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Tweetup Participants

Official Announcement of Event: http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/twitter.asp

Screen Name Name Description
@datachick Karen Lopez Sr. Project Manager & Architect, Consultant Speaker NASATweetup CSATweetup SpaceTweetup. Microsoft MVP. Love Your Data! A bit snarky, too
@SpaceCowgirlMel Melissa Battler Planetary scientist, world(s) explorer
@ZamboniPilot Harrison Ruess Eclectic person/eclectic tweets. #CSATweetUp member on Feb 7. My biz is Corporate Communications. Also a #pilot and former #Zamboni driver. Views are my own.
@jesserogerson Jesse Rogerson I'm an astronomer, science communicator, and enthusiast of awesome things
@PpPerreault Pete Perreault
@_PGoods PGoods
@Shoshy Shoshy Read books. Care about things. Get excited. Try not to be too down on yourself. Enjoy the ever present game of knowing. -Hank Green
@SMAKKottawa SMAKKottawa Revolutionizing gift card giving: convenient, meaningful, and supports Local!
@nathan75n Nathan
@genie330 Geneviève B.Sc.Pharm. Pharmacy owner. Former pro volleyball player
@projmgr Rob Drysdale Sr. Program Manager http://InfoAdvisors.com Husband of @datachick. Tweet about PM, BA, science & engineering. #CSATweetup #NASAtweetup #SpaceTweetup #SpaceUpEU
@Dentoman R. Allan Dimmel My Mission. Help Spread the Word.Improving Humanity's future though missions of Science Exploration★ △Next Mission Meet @Cmdr_Hadfield #CSATweetup #ISS 2/7/13
@heatherlybadov Heatherly Badov Canadian on a mission. My favorite things are knitting, reading, drinking coffee, Doctor Who & petting puppies.
@Gico501 Gilles Couture Enseignant au primaire qui intègre bcp les TICs en classe, coach de soccer de mes 3 gars + karaté Kyokushin,
@aero_costas costas blachuras Average guy in canada trying to do something extrodinary. Pilot in training* #STS-135 #CSATweetup
@carolino239 Caroline Photo du Sahara via @Cmdr_Hadfield que je parcourerai en octobre... http://www.amirasdesvents.com #CSATweetup
@scifichar Charlotte Armstrong Scifi & science fact outreach nerd. @nerdnitekw boss & reg. coordinator for the Planetary Society. Part of #CSATweetup with Cmdr_Hadfield on Feb. 7/13!
@gabyLariviere Gabriel Larivière Explorateur de la twittosphère, fasciné par certains échanges et dubitatif par d'autres
@francoismat Francois Mathieu Analyst, Business Intelligence & Distribution at Desjardins Group. Specializes in multichannel marketing analytics. Heavy tea drinker, likes ecommerce & mobile.
@Teachingrespect Jennifer Nichols An elementary school teacher with thoughts about the world...
@john_whitman John Whitman Educator ~ Student of Science ~ Health & Safety Officer ~ Durham ETFO Executive Member ~ Teacher Education Faculty Liaison Committee Member (UOIT/OTF/ETFO)
@MSKathyV Kathy Vick When choosing between two evils, I like to choose the one I've never tried before. --Mae West
@LeslieSwartman Leslie Swartman Former Parliament Hill staffer, but forever political junkie, now space geek and mom. All views are my own. www.mdacorporation.com
@shawnaricher Shawna Richer Toronto Star feature writer, loves sports, pop culture. Author of The Kid https://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/the-kid/id572979034?mt=11. Hostage of Justin Bieber's Believe Tour https://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/omg!-justin!/id589639590?mt=11.
@ObsDeLaval ObservatoireDeLaval Premier observatoire astronomique municipal en Amérique du Nord / First municipal astronomical observatory in North America #CSATweetup
@glifencibles Glengarry Fencibles
@jeanlet63 jean letourneau Bonjour a tous..j aime bien faire un tour sur twitter..et bien hate au 7 fevrier pour voir en direct le commendant Chris Hadfield et visiter l agence spatial.
@Astro_yyz Katrina Amateur Astronomer, RASCal, astronomy events in Toronto, Aussie/Canuck, RMT, Sceptic. Attendee #sts122 #sts130 (attempted #sts127 twice) #CSATweetup for #sts135
@chicklets_1999 Janice Henderson Tour Guide at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, often recognized by my handmade airplane earrings! What can I say? I like to make things in my spare time :)
@tarafdickinson Tara Dickinson It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness...
@habsfan2527 Ryan Caverly Engineering student that's ready to dish out opinion on music, sports, politics and science & technology. #CSATweetup
@LAismylady Laura Austin #CSATweetup
@golbarg Quentin Auvray Lead web developer & SR&ED specialist, world traveller and enjoyer of anything good! STS-135 & Hadfield CSA Tweetups. Available in French, English and Spanish.
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