun-maker, an adventure-seeker & a life-liver.
@colorsign Red Ed Visual Artist living in West Hollywood, CA 90046 Working an a massive 386 piece artwork, consisting of pieces 18x36 big.
@jesseluna Jesse P. Luna Communications Specialist at @SEIU721 in Tri-Counties. Social change through social media. Tweets here are my own. #unions #ERIC #LATISM #faireconomy
@dumaspeed Susan
@tiggerme2 tiggerme2
@vanceg Polymath
@darthweef Stephen Johnson I'm a Geek, and I'm OK. I'm a coder, a thinker, and a drinker. I host a beer video podcast called New brew Thursday. I also blog about being a geek.
@onetake one take technologist, marketer, recovering blogger, dot-com bust survivor & frustrated screenwriter. Berkeley & Chicago Booth grad. working on the next big thing
@hithah hithah Christian. Web volunteer @ church. Endlessly geeky. Mac fan. Doctor Who addict. Lover of all things sci-fi & gadgety. Data analyst by day, fangirl by night. Hi!
@shadude shadan ardalan by day, i'm a rocket scientist for NASA's Jet Propulsion night, i'm Batman
@lopezi Julia L
@lkwdbrian Brian Cosgrove gay geek living in southern cal. enjoy movies, theater, opera, museums, astronomy, comic books, manga, and disneyland (to name a few things)
@dumeevariable Stephanie W Let's make our ideas of sustainability a larger reality. Got green opportunities, ideas, or thoughts? Let's talk!
@makenai Paweł Szymczykowski Codemonkey at with one foot in Las Vegas and the other in San Francisco. The @usrlib guy.
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