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The intention of this site is to provide a resource for any NASA or space related tweetup. That is why we chose to use an open wiki, so that any participant can both contribute and reorganize the organization of their part of the wiki.

This guide takes you through the few steps involved with leveraging the templates we have created for your tweetup event.

If you are running or participating with a tweetup event that is not related to space, you could use another open wiki, like or

Please note that you must wait 2 days from when you first create you account in this wiki to create pages. This is to deter spammers, which we have had quite a bit of problems with lately. See this page for more information: Spam prevention. Sorry for any inconvience. If you wish to avoid this delay, you can simply ask @jonverve or @ageekmom .


Copying and customizing them

First pick a name for your tweetup. It has to be unique to your tweetup and should be relatively short, since it will be in the name of each page.

Examples of past names include: Wallops | NPP Launch | JSC STS135 | STS135 | So because there was two tweetups for STS135, they had to be named uniquely.

Simply use the buttons above to create 6 pages. When you create each one, customize the areas marked <!-- ACTION: follow these instructions -->


Every tweet-up has 5 core pages that is part of the main navigation. They are List of participants, List of Speakers, Media, Personal Accounts, Tweetup Quotes, References. Their descriptions can be seen below. It is suggested that you create each of these 5 pages for your tweet-up, so you can leverage the templates. So just type in the unique ID chosen for your tweet-up (see previous section of this page) and fill it in the boxes below in the Create Pages section and click each of the Add buttons below.

Deeper customization and tweaks

Additional pages can be created for your tweetup. This is the community's wiki, so feel free to customize and tweak the site as much as you want. You can add HTML by just typing in
<html>put HTML code here</html>
when editing a wiki page. See the MSL Launch List of Participants page to see examples of customizations. To see how another page did something you find interesting, feel free to click Edit and you can see the source code. Also see How to Edit for additional information on other cool features.

Create Pages

Title Template Description
List of participants

Template List of Participants list of all participants and links to all high level items (tweetup registration, facebook group, etc)
List of Speakers

Template List of Speakers list of all the speakers and general agenda

Template Media links to interviews and articles by the press about the NASA Tweetup and the participants
Personal Accounts

Template Personal Accounts links to blogs, photo gallerys and video from the Tweeps
Tweetup Quotes

Template Tweetup Quotes silly out of context things said during the Tweetup and at the "houses" and event itself

Template References materials to track the mission

Paste Your Menu to the Home Page After Creating Your Pages

Assuming you had been creating pages for a tweetup whose TWEETUPNAME was MSL Launch, your menu would look something like this:


NASATweetup for the Launch of Mars Science Laboratory / @MarsCuriosity Rover - Kennedy Space Center, FL (November 25 & 26, 2011)

This is what you would paste on to the relevant portion of the homepage, under one of the headers -- either "What's Next?", "Upcoming Tweetups", or "Currently Open for Registration".

How to Add Your Social to the Global Navbars

Edit the following pages, following the existing formatting on those pages:

Need More Help with Wiki Formatting Conventions?

Check the MediaWiki Help:Formatting page.

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