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Goddard Mars Curiosity Landing NASA Social Resources

NASA Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event: http://www.nasa.gov/connect/social/social_curiosity_aug2012.html

@NASA is holding 7 concurrent @NASASocial events on August 3, 2012, to celebrate the upcoming landing of @MarsCuriosity. These multi-site #NASASocial events will be attended by the following Twitter participants: Official Twitter Master List for MSL Multi-Site NASASocial curated by @NASASocial.

The following table lists attendees selected for the NASA Social event at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Screen Name Name Description
@kinnetica Michael Levin
@ChezWu Mykl Former tv producer who has turned in his press pass for a chef's knife. Now entering the social media world for restaurants and chefs. NOT a food blogger.
@LaurenAlloyce Lauren Tucker Cross Space and science geek. Psych Pro. Musician. Motorcyclist. Sports enthusiast. Energy Medicine. Mom of three. STS 135 HQ Tweetup, MSL NASATweetup
@cpuguru Doug White Research Associate at the University of Delaware. Part of the Ocean Information Center (OCEANIC) http://www.oceanic.udel.edu & Jedi-in-training.
@BlakeWilton Blake Wilton Fearless Designer, Animator and Thinker.
@AGIRocketGirl Amanda Brewer Aerospace Engineer at Analytical Graphics, Inc. Rocket Girl blogger for tips and tricks on launch vehicles and missiles in STK
@MediumFidelity Ryan Ziolko Chicago based iOS and Android developer with a passion for science and technology.
@stephonee Stephanie Collins Dreamer - personal finance blogger - nostalgic - knitter - geocacher - #NASATweetup addict - ThinkGeek's Spreadsheet Ninja monkey. Not necessarily in that order
@STEMConnector STEMconnector STEMconnector™ is the 1-Stop Shop for all things #STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Visit us at http://www.stemconnector.org
@TimmyShea Tim Shea Living in DC, working as a project manager, and enjoying life!
@josephgruber Joseph Gruber Aerospace Project Manager. Aviation and Space nut. Project Management enthusiast. Living without regrets! Life is awesome! Tweets are my own. #pmot #spacegeek
@JeffHarbert Jeff Harbert Technology coaching, user training, website & data backups. Co-chair of @ConvergeSouth. Love indie media, leadership, & eliminating gatekeepers.
@HowStuffWorks HowStuffWorks.com Random facts, the latest articles and what's happening at the office, brought to you by Site Director Tracy, Editor Holly and Senior Writer Robert.
@gracecunning Grace Cunningham Tree-hugging, latte-making, public-transit-&-bicycle-riding, urban-living, yoga-practicing, dancing, & exploring creative ways to interpret & change the world.
@ericasmith Erica Smith Journalist, researcher, social media enthusiast, 'Twitter sweetheart.' I eat M&Ms in Roy G. Biv order. (Curator in chief at @Infuz; these tweets are all mine.)
@charmcitygavin Gavin St. Ours I'm a writer living in Baltimore, Maryland. My short story collection, Soothsayer in Aisle Five, is available now! http://amazon.com/dp/B00805UAOS/
@AmandaChanguris Amanda Changuris Greek-by-marriage Marketing/Comm Specialist in the healthcare realm. Co-founder @nokidswilltravel. Opinions are mine, no stealing.

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NASA Hosts/Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@NASAGoddard NASA Goddard Tweeting the best in NASA astronomy, Earth sciences and robotic exploration for the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Greenbelt, MD USA · http://www.nasa.gov/goddard

@NASASocial NASA Social Follow us for announcements on social media @NASA and for info about upcoming NASA Socials

· http://www.nasa.gov/social

@erinleeryan Erin Ryan Mistress of the flying rocks (asteroids & comets), telescope jockey, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow @ Goddard. This is my personal account & all opinions are my own.
@AriesK Aries Keck
@ellenAfoot Ellen Grey NASA writer and science nut. All opinions my own.
@PaulGeithner Paul Geithner work at NASA, enjoy golf and surfing
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