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The schedule's posted here as a courtesy, and any inaccuracies are my own, not NASA's.

* The NASA #Inaug2013 #NASASocial Open House tomorrow will air live on NASA TV from 10 am to noon & from 2-4 pm
*** Archive of the NASA TV broadcast ***.

Friday, January 18 / NASA Social Day

This is a NASA Open House event showcasing NASA’s science, technology and engineering prowess from at NASA Headquarters in Washington. This NASA Social is an opportunity to obtain a reserved seat during the open house and gain behind-the-scenes access to NASA’s talented people, including astronauts, mission management and communicators.

During the event, participants will have an opportunity to meet and mingle with several astronauts and members of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (@MarsCuriosity) team responsible for the Curiosity rover, which is five months into a two-year mission on the Red Planet.

Other topics include NASA’s plans for the future of human spaceflight; the importance of technology innovation to our future; science on the International Space Station (@ISS_Research); and NASA’s future missions to Mars. Additionally, the NASA Social participants will be treated to a special behind-the-scenes session about living and working in space.

NASA Social online

The Twitter account for the Social is @NASASocial, where we will post information about the event. We’re also on Facebook (NASA) and Google+ (NASA). The hashtags for the event are #NASASocial and #Inaug2013.

For more information on the Open House and a full list of NASA activities surrounding the inauguration of President Obama (@BarackObama) on Monday, January 21.

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