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How to Connect to the NASATweetup IRC Channel


In order to facilitate real-time communication between NASATweetup attendees and alumni, an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel has been established. Basically, it's a chat room that you can access from any IRC-enabled client, or even from your web browser!

Connecting Via Web Browser

The easiest way to connect to the chat without having to go through any set-up is to simply visit the Mibbit-powered browser link. You'll be prompted to select a nickname (your Twitter handle is preferred) and hit "Connect" to be taken into the chat room. That's it!

Connecting Via Web IRC Client

If you've already got an IRC Client installed, or you'd like to install one of the many IRC clients available, the connection settings for accessing the chat room are as follows:

More information about connecting can be found on the Foonetic webpage. If you're having trouble connecting with a client, try hopping into the chat via the Mibbit-powered browser link to see if someone who's already connected has some tips for you.

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