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Social Participants

Screen Name Name Description
@bdolman Ben Dolman ‏ Developer of @dayoneapp and other @bloombuilt apps.
@feixiao Fei Xiao Powered by Fei-
@aewright Anthony Wright Personal observations of Jeffy's dad. More #HCR, #CABudget @healthaccess as Exec Dir, Health Access California. #NASATweetup: STS135, Goldstone
@WitchDrDash Dash Williams Dash is an anti-hero who is always one Martini away from backsliding back to the warm embrace of villainy.
@Teresa623 Teresa623 Democrat, animal lover and rescuer. I need to read as much as I need to breathe. There is ALWAYS a song in my head. )O(
@kjwhitma Kyle W Equal parts science policy analyst, regional economist, cartography buff, cactus/succulent fancier and trail-runner.
@weejan Jan Wee Fishing for great PreK-12 resources 21st Century Learning Instructional Technology; love riding my #ElliptiGo; educational technology; IT Director
@Joi_the_Artist Joi Writer, novelist, artist, believer, crafter, pony fan, and all-around total geek. Currently running a Mars fiction blog on my site.
@ryantombleson Ryan Tombleson I'm an atheist, vegan, and progressive. Don't let the monocle and top hat fool you; I have a mohawk. I like Astronomy. A lot.
@chrisspurgeon Chris Spurgeon Web builder and obsolete technology junkie. Currently living in LA.
@JonathanESmith Jonathan E Smith Director of Technology for Faith Ministries, traveler, speaker, space nut, professional geek.
@DannySkarka Danny Skarka I make TV and dream of going into space
@ShootAManInReno Lauren Rothman Musician, consultant, replicant, defiant. Primitive riffs & beats. Out of blandness I am your everyday thrill. There is eloquence in screaming. I am very metal.
@A_Neutron Amy I'm a geek lawyer who is kinda into quantum physics and a lot into tech. Oh ya, I have a cat too.
@aerial_thermal Eric Olsen Providing high quality scientific aerial thermal imagery throughout the world. Thermal Infrared (TIR) Multi-spectral (MSI) and Hyperspectral Imagery
@AlanMusselman Alan Musselman Fresh jives Raw vibes
@JJmunger Julie M. LearnGrowShare. Gr.9-12 teacher, mother, surfer, gardener, upcycler, steAm over stem.
@EdConexion Edgar Mejia Greatness advocate, positive change driver, EMBA, CEO, #Chambers of Commerce social media wiz, networking slut & connector of great people. 12x marathoner.
@erika_martinez Erika Martinez Nerdy party girl living in LA
@racingirl99 Christy Martin Happily married!! American flag saluting Nascar fan of over 10+ yrs...and proud Republican! God Bless America #USA
@AHMalcolm Andrew Malcolm Political news & commentary from Andrew Malcolm of Investor's Business Daily. (formerly Top of the Ticket @ latimestot)
@LAkeebs John Lee Designer & Illustrator
@tlarvenz Tracey Larvenz Camera, sound, music and writing. Working for tv networks mostly. Science geek, beer lover, wine enthusiast and jazz pianist.
@KeahuKahuanui Keahu Kahuanui actor, rocket surgeon, geek
@kjonesy287 Kathryn Jones
@cindymariej Cindy Marie Jenkins Storyteller - @OutreachNerd for @24thST @ARTMageddonLA & more - Beer Lover - Opinions my own - Arts Broadcasts at
@jaredhead Head Half rocket-scientist. Half comedian. I teach about space at @downeyspace and use the word awesome an awesome amount. Opinions are mine. #space #science
@thetylerhayes Tyler Hayes Nap advocate @Disqus.
@lee_grove Lee Anne Grove
@ChrisGriffith Chris Griffith Mobile developer. UI/UX prototyper. Adobe Community Professional. Adobe User Group Manager. Presenter. Kayaker. [NOTE: Thoughts expressed here are my own.]
@ilivetodayav ilivetodayav Promoting Antelope Valley through Friends,Business and Events. Highlighted with videos in a magazine format.
@JarrettGoetz Jarrett Goetz Tech, operations, strategy exec for startups/growth companies. Serial volunteer. Seeker of exciting adventures, daily. I love life, there's never a dull moment!
@glennon Alan Glennon Geographer / cave and geyser scientist / geospatial technologist.
@StephanyFolsom Stephany Folsom Part-time nomad and explorer. Full-time writer and paid typing monkey.
@nefertiti_ Nora Yasmine Lived in San Francisco, North Carolina, & moved my butt to Seattle! The life of a Turkish-Egyptian 24 year old UNC graduate!
@moviesharkd debbie lynn elias Film Critic to over 136 print & online outlets around the world; owner; journalist
@ridingrobots RidingWithRobots Robotic spacecraft are exploring the skies. You can ride along. Saddle up at
@SaraDixon Sara Dixon Savvy: Social Media/Marketing, Psychology, Fashion, Writing, Science, News and Nerddom. Social Media Strategy Specialist for @ignitesma. Tweets are mine.
@KDelin Kevin Delin Writer - Horseman - Scientist - Entrepreneur - Director - Technologist - Human
@nasa_nut Diane Deem Educator. NASA and overall Science enthusiast.
@indygadgetguy Scott Davis Scott Davis. My personal views on gadgets and life. Geek and space fan. Senior Webmaster at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
@wedgex Chad Collier LA VFX dude, FLA hick, comic and movie geek (with a side of blogging)
@Conductor222 Caroline Carson Conductor: University of New Orleans, Civic Symphony, Choirs & St. Paul's #Episcopal. Punster, spacegeek, #NASASocial #MarsCuriosity #LMTweetup #unoproud #NOLA
@MackBradley Mack Bradley Connect people and ideas for a living, and I write (in complete sentences, albeit not always here). #NASAsocial alum #GRAIL.
@n6wxd Steve - n6wxd Your typical geek with too many interest and not enough time or money. Amateur Radio, Computers, Space, Robotics, RC, Sailing, Scuba. Easily distrac...
@susanbellfilm Susan Bell Filmmaker. Stop-mo producer formerly w/ #RobotChicken. Transmedia creator. #NASASocial spacetweep. Soon-to-be Private Pilot.
@BasilLeaf Lisa Ballard web dev, space geek, hiker, health nut, yogini, progressive, servant to cats. GRAIL #NASATweetup alumn.
@jbacon Jennifer Bacon AV Freelancer, Master Composter, MA in Environment and Community from Seattle
@lagansamorada Carmen Austin From Houston, Live in Tucson, study astronomy, do space science outreach, love dogs, take pictures, tumbl, get crafty…
@Sephryn ू (❛ั ᄌ ❛ั ๑ ू ) Just this hyper person who tweets too much for their own good.
@michelevobora Michele Me in a nutshell: Joan of Arc, David King of Israel, and Larry the Cable Man...they all inspire me!
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