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Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event: Social Media Accreditation Opens For NASA Airborne Earth Science Event

Screen Name Name Description
@KevinBaird Kevin Baird Fringineerâ„¢
@spearsif Mike Spear Rebel. Runner. #SocialMedia for @CorbisImages, @VeerIdeas & more. Seattle born & raised. I like: #Pho, my 1972 R60/5, good books. Opinions & tweets are mine.
@IamJamesScott James Scott
@2k9 jim greenleaf 2k9 is the year of the actor.
@JessicaBruckman Jessica Bruckman Digital communications @Raytheon. Design, science, publications, future-vision and adventures. All opinions are my own (and subject to change).
@JarrettGoetz Jarrett Goetz Tech, ops, strategy exec for startups/growth companies. Serial volunteer. Seeker of adventures. MIT Sloan Fellow/MBA, Harvard MPA, Director of Ops @ OpenMobile.
@vlights Verneda Lights True believer (Christian), business consultant, visual artist, graphic designer, scientist, poet, songwriter, photog, composer, science & creative copywriter
@lilyorit Lillian Cohen-Moore Hardcore copy grrl, editor, newsie, game designer, journalist. Morah. Tiny Spooky Wizard. RTs are not endorsements.
@ct_la claudia taake Space Geek, #Spacetweep Blogger, Aspiring Astronaut, #STEM Advocate, #NASAtweetup #NASAJPL 6-6-11 ~ #KSC #STS135 ~ #EndlessBBQ 2.0 ~ Ferocious Ferret Fan
@CorbisImages Corbis The professional resource for renowned images.
@KeahuKahuanui Keahu Kahuanui actor, rocket surgeon, geek
@rockinthestars sherrie H. Smile now and dont think about later
@JennaBusch JennaBusch Host and writer of all things geek for @Fanhattan and co-host of Cocktails With Stan with @TheRealStanLee http://www.facebook.com/jennabuschpublicpage
@DawnGirocco Dawn Girocco Now @987LA , prior Indie 103.1, inspired by artists of all sorts. Love Nasa, SpaceX and completely intrigued by space! hello scifi! so many possibilities!
@Kyle_Tubbs Kyle Tubbs Aerospace Enthusiast | Aspiring Navy Fighter Pilot | Future Test Pilot | Space Geek | Rock Climber
@stedman_casey Casey Stedman I'm a Space Exploration Advocate, promoter of Commercial Space Enterprise, STEM Outreach Volunteer, and a Military Aviator
@dougdechow Douglas Dechow Librarian. Scientist. Writer. Yep, that's me in the VAB with Endeavour. http://loftyambitions.wordpress.com
@mikepetrucci Mike Petrucci Freelance social media manager fueled by passion and C8H10N4O2. Idea junkie. Gadget guy. Adventure seeker. GORUCK Tough [031]
@hannahraekerner Hannah Kerner May the force be with you. But mostly with me.
@ClimateResolve Climate Resolve Dedicated to telling the local #climate story in #LA and inspiring Angelenos and their leaders to prepare our city for anticipated impacts.
@vnillapie14 DIANA MORALES Adventurous, eccentric, energetic social butterfly, but a nerd at heart from L.A.- a Valley Girl! In a loving relationship with @h_a_lc
@aerial_thermal Eric Olsen Providing high quality scientific aerial thermal imagery throughout the world. Thermal Infrared (TIR) Multi-spectral (MSI) and Hyperspectral Imagery
@aemind1 Luis Angel I help others Improve Their Memory, Achieve Goals, Learn about Science, and Become Healthy & Fit! Accelerate and Empower Your Mind @ http://AEMind.com
@dothewww JeanCarl Bisson Web developer and photographer. #NASATweetup: NASA Ames, MSL; #Yelp, #SCTweetup, #GEM60, #Goldstone #DSN
@cbdumitrescu Christian Dumitrescu just a regular guy with a bunch of stuff to say about everything
@nasa_nut Diane Deem Educator. NASA and overall Science enthusiast.
@ampitts Antoine Pitts Attorney at Law; University of Michigan graduate; Southwestern Law School graduate.
@BryceOJohnson Bryce Johnson Bryce Johnson. Actor/Voice-Over Artist
@michaelj8 Michael Johnson Space geek dad, private pilot, researching space law and international cooperation. Work in public administration and diversity outreach. My tweets are my own.
@fitgirly Kim Hill http://www.youtube.com/fitgirly fitness model/ NPC competitor, ass kicking gym devotee, music luver, astronomy nerd, nitro r/c car driver & mechanic, and luvin my bf Derik
@Cessna157 Jay G. Disney addict, airline pilot, snow skier, BOGP listener, NASA Tweetup alum, and a whole lot more. All tweets are my own opinion..yada yada yada
@aim2run aim2run green. tech. indie films. new ideas. design. UN MDG. microfinance. analog photography.
@rocketman528 Jeff Wallace CTO, athlete, author, chef: Saving world 1 project @ a time:-) ESA, NASA, Smithsonian and White House Social Media Outreach. Extra in @KatyPerry's Hot n Cold!
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