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Glenn 50th Anniversary NASATweetup Participants

The Official Glenn NASATweetup Twitter List of Participants, curated by @NASATweetup on Twitter, currently follows 75 people, including 1 NASA Twitter account— @Astro_Box.

Screen Name Name Description
@Mikeumr Michael Johnson
@Lerg Andrew Kalat Computer Security Engineer, nerd, libertarian, gun nut, published photographer, and certificated private pilot, ASEL, working on earning IFR.
@munciegadgetguy Scott Davis Scott Davis. Senior Webmaster at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Geek and space nut. My personal views on gadgets and life. NASATweetup Alumni
@chefswidow chefswidow stupid crazy in love with @chefsawyer, the minis, my dags, & sour beer. i tell stories of what its like to be hitched to a chef.
@julieanntuttle Julie Tuttle Davis Web Director @BallState. Making award-winning websites since 1999. MBA. Writer. Wife. Mom to two teenagers. Science, space, tech geek. #STS135 #NASATweetup alum
@Sig727 Sierra Schauer Space lover, music geek, Arkansas grad (Woo Pig), Space Camp Tweetup for STS-135 and NASA Tweetup for GRAIL, STS-135 @HQ, & Langley; Space Camp Crew Trainer
@chefsawyer Jonathon Sawyer Catcher & Louisiana's Dad, married to Chef's Widow, vinegar maker, Chave lover, owner of Noodlecat, Brick & Mortar, Tavern Vinegar Co. & The Greenhouse Tavern
@MattMercurio Matt Mercurio Web/Mobile Developer @ClubReady, aviator, techie, husband, pizza geek, #NASATweetup addict - #STS133, NASA Ames Tweetup and NASA Glenn
@andresdavid Andres Almeida Science | Social Media | Social Issues | Improv. Pluto will always be a planet to me. #NASATweetup #STS135 launch alum.
@ThWrex Just that guy... NASA space geek, @NASATweetup alum, (STS-135 launch, STS-95 (press) @sofiatelescope, @JPLtweetup) Opinions are my own and often random.
@rocketman528 Jeff Wallace CTO, athlete, author, chef: Saving world 1 project @ a time:-) World Marathon Majors. NASA STS-133, Ames, Goddard, JPL, SOFIA & 1st ESA & WH Holiday Tweetups!
@ProfessorKurt Fr. Kurt Messick Professor, Chaplain, Writer, off to NASA on March 2!
@VTjawo James VT alum, photographer, cook, outdoor enthusiast. Data Analyst trying to figure out how I can travel more! STS135 Tweetup attendee x2
@zerogguy Geoff B #STEM educator, @GoWeightless flyer, #NASA Endeavor Fellow, STS-131 Launch VIP, host of @almostrocketsci podcast, space-geek, craftsman, #NASATweetup alumn
@unitednuclear J. Bachman I tweet official stuff from United Nuclear along with my own stuff.
@Astro_Box Gregory H. Johnson NASA Astronaut
@SSquire SSquire Biker, Divemaster, Firefighter/EMT, Amateur Radio Operator, Engineer, Baritone, 4xNASATweetup (2xSTS135, Astro_Ron, Glenn), SCTweetup Endeavour CDR, SITweetup
@sedoug Scott Douglass Golf, Boy Scouts, University of Cincinnati Bearcats, Lacrosse and Beta Theta Pi
@hansmatic Hans Hansen NASA Glenn Engineer & Cleveland sports fan #NASATweetup
@stephosuli Steph Sedor pittsburgh, math, rock music, and the penguins.
@heyhadley Hadley estate manager, freelance graphic designer, student, animal lover, and coffee addict! Go Heels!
@WB8ZHU Thom Otte I enjoy flying and riding motorcycles
@lindeju Julie Linderman
@KelleyApril Kelley April Singer/Actress~♥Space~For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.~Van Gogh~ #SCTweetup #NASATweetup STS135&Wallops
@shalmoli shalmoli Hope-y change-y political junkie.
@AliRittenhouse Alicia Rittenhouse A geek with the latest “scoop” on Tech and Social Media, I help entrepreneurs become Kick-Ass Rockstars in the biz!
@therealdjflux The Real DJ Flux DJ, Space Nut, Techie, Wannabe Photographer, Who Dey!, Co-Founder - @miclothing - - #STS133 #NASATweetup Family
@muellerspace Kelly Mueller Pic is of snow at my parent's house. Current library student.
@AndrewDouglass2 Andrew Douglass GO BEARCATS, GO BETA
@nickvolp uıǝɥuǝdןoʌ ʞɔıu ˙ןıɐʇʞɔoɔ ןɐuoısɐɔɔo ǝɥʇ puɐ 'sʇǝʞuɐןq 'uɹoɔ 'sʇuɐdʇɐǝʍs 'uoıʇɐɹoןdxǝ puɐ ʇɥbıןɟ ǝɔɐds ʎoظuǝ ˙ɹǝǝuıbuǝ ןɐuoıssǝɟoɹd pǝsuǝɔıן
@brx0 brx0 Software drone. Science dork. Photo geek. General nerd. Obscure blogger. Mildly amusing at times. Mostly harmless.
@davegobe David Miller Chemist, husband, father of two wonderful daughters & purveyor of bad puns.
@lalorek lalorek Writer, journalist, founder of @SiliconHillsNew, technology reporter, speaker, aspiring author, mom, wife, corn detailer.
@taawd Todd Sheppard Communications professional, heavy social media user, music lover, all-around good guy. #HappyinCLE #NASAtweetup
@sj214 Michele Jakoboski We Are and Will Always Be
@captnemo06 Bryan Nimmo Ramp Worker for UPS & a NASA nut
@nkyconnect Ann It’s about lifelong learning. Digital Librarian. Topics: local, technology, saving $, science, search, e-books, & my work @kentonlibrary
@ItsToddB Todd
@DavidERod David E. Rodriguez UC Berkeley Engineering grad, UCSC Psych grad, Defense Industry employee. #NASATweetup alum, #Cal fan!
@poiseinparma Alicia Hansen lifetime NEOhioan, healthy balance blogger, #FitFluential Ambassador, team member at @NishkamaYoga, gluten-free runner, golden retriever lover
@karinbodnar karinbodnar All Around Clevelander. Tribe Fan. Electrical Engineer. NASA nerd. Akron Zip Alum. All opinions are my own.
@sos_jr Stuart O. Smith, Jr. Interests:, Website Design, Cleveland Web & Tech Events, Technology, Backpacking, Cleveland Cultural Events, Art, Theatre, Healthy Living
@MWSheridan Mike Sheridan LONG TIME RI Traffic Reporter and Morning Radio Guy
@Charizardi Charissa S. *Burgh Verified* planetarium elf/laserist, #STS129 #nasatweetup alum. @tradeneal is my spirit animal. I JUST REALLY LOVE HOCKEY AND SPACE, GUYS.
@KilroyWasHere Brice Russ I'm a grad student at Ohio State who works with linguistics, space, and education. Also some politics, sports (especially UNC) and quizbowl.
@nivex Kevin Otte Linux, IPv6 geek. Air and space fan.
@johnmoorenow John Moore Numbers. Process. Strategy. Techie. Volunteer. Traveler...Two Million Flight Miles and Counting
@PatriciaKellogg Patricia Kellogg THE METAL GODDESS! Official! (AKA The Girl O Ghoul, LA Pierogie Queen, Pumpkin Princess, Countess Cleveland, & Python Pat,(Ambassador of optimism & cheer!)
@dlayphoto dlayphoto Doctor's spouse, bon vivant, fan of , DDP Yoga (, Ravens football, F1 Racing. Cleveland Proud. Tweets are my own opinions! #NASATweetup
@Rocket1071 Jeni K Obsessed with the Space Shuttle, rockets and anything NASA does, did or will do. Obsessed with hockey, pinball and music too -- 'Headphones on, world off!'.
@perkinspirates Chris Gasteier Follow Sandusky Perkins Local Schools
@MarcyMMF Marcy Frumker Space Advisor & Trustee Int'l Women's Air & Space Museum (IWASM) /space advocate/sports fan/spacetweep/member of STS-132 JSC NASAtweetup/Glenn NASAtweetup
@NASAguy Andy Forbes
@clevelandchick2 clevelandchick Urban planner & passionate Clevelander
@GreenBastard Chris817 DIE
@arma358 Zachary McCauley College student currently living in Erie. This will be my second tweetup. Going to have an awesome time making friends, and seeing old ones.
@Spaceupmom Patti McCauley Mother to @arma358. Happy to go to the tweetup with him.
@ccorrie1 Cameron Corrie Lancaster county PA native, my fourth #NASATweetup, currently ON ONE LEG ;)
@deborahherman Deborah Herman HR/Social Media consultant in South Florida, my 2nd #NASATweetup, really looking forward to it (especially if there is snow)!
@marykay877 Mary Kay Hemenway astronomer at the University of Texas at Austin. Happy to be selected!
@nlmeach Nancy Meacham sister and guest of @marykay877 from Warren, Ohio. Looking forward to the Tweetup!
@6thgradersrule Sara Hemenway daughter of @marykay877. Teacher in Hutto, TX. Selected for Glenn and alumna of STS134 Tweetup!
@libbydoodle Libby Norcross Young educator/simulated astronaut in a town called Normal (no joke!). Keeper of @CLCatHCC tweets. 2x NASATweetup, 1x SCTweetup alum. Contagiously enthusiastic!
@4faraday Paul E. Smith Chemist at Purdue University,second #NASATweetup and bringing a guest who has a 50 year old John Glenn autograph. Should be a great time.
@concussion962 Pat Cooney Purdue Boilermaker Aerospace Alumni working in the BizJet industry. Second #NASATweetup, bringing my younger bro - who is almost as excited as me!
@jamerz3294 Jamie Rich Still Crazy, After All These Years... Space Nerd and #JPLtweetup and soon to be #Glenn50th alumni!
@JetPat64 Pat Bell GEnx Product Support Engineer at GE Aviation in Cincinnati. STS135 Launch Tweetup participant
@nasanerd Hannah Key Career counselor and soon to be Ph.D. student in Human Factors Psychology studying the use of serious video games for mental health treatment during long term space travel. Third NASATweetup (GRAIL and STS135atHQ), also attended WHTweetup. Ecstatic about starting 2012 with another life changing tweetup! :)
@EatDrinkClev Crystal Welsh Cleveland lifestyle blogger with emphasis on food and enjoying all that life has to offer.
@RennaW Renna Warren Chemical engineer from the Secret City of Oak Ridge, TN. STS135 Launch and JSC STS135 Tweetups alumna. Ask me about the sad story of just missing the GRAIL tweetup.
@Bibliobess Elizabeth "Bess" Reynolds Law librarian from New York City. Very excited about attending my first NASA Tweetup.
@NerdyAmy Amy Moller Registered nurse from Dayton, second NASA Tweetup but first with my son. Hubby & I were tweeps at STS135 landing Tweetup.
@Buddhake Daniel Ayala Long time husband of Nasatweetup-er @wxgirl, first time attender [sic]. Information Security guy who loves space, music and gadgets.
@Wxgirl Jennifer Ayala Meteorologist by training (and by passion). Space lover extraordinaire layered on top of it all. #SCTweetup and #MSL alum
@ByrdGirl Robin Byrd i can't fly but i do tweet, second #NASATweetup super excited for #Glenn50 Looking forward to meeting all of you!
@1catsch Cathy Schmeltz Very excited to be able to join in honoring the great John Glenn! #MSL tweetup alum
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