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The schedule's posted here as a courtesy, and any inaccuracies are my own, not NASA's.
All times are Eastern.

* The NASA #NASASocial will air live on NASA TV from 10 am - noon ET - You can also watch it live on NASA's UStream channel

Wednesday, February 20 - NASA Social: “Science on the International Space Station…Gateway to the Universe”

Astronaut Don Pettit will talk about what it was like to live and work in space for 370 days during three missions to the International Space Station . Pettit completed 193 days in space as a member of the Expedition 30 and Expedition 31 crews during his third spaceflight. Together with his previous space station expedition and space shuttle flights, Pettit is fourth among U.S. space fliers with 370 days in space. He also has two spacewalks to his credit. Pettit and his space station crew members spent the majority of their time aboard the orbiting laboratory performing science experiments. Their efforts supported more than 200 scientific investigations involving more than 400 researchers around the world. The studies ranged from integrated investigations of the human cardiovascular and immune systems to fluid, flame and robotic research.
Following his presentation, Pettit will answer questions from participants, and then we’ll transition to a live Q&A session with Expedition 34 astronauts aboard the International Space Station -- NASA Astronauts Kevin Ford and Tom Marshburn (@AstroMarshburn), and Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) aboard the space station. Afterward, you’ll hear from the Associate Administrator for the Exploration & Operations Mission Directorate, Bill Gerstenmaier and experts discussing science aboard the orbiting laboratory.
@NASA has partnered with the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (@airandspace) where @NASASocial participants will tour the Moving Beyond Earth and Space Race galleries, see demonstrations, interact with museum staff and and hear museum curators talk about the International Space Station, robots in space, and Skylab.
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