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This list is currently an unofficial list of participants found via a twitter search until @casciencecenter confirms participants on its own list.

Social Media Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@kiwisurfs Suzy I love tennis, beach volleyball and snowboarding. I work in the motion picture business and enjoy traveling to exotic locations all over the world.
@mikeout Mike Outmesguine Technologist, Writer, DIY Builder, eTextile learner, Co/Founder @crashspacela, @socalwug, TransStellar (mikeout@gmail.com)
@AllanManangan Allan Manangan My thoughts and opinions about space and its exploration, science and technology, food, current events, marksmanship, and life—among other subjects!
@usadt Tim Knapp Saving the world, one line of code at a time. Self confessed space program fan (since 1962). Ex Member US Army Drill Team
@RubySlppers Laurie
@s_boots Sarah Boots My inner science nerd and my inner English nerd are in constant competition for my attention. #NASAtweetup #STS135 attendee!
@MommysaidNOblog Jenn F Wife, SAHM of 4.5 kids, Disneyland-Mom, Warcraft player, homeschooler. Easily amused by my kid's antics. Loves adventure!
@singingbell Ally Proud UC Irvine Anteater alum, baseball fan, figure skating fan, computer programmer, space enthusiast (#JPLTweetup alum), aspiring singer.
@dougdechow Douglas Dechow Librarian. Scientist. Writer. http://loftyambitions.wordpress.com


@JonMacWriter Jon Mac Jon Mac writes “Mythik” Fiction. He lives in Los Angeles with his lovely wife and their wonder-dog, Baxter. http://mythikimagination.blogspot.com/.
Non-Official Tweetup Participants (But Attended as a Regular Guest)
Screen Name Name Description
@GomezJames James Gomez ¡Feel the Mexcellence! #NASATweetup alum at #GRAIL & #JPL.
@susanbellfilm Susan Bell Filmmaker. #RobotChicken producer. Likes bunnies, cats, space exploration, transmedia, geocaching & hiking. #GRAIL #NASATweetup & #SVPTweetup #STS135 tweep.
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