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FY2013 Budget NASATweetup Participants

Screen Name Name Description
@ktraphagen Karyn Traphagen #MSL and #GRAIL #NASATweetup alum. Physics, Science Communication, Photography & Art, Difficult things, Small things, Nature. Encouraging ppl to Stay Curious! ScienceOnline (#scio12) conference co-organizer.
@DataChick Karen Lopez Sr. Project Manager & Architect, Consultant, NASATweetup SpaceTweetup. Microsoft MVP. Love Your Data! A bit snarky, too.
@LindseyMastis Lindsey Mastis Multimedia Reporter in Washington, DC. #Tech #Machead #Digital Social Networking fanatic. Loves to run. Blog: www.LindseyMastis.com
@DanielDupuis1 Daniel Dupuis Theodore Roosevelt enthusiast and amateur historian. I am a GW grad student and a fan of literature, humour and all things geek.
@ac_charania A.C. Charania SpaceWorks Commercial & Generation Orbit
@AliRittenhouse Alicia Rittenhouse Tech Cheerleader + Digital Diva, I’m on a mission to activate a new generation of tech-powered trailblazer—women. Love of all things geek.
@rhettrothberg Rhett Rothberg Cosmologist in a parallel universe, internet insomniac, dad/husband & #NASATweetup #STS135 attendee!
@glorialloyd glorialloyd Duke grad student & @DukeChronicle staff writer, Alton Telegraph journalista, MSL #nasatweetup, crazy and curious. Smile- it's a great day!
@AAS_Bethany_J Dr. Bethany Johns John Bahcall Public Policy Fellow for the American Astronomical Society
@theNaJo Nathan Johnson Now over 1000 (mostly re)tweets!
@mslinda22 Linda Proud SpaceTweep: STS-132 NASATweetup (Atlantis) & EarthDay40 NasaTweetup alum. @smithsonian SITweetup alum: Mummy Meet 'N Tweet And I love Castle (TV)
@JohnRSports John Ratnaswamy NASASTS-135HQ + SCTweetupSmile alum. Interests in space exploration, cosmology, astronomy, sci-fi, history, opera, horseback riding. Many-time Space Camper.
@FSCNetwork FLStateCollegeNet Florida State College at Jacksonville is home to some of the top talent in higher education.
@julieanntuttle Julie Tuttle Davis Web Director @BallState. Making award-winning websites since 1999. MBA. Writer. Wife. Mom to two teenagers. Sci-fi fan. #STS135 #NASATweetup alum
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