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GRAIL-A Lunar Orbit Insertion (2011-12-31 4:21PM EST)
GRAIL-B Lunar Orbit Insertion (2012-01-01 5:05PM EST)

UPDATE 1/17/2012: GRAIL twins have names Ebb & Flow. 4th grade class from Emily Dickinson Elementary School in Bozeman Montana submitted the names and were selected out of over 900 entries.


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GRAIL NASATweetup Participants

Unofficial list derived from Twitter squeeing on August 21st. Update your info as you see fit. NASA received more than 825 registrations for the tweetup.

Screen Name Name Description
@nessyhill Vanessa Hill Science nerd and CSIRO communicator. Casual astronomer, photographer, diver, eternal traveller and amateur North Queenslander.
@cameroncarnes Cameron Carnes
@MariposaX Rochelle Dolim I'm naive enough, and believe strongly enough in education, to trust they are willing to acknowledge mistakes to be even better.
@bacchus71 Orlando Ja Wannabe beer connoisseur. I love technology, especially gadgets, football & living the Florida life!
@kimzzz kim suszczewicz I'm working on it...
@KathyWingard Kathy Wingard News,media+marketing. Glad you're in my Twitterverse!
@mjuszczak Matt Juszczak I'm a computer geek, entrepreneur, non-fiction space nerd, and train fan who loves to run and be outdoors.
@carrollbryan Bryan college grad.
@behindtheview Christey Krause-Nichols Photojournalist, mom to four, runner, book geek, computer nerd, nasa nut and run,, &
@MJK60631 Melissa Karaviotou Corporate Learning Professional @ a Fortune 50 Company w/a passion for photography, music, architecture, books and travel.
@GomezJames James Gomez ¡Feel the Mexcellence!
@cwcgsd Laura Ricci NASA Juno Tweetup attendee and now attending GRAIL!!!!! Collector of college degrees from various fields. Astronomy/space program fan - all thanks to my father and Carl Sagan. Show Cardigan Welsh Corgis and follow Thoroughbred horse racing. Westinghouse STS Top 40 alum. Fan of Star Wars (OT) and the original BSG. Have lived on the Space Coast since 1974, so have been very fortunate to grow up with rockets.
@natronics Nathan Bergey Building open source, open hardware rockets in Portland, Oregon.
@AllonsTravelMary Stephan I create exceptional travel experiences that will give you a lifetime of memories. Mom, OSU fan-love to travel, read & hang out with friends/family.
@analoguepilot joshua conti photographer. producer. writer. computerist. husband. father. i love God.
@DynastyDC DynastyDC Choose the pursuit of FREEDOM. Freedom to endeavor, practice & master the art of becoming, ascending, transforming into someone you have never been.
@love4thgrade Victoria Jasztal Hi, I am in my 8th year of teaching 4th grade in central Florida. I love to tweet about teaching and kid culture. I have been a 3-5 Scholastic Teacher Advisor!

@BasilLeaf Lisa Ballard web dev, space geek, Lefty, hiker, health nut, green living devotee, Ashtanga yogi wannabe, music lover, enjoyer of tea, servant to cats
@PalmBeachPR Rebecca Seelig PR professional who enjoys what she is doing for a living.
@MattAttackPro MattAttackPro I'm male, Chemistry and Physics high school teacher, Element Collector, Videographer, Film and TV Geek, NASA enthusiast. My video of the launch of STS-135 can be seen on my website.
@pchurchill Paul Churchill Sr. GIS Utility Auditor, Have passion for SQL, Civil 3D, Map 3d, and anything Autodesk/ Esri.
@ScienceInTheSky Rubbo I'm just an ordinary astronomy professor trying to spread the good word about science and critical thinking.
@LFRamsey Lisa I'm a Christian, Wife, Mom of 2, Space Geek (STS 127,128,133,134 & 135) & Texas Longhorn fan. One of the organizers of @SpaceUpBHM!!
@JonathanESmith Jonathan E Smith Director of Technology for Faith Ministries, traveler, speaker, space nut, professional geek.
@DanPaepke Dan Paepke I'm honored to be the current spokesperson for the Ham Council. In my spare time I figure skate, quote lines from TV shows, and mock myself. Join in on the fun.
@lilipvill lilipvill A tired mom :) and a KSC NASA Engineer. This is my personal account. The views on this account are not those expressed by NASA.
@Smash_Atom Michael Allan Husband/Father/Vet/Engineer/Science/Astronomy/Geek No Porn tolerated
@acwzywabit Pam Acmenameco animal lover-Quorn Chik keeps me not vegan-lover of God-natural sciences degree-kind hearted-positive thinker-believer in synchronicity+I'M A LIL CRAAZY!!
@tmorganjr Tommy Morgan Jr. @ArtSTALK68 contributor. Freelance writer. The voice of America that @ericsundy wishes existed. The pauper of the surf. The jester of Tortuga.
@GlamazonToronto GlamazonToronto Organizer of the Canadian Browncoats & Toronto Browncoats online Yahoo Groups. No power in the 'verse can stop us.
@DrDaddyBob Bob Gerardy Recently retired techie of 47 yrs. Space nut since Tom Corbett and golden age junior SF. Worked on missiles,Titan,Viking,Skylab. Taught CS and wrote software.
@dougdechow Douglas Dechow Librarian. Scientist. Writer. First memory is of Apollo 11. Chased #sts133 #sts134 #sts135. Saw 2 of 3.
@ktraphagen Karyn Traphagen Science (esp. Physics), Pedagogy, Ancient Languages & Writing Systems, Photography & Art, Difficult things, Small things, Nature. I am also the Twitter voice for NC Museum of Life & Acience @lifeandscience My blog: I watched the 1975 launch of the Apollo-Soyuz Mission. I work with Professor Stephen Thornton (University of VA) training physics teachers. He is married to Kathryn Thornton,former NASA Astronaut who was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame. She logged more than 975 hours in space, more than 16 million miles in orbit and 21 hours of extravehicular activities as the second American woman to walk in Space.
@apr20vturbo Bryan NASA, atheist, skeptic, BJJ, VW, BMW, jets, reef tanks, diving, climbing, surfing, ocean, stars, physics, astronomy, space, biology, photography, life is great
@airphoto Corey Robinson 911 Communications Supervisor City of Norwalk, Aviation Enthusiast
@saxie5 saxie5
@jschoeneberg Jason Schoeneberg Mechanical Engineering for Graco Children's Products, Proud father of 3 yr old stroller pilot, life long space buff, gadget junkie, Now with 100% less gluten!
@Aysomom Kim Christian, wife of @pacurn1, Mom to 4 girls, Gigi of three, cyclist wannabe, Disney & Spacegeek! Attended STS135 launch, GRAIL NASATweetup attendee
@Vernoogle Vernoogle Multimedia producer. Runner. I take everything seriously. Except when I don't. If you don't like it. There's the door.
@susanbellfilm Susan Bell Horror/Thriller Filmmaker. Robot Chicken producer. Likes bunnies, cats, space exploration, transmedia, geocaching & hiking. Part of #SVPTweetup at STS-135.
@catloversun Sunshine Schulenberg I'm a grad student I make jewelry love to garden and am writing a book. I've always lived in Florida married 33 years have 2 daughters 1 granddaughter & 2 cats
@KelleyTastic Kelley Tastic writer. artist. digital marketer. queen of my own quixotic universe. harbinger of awesome. geek. skeptic. secular ray of sunshine. polytastic. so much more...!
@Sig727 Sierra Schauer Graduate of the University of Arkansas, space lover, music lover. Space Camp Tweetup attendee for STS-135 launch, not sure what I want to do with life yet, but it could be going back to school for another degree, maybe in something aerospace related :-)
@kklausser Kristina Klausser Recent UNF graduate who loves politics, reading, and Tina Fey, searching for a job in the political and/or non-profit world.
@cmaka Chris Maka Mechanical Engineer by degree, IT professional by trade, space and history buff at heart. Attended STS-132 launch and will be part of the #GRAIL launch tweetup.
@SabrinaOso Sabrina Anastasia Im Sabrina, Im a Bear, Im an Environmental enthusiast. I met the love of my life, his name is Smacks. One day we're going to own a galaxy in a universe far away
@txchris67 Chris Caviness Husband, father of 2, big time NASA fan, STS130 JSC mission tweetup participant, IT professional, poker player, mobile photographer, cant wait to see KSC
@armengoltorres Armengol Torres ICT and ITS Consultant & Analyst. Lecturer, writer, entrepreneur, geek. Interests in Aerospace; Physics, Nature, Music.
@Fidget02 Jus My personal Twitter, My personal comments. I work in aviation as Duty Manager Airside at EGLL. Attending @NASAGRAIL #NASATweetup in September in Florida!
@Arestelle Arestelle Sure, I'm a girl, but 'Jane of all trades' just sounds silly.
@CCorrie1 Cameron Corrie Student at York College of Pennsylvania studying biology! Passionate about astronomy, aviation, space exploration, RC, and of course, food!
@anechoic_chambe Jamie Hamilton Some call me a psychacoustinaut. I love the world of acoustics, vibrations, aerospace, and mechanical engineering
@kosame06 Brandi Besecker 獅子宮. 一生に日本語を話そう! DoAsInfinity! Science. Animals. Human equality. DoverAFB brat. Admin Secretary for State of DE/DSU; Penn State '06. WE ARE...

@jimstem jimstem Customer Experience Strategy, Usability, and Design with over 20 years experience guiding Fortune 500 companies towards better ROI utilizing cutting edge UX

@karenabad Karen Abad Adventuneer, kite-flyer, dinosaur lover, collector of infinite moments, listener, friend. Director of Photography and film editor who likes to collect/preserve moving images.

@NTJ Neven Jones I was once a foodie, now I'm a green juice aficionado who eats high raw. I blog about eating raw and living a balanced healthy life.

@Erin_Allen Erin Allen Space and Technology geek, and yes I'm also a woman. Saw STS-124 launch, can't wait to see GRAIL launch and experience KYC with other space geeks.
@C3DReminders Christopher Fugitt Civil Engineer, Blogger. I blog NASA (and other stuff) here:
@flhurricane Chris Schwab 39 years old, Husband, have two boys. NASA Enthusiast from Clearwater, FL, Space Academy Level II Alumni (1988). Been following NASA since my Dad drug the entire family on the roof of our house to watch STS-1. Seen more STS launches than I can remember from US-1, been to as many attempts. Can't wait to experience GRAIL up close.
@budiprasetya Budi Prasetya Techie, programmer, photographer and robot builder. Loves NASA and space. Participating NASA Stardust @Home project. Enjoying outdoors, games, cars, racing and food!
@btumpak Bobby Tumpak NYC based - astrophysics, food, wine, hockey, et tout français
@catahouligan Sherry V. Own cutest dog in the cosmos! Love: Space, Sagan, Rocket/Shuttle Launches.Math/Astro major, future NASA scientist-watch me! :) #GRAIL #NASATweetup Attendee!!!!!
@davehiggins1 Dave Higgins Strategic technology consultant, author, and social media blogger.
@therealdjflux Andy Rechenberg aka Flux DJ, Space Nut, Techie, Wannabe Photographer, Who Dey!, Co-Founder - @miclothing - - #STS133 #NASATweetup Survivor and Family
@Andrew_Prime Andrew Stillo I am anything I choose to be except that which I cannot be. At the moment I choose: #NASATweetup #GRAIL attendee, Psych grad with handcuffs, 27, and single!
@Dragon Charles Dragons are real - believe in them and they will believe in you. ... now where's the BBQ?
@hinsonkt Keith Hinson I am a music fanatic, guitar player, acrobatic stiltwalker, gym rat, amatuer photographer, husband..I love life and find inspriation in music and visual beauty
@MackBradley Mack Bradley Connect disparate people and ideas. Work in PR and PA, and I write (in complete sentences, albeit not always here). Ready for the #GRAIL #NASA Tweetup...
@rclinksc Randy Clinkscale gettin it in...
@PML33T TL Frasqueri-Molina Project Manager in Technology at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Best job ever.
@adcunningham Aaron Love my family, NASA, Space, Aviation, Music, Beer, Coffee, NASCAR, Red Sox & Patriots. I'm a private pilot & NASATweetup veteran. RedSoxTweetup attendee!
@asten77 Asten Omahan at heart, living and working in Chicagoland. #GRAIL #NASATweetup attendee!
@Florida_Design Eric Miller If your dream isn't bigger than you, there's a problem with your dream! Member of the #Grail launch, Fall 2011 @NASA
@isaaccarmignani Isaac Carmignani Technologist/Education Advocate
@GregReuter Greg Reuter Geotechnical engineer and engineering geologist, #GRAIL #NASAtweetup
@rodwilco Colin Lewis why do I get 20 more characters to describe my self then in an actual tweet....
@ScionBoo Melissa O. Amateur Radio Operator, Motorcycle Rider, SkyWarn Storm Spotter, Scion Owner and Fan, Space Geek
@bharrier Bill Harrier Married to Cheryl (Stewart), dad of @janellewilson, space/sky geek, Heaven bound, #GRAIL #tweetup
@ryankeefer Ryan Keefer Web Developer, Cyclist, Tar Heel, Guitarist, Husband & Father. Attending the Sept GRAIL NASA Tweetup.
@KerriRocker Kerri Callahan Jersey Girl, Rockin Mom, Self Rescuing Princess, Space Cadet, Disney Geek...KerriRocker
@sonarstrange BJ Price musician, runner, space and technology geek
@STEMConnector STEMconnector Launches Nov 2011. Aims to highlight key partners and points of contact to advance STEM strategies and activities. Check out our blog for more.
@vivian814 Vivian loving life in Austin
@daddyk Kris Haislip
@CarolinesDesk Caroline I am a Cajun, I love good humor, good food & good friends! Let's Tweet! #GRAIL, #NASATweetup
@MEGANHATTON Megan Hatton Meteorologist & Ohio native. Lover of killer heels, black licorice, Ohio State, old school rap & all things science! Opinions are my own and NOT OF MY EMPLOYER.
@swapniltamse Swapnil Tamse Eternal Optimist... NYU Grad,Web Developer,Blogger,#CloudComputing enthusiast,want to get my hands on @NASANebula.#Startup BabyFeet, #NASATweetup #GRAIL

@whoisgregg Gregg Hilferding Web developer, Eagle Scout, WebmasterWorld JavaScript & Databases Moderator, Attending #NASATweetup #GRAIL!
@edstelescope Ed’s Telescope I'm a Meade LXD-75 SN-8 that belongs to Ed
@Launchchaser Peter 10 Shuttle what? A. Think Ill go to Florida again
@mattsokoloff Matt Sokoloff Product Manager working in the Online Advertising space in Orlando, FL. Also interested in politics, tech, CrossFit and other random things.
@cquintana08 Christine Quintana future astrophysicist in training
@RAAM243 TL Lansdell Bicycle Advocate, Public Servant, 4 Time Solo RAAM'er, RAW Fixed Gear Record Holder, NC/SC record holder, Bike Builder, Photographer, Dragonboater
@macari Ricardo Macari Brazilian Podcaster, IT Consultant, Free Thinker.
@mudfence Mitch Llewellyn 3 Heart Attacks 5X Open Heart Surgery.....Thank God Everyday I'm Alive!!
@Restrantek Restrantek Anything fun and legal!
@caseyayers Casey Ayers App Developer, Raconteur, Tech Pundit, Entrepreneur, Pianist, Economist, Jaguars Fan, Fearless Leader, Resident of Duval, Your Pal
@66comet202 Greg Clark Average car guy, blues guitarist, all around nice guy and owner of a '66 Mercury Comet 202. @NASAJuno @NASATweetup #GRAIL attendee
@anthonyfitch Anthony Fitch Morehead St. Univ. B.S. Grad, space junkie, a NOL Saints fan, educator (sometimes), and dreaming of working for an aerospace company. Ad Astra Per Aspera
@jwhittenburg jwhittenburg Baker, brewer, father of three, adult fan of LEGO, author, and scientist. Equal part lover and fighter.
@mongolover Lauri Beltrand Star gazer who digs watching the ISS in the sky. Love space since first man orbited earth. STS 129,131,133,135 attendee. Soon to be a NASA Tweet-up alumna.
@computerbugg Ken Buxton Independent computer consultant. Former engineer, tobacco shop owner, real estate sales. Worked with NASA during the 60's during Apollo.
@BigE54 Elliot Lipson Web Developer with over 25 years experience in technology, working with .NET, SQL Server, Sharepoint & Sitecore, Technology & Social Media enthusiast, Geek
@smithcarola Carol Smith Fan of the History Channel, NASA/Space, Tech and Animal lover. I'm attending the #GRAIL #NASATweetup Sept. 7-8!
@ocaptmycapt Jay Fooshee Science and space junkie, STS-133 tweetup survivor, GRAIL tweetup participant, sci-fi dork and all around bro. All tweets are my opinion and mine alone!
@JL_Davis Jillian Davis Love my BlackBerry, Scrapbooking, space, all things Florida, making stuff for my Etsy shop, & Disney. Geeky Fair Maiden of the #STQs. My tweets are my own.
@Garrettishere Garrett Frankson Soccer official, amateur graphic artist, UW-Platteville student, NASA geek, amateur astrophysicist, confirmed #GRAIL #NASATweetup attendee (So excited!).
@ImJohnnyKelley Johnny Kelley Speaker. Writer. Storyteller. Evangelist that strives to not act like an evangelist.
@SethSchneids Seth Schneider Lovin' life in Paradise with my family. Jets, Mets, Devils, & Fla Panthers. #GRAIL #NASATweetup
@nasanerd Hannah Key #GRAIL #NASAtweetup attendee, career counselor, politics, travel, film, beer, music, news, & lots more nerd. I like to think of it as a passion for life :)
@zpurser Zach PurserGa Tech grad in AE; Pilot; Drummer; Photographer; Christian;#NASA GRAIL TweetUp Member; NASA STS-132 Tweetup member; Person who uses too many semi colons;;;;
@OnidaGirl Amanda Barber South Dakota native transplanted to Florida by way of New York; married; owned by two cats; loves Twitter, crafting, photography, trying/learning new things; wants to be in a flash mob
@ageekgirl ageekgirl the life and adventures of a geek girl
@bitterforsweet Lizzie Straight Edge.Disney Nerd.Blue&White Ignight.Loves Wrestling,Makeup,Orlando Magic,Phóbucks,Nintendo,Space travel, and Anime. #GRAIL #NASATweetup
@carnolddesigns Christopher Arnold Online producer for, volunteer for American Cancer Society, digital artist, photographer, designer, etc.
@chvale Charlotte Vale Attending GRAIL Tweetup at KSC/Cape Canaveral! Kinda geeky about a number of things, know a little bit about a lot of things. Like to bake, listen to music.
@countrydarts Mike Carroll Owner/President of South Florida Country Music. I tweet about country music, sports, science, outdoors, politics, life in general, random thoughts, etc
@crzyrunninglegs Michelle I am a wife, mom of two, instructional designer, daughter, sister, friend, family chef, runner, lover of books, food, wine, margaritas, and television.
@DavidSmith1018 David Smith Programmer, Space Geek, Father, and Husband. Present for first scrub of STS-133 and STS-134. #GRAIL #NASATweetup attendee.
@eileenludwig eileenludwig Photographer Travel Writer eclectic blogger consultant instruct
@flyingjenny Jen Scheer Former Space Shuttle technician. Artist, photographer, inventor. Space Tweep Society founder, @YurisNight & @FragileOasis contributor, 2010 Shorty Award winner.
@Iguananaut Erik Software engineer, geek of many trades, skeptic, the liberal atheist that FOX News told you will eat your babies, and soon to be physics student
@imagesbymb Mark Barritt Avid photographer who loves taking photos of all things Disney, SeaWorld, Universal, NASA, and shuttle launches. I am Theme Park crazy and a Disney fanatic!
@JeffDeM Jeff DeMaagd I make adapters, mounts and other products for video and photo equipment. And stuff for custom cars as a side job. Attending GRAIL tweetup, tentatively Sept 7.
@jenvargas Jennnn of PBP  @AmericanCancer Relayer & MSABC Strider, Photog, #Filmmaker, BunnyEnthusiast, #NASATweetup alum, PopCulturist, PurpleAficionado, Volunteer & goofy do-gooder.
@JohnETTW John Corigliano Host of Your Ear to the World on #WDWNTunes. Former host of #MouseTimes. A NASA, Space Shuttle Fan. My opinions are my own. #GRAILTweetup Alumni
@JollyRogerPhoto Dan Adams Aviation photography, air show news/reviews, and anything interesting I might come across that's (perhaps) worth sharing.
@Katsulla KAT U got one chance at this thing called LIFE....HAVE FUN!!!:) Love NKOTB & SUPERNATURAL....
@luisitomavila Luis M. Avila Retired & loving it.Born in Havana Cuba.Left 1962. As an American Citizen I am proud to have served as a U.S.Navy Officer. Working on Blog Page. Buddhist. Peace
@Mary_Andromeda Mary Ratterman #NASATweetup STS-129 (back then was @ mcr) excited to be part of the #NASATweetup for GRAIL
@mattferrell Matt Ferrell Web designer, gamer, film buff and all around geek extraordinaire. Attending the #GRAIL #NASATweetup!
@mil_historicus Chris Levesque PhD Student, aspiring historian, geek, and all-around grumpy guy.
@MsFiremoney ECC
@RhondaWW Rhonda WilsonWilliam Kindergarten teacher, loves murder mysteries, always open to new ideas for teaching, esp. dyslexic learners, Canon Rebel enthusiast, #Grail Tweetup attendee
@ScienceClass411 Mike Lanham Astronomy and Physics Teacher at Milton High Scool, Georgia.
  1. GRAIL #NASATweetup attendee!
@Smith5se S. Smith (aka PFTTF) BS from CMU (Fire Up Chips!), MS in GIS from EMU, Former GSFC intern, SSA ambassador; If 13 year old me saw me now, she'd say seriously? LOL
@STP03bluesi STP03bluesi #NASATweetup Grail Attendee. - IZOD Honda Grand Prix photographer, Festivals of Speed Photographer, and all around shooter.
@TGepfrich Tom Gepfrich Navy Vet starting 2nd career. I have the best family in the world!
@TURNnBURN14 Shawn Menard
@TwinsFanFL Jeff Berg Part-Time Spel Cheker at Merriam-Webster. Viking Descendant. Cat Whisperer to @MauiAndMia.
@whel7 Patrick Whelan
@xanthor Michael Mentally, in my 20's...physically, feel like in my 90's...and chronologically, somewhere in between.

Check off a bucket list item.

  1. NASAtweetup #GRAIL
@anthonyfitch Anthony Fitch Morehead St. Univ. B.S. Grad, space junkie, a NOLA Saints fan, educator (sometimes), and dreaming of working for an aerospace company. Ad Astra Per Aspera
@tmcgee824 Tony McGee M.S. Meteorology from Lyndon State COllege 2010, M.S. Met Student at Florida Tech. What can I say, I like to look up!
@peteswicked Peter Trzeciak Software and Web developer, skeptical blogger, amateur photographer
@adcunningham Aaron Cunningham Love my family, NASA, Space, Aviation, Music, Beer, Coffee, NASCAR, Red Sox & Patriots. I'm a private pilot & NASATweetup veteran. RedSoxTweetup attendee!
@IamTay Elizabeth Kemp Pherson #NASATweetup #STS135, #GRAIL Participant! NASA Nerd, Stock Market Stalker.
@mindbodythought Don Shetterly Creative - Artist, Author, Pianist, Massage Therapist helping people discover the mind body connection. Been on Oprah, CNN and now NASA Tweetup Grail.
@IamPter Peter Mac user, ex-coder, photography amateur, politics, history buff, lover of physics, liberal (I like progress), love to laugh and to make others laugh.
@GabeSalas Gabe Salas Student at UCF, Educator at KSC, Mentor for FIRST Robotics
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