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Official Announcement of Event: Science on the International Space Station – Gateway to the Universe

Screen Name Name Description
@theairdemon HGallant Inventor, Cartographer, Scientist, Sorcerer, Spy, Pirate, Writer, Warrior, Time Traveler, Space Fleet Commander, Genius, and Legend of the Ancients
@stedman_casey Casey Stedman I'm a Space Exploration Advocate, promoter of Commercial Space Enterprise, STEM Outreach Volunteer, and a Military Aviator
@IamTay Tay #NASATweetup #STS135,#GRAIL Participant! NASA Nerd, Stock Market Stalker.
@mollymcbeal Karen Yu
@Massacre1581 Jill Massa Perfect amount of imperfections
@GallantRI Eva Gallant Spaced out @PierPizza owner, co-founder #NESciTweetup, Solar System Ambassador, TweetupAlum, tweets are my own.
@CelticRedman Carlos Estrella For God, Family, Country and Corps... Warrior Poet and Loving Fiancée of a Lovely Woman. Enjoy music, culture and just plain fun! Semper Fi!
@trentfaust Trent Faust Astronomy and Spaceflight geek, usability tester/web developer, @NASAJuno & #AstroAcaba #NASATweetup and #SCTweetup participant
@TraceFais Tracy Parker Just trying to win at life.
@athensoh athensoh
@caseyjn Casey N
@SSquire SSquire Biker, Divemaster, Firefighter, Ham Radio Op., Engineer, Baritone, 4xNASATweetup (2xSTS135, Astro_Ron, Glenn), SCTweetup Endeavour CDR, SITweetup, LMTweetup
@tebcoast Teresa Burns Physicist Derby Girl Baseball Fan Yankee Bleeding Heart Liberal: Shake'em up, any order counts.
@TinaCanDo Tina Marie Isbell StarGazer & TruthSeeker- Gravity explains the motions of the planets,but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion. God governs all things.
@AndreaBitely Andrea Bitely Digital for @ChamberForum at @USChamber. I tweet #Space #Sports #Business #History. Lean Right. Love @AdamBitely.
@EllAyLech Laura Lechler
@InfrasonicTom Tom
@dougchar001 doug knight Physics/Astronomy Instructor; God, Family, Space Exploration, Rocketry, Outdoors, Old Mustang
@mariaega Maria-Elena Gavilan CFD Engineer - MSc. Aerospace Eng. & Physicist. Also an eternal Colombian dreamer. Sorry, but you'll find mixed English/Spanish tweets #NASAtweetup attendee
@mobmarkymark Mark Don't follow @AREO_REO
@tsetsura Katerina Tsetsura Gaylord professor of public relations/strategic communication at the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, U of Oklahoma
@Charizardi Charissa S. ⭐ *Gotham Verified* Everyday life in a planetarium. #STS129, 3x #nasatweetup alum. Shuttle hugger. Burgh to the core. I JUST REALLY LOVE HOCKEY AND SPACE, GUYS.
@bigjohnmanning John Manning I'm the tall guy
@jamminpsu Christina Strommer Graphic designer/STEM advocate/gadget geek/literary junkie/music enthusiast. And a mom. Eat well. #NASASocial
@JoeConstant Joe Amateur Photographer hoping to be professional some day, Amateur Astronomer, all around geek
@PutItAway Kim Oser Certified Professional Organizer®, productivity consultant. I teach folks to live the simple life. Tech extrovert! Music, Redskins & useless info lover.
@MRCfmFBC Michael R. Cassidy Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director, Youth Worker, Board Member, NASASocial (STS135HQ and Landsat) alum
@french_marc Marc Space Enthusiast trying hard to become a better runner and skydiver. MSL #NASATweetup & #ISUnet #SSP12 alumni. By endurance, I conquer.
@ISSTracker ISS Tracker
@serenetyhanley serenety hanley first female White House Internet Director, original GOP Team Leader, grassroots politechs, star-gazer - all tweets my own
@KristenFitzpat1 Kristen Fitz Just a girl observing the world. Commentary on pet ownership, home improvement, various nerd hobbies, specializing in sarcasm, and space news updates :)
@jamerz3294 Jamie Rich Space Nerd: #JPL #Glenn50th tweetups, SpaceX launch, #NASAlangley #Inaug2013 Socials. On my bucket list is visiting all 10 @NASA facilities :)
@crystalgrn Crystal Geller I love my family, the art of bonsai, orchids, birds and anything space!
@lizmeister321 Lizzie Ellis No, I don't believe in the wasting of time. But I don't believe that I'm wasting mine. #GRAIL and #MSL #NASAtweetup/ @NASAsocial participant
@AgilistaAG Angela Gibson Educator. Dedicated to serving others & life-long learning #NASATweetup #NASASocial participant #STS135HQ #NASALangley #MSL #MarsCuriosity #AstroRon #AstroAcaba
@LHRoadkill Ray R. Tech Consultant, PC/MAC/UNIX, VoIP, Can research most anything (tech & non-tech)
@Kristin_Eh Kristin Maizel
@SpeculativeCity Bryan Hayes
@Faulkstronomy Faulkstronomy
@VTjawo James VT alum, photographer, cook, outdoor enthusiast. Data Analyst trying to figure out how I can travel more! STS135 Tweetup attendee x2
@DrCatalano Francesca Catalano Science educator and all around science geek. Occasionally known to tweet support of #LSU #geaux!
@megangarber Megan Garber Atlantic writer. Coffee drinker.
@sjlucas07 Sarah Lucas Digital/Advertising/PR pro working with passion and purpose. Social media junkie. Big-time dreamer. Happy hour enthusiast. Buckeye fanatic transplanted in DC.
@Wishing4aTARDIS Kathleen K I love all things science, space and hockey, especially the STL Blues. I'm also a big Dr. Who fan. NASATweetup/Social alum #STS-135-HQ, #Landsat, #MSL
@statixc John Abusing the net since AOL 2.0
@rgallwitz Ryan Gallwitz 6-12 principal for Centerburg Local Schools Centerburg Ohio. I enjoy the outdoors, sports, my family and all things Apple. Lover of Learning!
@rocketman528 Jeff Wallace CTO, athlete, author, chef: Saving world 1 project @ a time:-) ESA, NASA, Smithsonian and White House Social Media Outreach. Extra in @KatyPerry's Hot n Cold!
@unrealtravis Travis J Alvarado Webtech USA working to unite everyone under one roof.
@libbydoodle Libby Norcross My job: inspire & equip kids to pursue their dreams @ Challenger Center. My dream: Space. With God at the helm, life is an adventure! Opinions = my own
@JamesGRobertson James G. Robertson Drupal developer. Amateur photographer. Lover of the outdoors. MINI enthusiast. Predictably Canadian. Geek.
@citrixjedi Chris Rogers Citrix Technology Professional
@negativereturn Todd IT Manager, Tech, Hacker, Musician, Volunteer @spacetweeps @SpaceUpDC @SpaceUpHOU team @talkingspace
@russo_cristina Cristina Russo Ph.D. in molecular biophysics. Science writer for Owen Software and PLOS . Views are my own.
@mattdozier Matt Dozier Writer, editor, ocean advocate, science junkie, Arsenal supporter
@robpegoraro Rob Pegoraro Journalist covering (and often vexed by) computers, gadgets and other things that beep. Seen at @USATODAYtech, @DisCo_Project, @Discovery_News and elsewhere.
@Willow_Walker Willow B. Child of Mother Earth and Father Time.
@microbelover Jennifer Welsh Science Editor @BusinessInsider. My opinions and posts on this page are my own and not those of my employers, past or present.
@zippyg2 Glenn A deceptively ordinary expatriate Detroiter.
@kosame06 Brandi「バンニー」Besecker #WeAre #OneTeam #FTK; Future Mrs. Lee/Posluszny (whoever runs slower); #SpaceTweep; Survivor of countless #NASATweetup (& now!) #NASASocial; 一緒に日本語を話そう!
@hugomarivil HUGO MARIVIL
@astrodex David Dexheimer
@LJOPSDIR Lou Josephs IT guy worked for DOD/Loral/ VZB streaming guy..also in radio for 25 years..spent five years at WRMF AM/FM Titusvile FL
@nutzareus Ching-Yao Yu ℠ Native Detroiter. US Army OIF combat veteran. Smartphone collector. Love #NASASocial #WHTweetup. Podcast host for
@katiemartellyo Katie Martell I like space.
@spacegirlkat Ekaterina Khvostova Astrophysics student & Russian space princess. Aspiring astronaut/cosmonaut. Editor in Chief of @sedsusa NOVA and Management Vice President @uncseds ~ UNC CH ~
@adanzis Alan Danzis By day: work at @atomicpr. By night: blog for @NewYorkPost, @starpulse, @BuddyTV and more. Email adanzis AT gmail DOT com. My tweets are publishable but lame.
@taylofquist Tayler Lofquist #GWU grad | #Ohio native | Space cadet on | #GlutenFree
@miowpurr Sarah E cat crazy geek girl
@lucywilliamsdc lucy williams Avid autodidact @DIYRockets @JohnsHopkins MS in SysEng #MOOC #elearning #ICT4E #space #crowdsourcing #opensource #socent #data4d #m4d #mhealth #electriccar
@CaptCrumbz Crumbz I'm just your friendly neighborhood stoner, man. Lover of science & women. Host of 90's Now & the radio voice of the Nassau Lions on WHPC 90.3fm NY
@emilypizzino Emily Pizzino Nonnie called all her granddaughters Booba Bellas which means Beautiful Girls. She called me Homer. Hmmm.
@RedZachary Thomas Zachary Ginger, outta the box thinker, adventurer and explorer of all things human.
@FPWellman Fred Wellman CEO of @ScoutComms, former Army PAO/Aviator, combat vet, West Point & Harvard grad. Husband/co-owner of @LadyburgVA, father, writer, speaker, coffee maker
@chrisubik Chris Ubik MA, Museum Studies, JHU ('10); BA, History, UMUC ('08). Dig museums, history, marketing, social media, photography, soccer, not wearing pants.
@TLerns Talya Lerner Wanna-be Astronomer and budding business woman; two of my interests that collide more often than you think. Go Terps!
@LaurieTMiller Laurie T. Miller Current resident and occupant. My dog @Heidi_dog also tweets.
@mslinda22 Linda SpaceTweep:NASATweetup/Social alum: #STS132 Atlantis launch, #EarthDay40,#Astro_Ron, #AstroAcaba. #SITweetup Mummy Meet 'N Tweet and I love #Castle.
@TychoGirl Christine Rueter I redact old texts into astronomy poems. Sometimes break into free verse poetry, too.
@mikesmith916 Mike Smith Hello world. Don't worry, I'm here to laugh.
@ShareefJackson Shareef Jackson Science blogger, creator of #ScienceLooksGood and host of the podcast @OperationCube. Can leap small buildings in multiple bounds.
@MirandaM_EComm Miranda Miller @toprank Content Marketing Manager, Pro Writers Assn of Canada, SMM, mom, geek, informavore, possibly human and rumored to exist IRL.
@rhaskiell Rob Haskiell I teach Earth Science I & II. I'm looking for ways to tie technology to my classroom. NASATweetup w/ Ron Garan
@WaywardChad Chad Harris Social worker, wanderer, ponderer, wordsmith, @HoodCollege thanatology grad student, & advocate for communication, choice, & dignity throughout life's journey.
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