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DrydenSocial NASASocial Participants

The Official Dryden NASASocial Twitter List of Participants, curated by @NASASocial on Twitter, currently follows 41 people, including 1 NASA Twitter account— @NASADryden.

The Dryden NASA Social participants are coming from 16 states and were selected from about 400 online registrants. (Source).

List of Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@acwynn Annie Wynn Project manager, photo-blogger, runner & lover of night skies. JPL, MSL, Ames & now Dryden NASATweetups/NASASocials.
@amaiman Andrew Maiman Systems Analyst, IT Guy, Geek. Always looking for a new gadget to try; amateur photographer; occasional gamer; love to travel. @NASAJuno #NasaTweetup alumni
@app_brilliance Applied Brilliance Applied Brilliance is one of the most original & influential thought-leadership events, designed to raise the level of creativity and innovation in many fields
@AgingBackwards Jackie Silver I'm Jackie Silver and I'm Aging Backwards. I'm in my 50s and I still get asked for I.D. to buy wine! http://pinterest.com/agingbackwards/ NYC · http://agingbackwards.com/
@brandon_ras Brandon Rasmussen Amateur Radio (K7BBR), Communications, Aviation, Space Enthusiast( #STS130tweetup alum & #DrydenSocial invitee), Gardening, Family History
@braxtonjulie Julie Willis Info on Braxton Technologies, LLC & many other interests. Braxton offers msn planning, scheduling, sim & C4ISR. NASATweetup & SVPTweetup vet. Views are Julie's.
@Camilla_SDO Camilla Corona SDO I am Camilla SDO, NASA SDO's Mission Mascot. I help with Education & Public Outreach and I train to fly to Space. http://about.me/camillaSDO
@concussion962 Pat Cooney Aeronautical Engineer. Plane and Space nerd. Gearhead. FIRST Robotics Veteran. Racing Nut. Computer Geek. Boilermaker.
@dayfornight Damon Young software builder, movie maker, scary writer, kewl geek, Hulu-gan
@dennya Denny A #STS135 #NASATweetup participant! Microsoft Xbox.com games guy. Gamertag: Editer (Personal acct; Looking for official info? @majornelson @XboxSupport @Xbox)
@dougdechow Douglas Dechow Librarian. Scientist. Writer. First memory is of Apollo 11. Chased #sts133 #sts134 #sts135. Saw 2 of 3. GRAIL Tweetup. http://loftyambitions.wordpress.com/
@downeyspace CMSC The newest space science center in the heart of Los Angeles next door to the home of Apollo and a proud Smithsonian Affiliate. #NASATweetup attendee.
@EgoandEd Arun Ponnusamy Officially? College counselor & partner at Collegewise. Less officially? Where clever meets common sense. And where unearned confidence meets deserved snark.
@faeryqueen21 Ariana Evans Pretending to be a grown-up
@farah_m Farah Momin M.A. in Media Studies grad from @TheNewSchool. Work: @App_Brilliance & @SavageSensesNYC. Life: great food, film, fashion, music, art & design, theater, etc.
@GomezJames James Gomez ¡Feel the Mexcellence! #NASATweetup / #NASASocial: #DrydenSocial, #GRAIL, #JPL. Other #Tweetup: #EndeavourLA.
@imduta Tim Scott Mechanical engineer in training. Rocket scientist by hobby.
@jhjones Jane Houston Jones Astronomer, science podcaster, writer, edu outreach artisan @NASAJPL, cosmic storyteller & the human behind @CassiniSaturn
@joshkevans Josh Evans Writer, film and literature zealot. Renaissance posthuman. Music and comedy enthusiast. Enjoys cyberpunk and other science fiction genres. @NASAJPL tweetup alum
@jotulloch John Tulloch Father, Policy Wonk, & Spacetweep. Viewed STS-131 Launch; #NASATweetups: STS-132 & 135 JSC and Ames Planet Hunters
@mackbradley Mack Bradley Lucky to connect people and ideas for a living (mostly PR/PA), and I write (in complete sentences, albeit not always here). #NASA Tweetup alum #GRAIL.
@mikemchargue Mike McHargue I'm a husband, a dad, and an absolute nerd. Headed out for #DrydenSocial with @NASA!
@moneyandrisk Kim Luu Helping people to live well & small businesses w/ management, 401K, finance. Question assumptions; define your own success. http://www.facebook.com/MoneyandRisk
@munciegadgetguy Scott Davis Scott Davis. Senior Webmaster at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Geek and space nut. My personal views on gadgets and life. NASATweetup Alumni
@nasanerd Hannah #NASATweetup #WHTweetup #LMTweetup alum. Career counselor. Interests: space beer news film politics arcades travel. I like to think of it as a passion for life
@PDiGioia Paul DiGioia Aerospace & Aeronautics geek. Research engineer @NASAAmes.
@Pillownaut Heather Archuletta The Big Bang Happened on a Tuesday. #HashTagifyMars!
@scottherrick Scott Herrick
@SpaceGurlEvie Evie Marom Space Crazy, Aerospace Engineer, Rocket Propulsion, FIRE Button Presser, Green Energy Enthusiast, Science Geek, Atheist, Snowboarder, Silly, Funny, Awesome.
@susanbellfilm Susan Bell Filmmaker. Former #RobotChicken producer. Likes animals, space, transmedia, geocaching, hiking & #NASATweetup! Looking for TV & interactive work in the LA area.
@ThWrex Just that guy... @NASA space geek, @NASATweetup alum, (STS-135 launch, STS-95 (press), @nasaGlenn @sofiatelescope, @JPLtweetup) Opinions are my own and often random.
@weslyons Wes Lyons IT Consultant, SpaceRef.com Mod and Storm Chaser. Downtime = Bored .
@zeeeter Rob Elliott First and foremost a Dad! Soon to be #NASASocial / #DrydenSocial attendee!
@zn_moment Zehra Nasif .NET, SQL, Active Directory Developer, Hiker, Runner, Regular Exerciser, Healthy Dose of Skeptic
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