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AstroRon NASATweetup Participants

The Official Astro_Ron NASATweetup Twitter List of Participants, curated by @NASATweetup on Twitter , follows 123 people, including 3 NASA Twitter accounts—@NASAGoddard, @NASAblueshift, @Astro_Ron and 1 other U.S. government account— @EPAresearch. Per NASA, over 400 people registered for an opportunity to attend this tweetup, and the 150 attendees come from 18 U.S. States, including the District of Columbia, and Ireland.

Screen Name Name Description
@dwdod David Davidson optometrist by training, photographer by night -
@MarcusCDunn Marcus C Dunn Suit and tie desk jockey by day: independent, yet SAG eligible actor at all other times . . . #crashthesuperbowl
@bmorekarl BmoreKarl Twitter. Don't be evil.
@NASAGoddard NASA Goddard Tweeting the best in NASA astronomy, Earth sciences and robotic exploration for the Goddard Space Flight Center.
@mozetti mozetti
@rebroth Rebecca Roth Mom of two, NASA photo editor & freelance photog. Oh, and I have the best partner in the whole wide Twitterverse.
@_zomg Doug Advisor, World Traveler, that guy who does that Internet stuff, IT Security Best Practices, Idea Geek, Sports fan. 私は忍者でない。私は防衛関係の請負業者を。全く注意の騒音に払ってください.
@rmitchell Rob Mitchell Educational technology and visualization nut working in online education. Currently focused on technology based cheating and learning analytics solutions. -,twitter=rmitchell
@JessicaShieh JessicaShieh Digital Strategist, Business Analyst, Programmer, Engineer, all just fancy names for problem-solvers.
@nurrwick nat x Sentence fragments. Single words. This is my twitter bio. Lerp. -
@EricRMortensen Eric R. Mortensen Grad student @ MICA / Designer @ NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center
@TheSwoNutz Grant Greenwell Just another Sailor
@khavas khavas Commerce Server, SharePoint, CSMetal, e-commerce, Azure, AppFabric, Microsoft FTE, HTML, HTML5, Javascript
@TheRealChes Franchesca Havas Friends call me Ches, mommy of 3, wifey to 1, Web and UI/UX Designer, SharePoint coding monkey, costumer, glove maker, KWM Antir, SCA. -
@dcgator Bob Cardina Floridian turned Washingtonian. Aspiring lawyer, biglaw staffer, musician, cook, outdoorsman, dancing enthusiast.
@angelsong8 rebecca addy
@DrLia Lia Laiakis
@Fezman92 David Cohen NASA Junkie. Future NASA employee, saw 134 launch in person, Proud Jew, photographer, WWII history buff, science fiction fan.
@LetsImagineGrtr Lets Imagine Greater Where anyone can think big, do more, dream different and imagine greater. Imagined by @Syfy #letsimaginegreater

@LisaByrne Lisa Byrne Wine Lover | Apple Nut | Entrepreneur | Fitness Enthusiast | Founder @DCeventjunkie | Co-Founder @DCWineWeek | Social Strategist for @PappasGroup -
@bb1955 rebecca barrett recently retired Dept of Army employee, NASA fan, Disney fan
@PHNurseMichelle Michelle Holshue, RN Adventures in public health nursing from a Philly native with a passion for public health & preparedness. Opinions expressed are my own. -
@bethanyscarlett Bethany Rose 22, received my B.A in Political Science from Lynchburg College. I'm a serious vinyl nerd with a soft spot for Icelandic culture.
@rttilghman Todd Tilghman Husband, father (grandfather), web developer, photographer, no particular order...
@KarisaWorkman Karisa S Workman Educator. Ghost Speech Writer. Speaker. Volunteer. Wife. Mom. Boogie Boarder.
@StavShtekel Stav Shtekel Junior at University of Wisconsin-Madison Majoring in Economics and Political Science #OnWisconsin
@N3QEH N3QEH Ham Radio operator and structural engineer with a photography hobby.
@LibraryGirl313 Miss PopTart teacher, craftster, sister
@tif_nee tiffany giovia website designer + developer. photo lover. artist. -
@PaulStrassfield Paul Strassfield School Social Worker, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Social Work Education: Human Behavior in the Social Environment.
@kc2hmv EricR Geek.
@JamesSifuentes James J. Sifuentes IT Project Manager at IDB. Focused in SharePoint, Social media at the workplace, Cloud computing, ICT for social and economic development and Volunteering
@PilotConway John L Conway IV Private Pilot, member of the In The Pattern Podcast, Gadget Geek, Computer Scientist, and Triangle Fraternity Member. But most of all, an Aviation Geek.
@pekinmurphy murphy
@weathersavvy1 Tasha Anderson Simple tweets about my weather blog Weather Chat, meteorology and other Earth Science phenomena. #NASATweetup STS-135 HQ participant.
@jeffswear Jeff Swearingen Patent Examiner, Computer Engineer, Attorney, musician, Disney fan. My tweets are my personal opinion and are not the viewpoint of any other organization.
@jmfbrooks Jeanne Brooks Director of Innovation & Community Engagement at @ONA, board member @PPHMedia. Founder,
@rhaskiell Rob Haskiell I teach Earth Science I & II. I'm looking for ways to tie technology to my classroom. Let me know if you have suggestions.
@Marooned0nEarth MaroonedOnEarth Bookworm. Coffee Drinker. London Lover. Museum Freak. Obsessive Alphabetizer. Philosophizing Scientist. Random Traveler. VT Hokie. Knows WHY the answer is 42.
@KennethLeyden Kenneth Leyden
@cuyahoga Patrick Leyden
@RonnieBailey Ronnie I'm 23 & in college. Interests include #astrogeology & Earth science. I enjoy video games, Sci fi, art, #français & I'm a tech addict #NASATweetUp #NASALangley
@SolomonNicole Nicole Solomon Producer / Director
@jr_imagineers Jr. Wondersons We Wonderson kids & our awesome Mom are Imagineering in the garage for real, designing rides for Disneyland to show them!
@djetue David Etue cyber security, information security and information assurance thought leadership
@vanessax52 VanessaC i follow drag queens and astronauts
@GallantRI Eva Gallant Spaced out Pier Pizza owner, head in the clouds, dreaming of stars... Solar System Ambassador, Frosty Drew Board Member/ tweets are my own.
@majiksea Bob Bowdey
@charlesanchez Charles . Sanchez Commercial Sales Rep , Galan LLC Advisor, Retired Club Promoter, Technology Guru, Avid Updater, Keep it Progressive, and always its all about the Progression*
@Neil095 Neil 095 6xDC Govt elected official; entrepreneur, author: BUSH HAIKUS & PALIN PEARLS - two political haiku books! Find @
@VSliker VSliker Content Developer at Broadstreet Consulting, Mom, Love to read and travel, oh, and Bookkeeper Extraordinaire.
@JulieHolley Julie Holley Managing Editor of TV/Blog/IRO Content @Vocus, Public Affairs Officer for @CivilAirPatrol, former TV newscast producer.
@abrocket abrocket Geeky,blonde aerospace engineer, Rocket Girl blogger, Yorkie Girl Blogger
@robpegoraro Rob Pegoraro Journalist who covers (and is often vexed by) computers, gadgets and other things that beep. Seen at @Discovery_News, @CEAfeed and @USATODAYtech, among others.
@SkySurfer23 Matt I love aviation (have my PPL) , also enjoy politics, sports, finance
@ByrdGirl Robin Byrd i cant fly but i do tweet.
@WonderLindsey Lindsey Wonderson I am someone. Someone not important, but someone nonetheless.
@bigshel99 Sheldon Thomas Enjoying life... sports, exercise, startups, investing, embedded systems, home theater, electronics... all the things a growing boy needs
@EPAresearch US EPA Research Office of Research & Development (ORD) is the scientific research arm of the US EPA.
@rdattner Bob Dattner
@DMCGAUGHEY2011 David McGaughey Im A PCT At A Level 3 Hospital ER. Im A Prior SRA From The USAF Security Police. Im Studying Emergency Management & Weather. #NASATweetup @NASA_Langley
@Run4Life87 Caitlin G. Kennedy Derek Jeter.Wendy's Frosty.BSB.Old Spice Guy. Shatner.
@alexandersdad Sean Brewer being a dad
@ruthie147 Ruth McAvinia Sometime snooker broadcaster, freelance journalist, International Space University alumna, science enthusiast, weather nerd, #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee.
@josephklewis Joseph K. Lewis Believing in public service of diverse, inclusive people. Never have enough sunny days, pure Korean, #spacetweep, idolizing Chelsea Clinton and Iowa farmer boy.
@darthgeek Jeff Cole Full time technogeek, full time dad. #STS135 #NASATweetup attendee. I look forward to more sleep eventually.
@STEMconnector STEMconnector STEMconnector™ aims to highlight key partners and points of contact to advance STEM strategies and activities. RT/MT does not indicate endorsement. -
@jsmjr John Mitchell All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. -
@andresdavid Andres A. Science | Social Media | Social Issues | Politics | Improv. Pluto will always be a planet to me. #NASATweetup #STS135 launch alum.
@tinacan25 tina canali I need my space! Grateful victim of @NASA outreach & #NASATweetup addict looking for ways to pay it forward. Love science, tech, pop & internet culture.
@imyummyy Ola Pearl 21 and very ferocious
@theleilah Leila u fell away, what more can i say, the feelings' evolved, i wont let it out, i cant replace.. ur screaming face... feeelin the sickness inside.. why wont u die
@kvenkat Karthik Venkataraman IT Executive / Avid Cyclist / Plays the Kanjira/Listens to Carnatic Music and any other kind that moves me /
@samjeude1 Sam Jeude Living in a little house hidden in the woods. 1ce again, i have missed a date w/Death ... he keeps ditching me, i'm gonna ignore him & live forever!
@chesrite chesrite
@Shanashans Shannon Sweeney GWU senior. pro bono philosopher. foodie. loves the universe, international politics, law, and design.
@LorraineFThomas Lorraine Thomas
@dcook654 dcook654 Just a guy waiting for...
@katnole Kat Thompson Living the life as a TV producer/Strategic Communications @FSCNetwork /FSU alum/Sports fan/Love unicorns & rainbows/Tweets my own.
@FSCNetwork FLStateCollegeNet Florida State College at Jacksonville is home to some of the top talent in higher education.
@veebrown Veronica Brown practicing public affairs, PR and patience in the nation's capital. enjoy sciency stuff, public health, the beach & happy hours. often found chasing a frisbee.
@l_krishnan Lavanya Krishnan Grad student -Public Health /Epidemiology, personal trainer, avid cyclist, obsessed with all things NASA, Carnatic music, and fitness
@TheShahla Shahla I love football, baseball & space. Bay Area proud & now in TX. #Juno #NASATweetUp alum
@mslinda22 Linda Proud SpaceTweep: STS-132 NASATweetup (Atlantis) & EarthDay40 NasaTweetup alum. @smithsonian SITweetup alum: Mummy Meet 'N Tweet And I love Castle (TV)
@HAUSofDemae ___ Studying Everything There Is To Know About Space.
@kazpop_buzz kazpop
@ZombieHunter23 Clark Tisdale
@lqube2000 Leslie Laurell Data Analyst and Sci-Fi nerd
@almostrocketsci AlmostRocketScience A STEM themed podcast & Tech/Gadget News, Reviews and more! Inspiring tomorrow's dreamers...
@johngep John Gephart Infrequent and vaguely entertaining
@MarsTravel David J Geaney Social Media Specialist/Consultant Using #socialmedia to inspire ppl to take interest in #Space President of Mars Travel #NASATweetup alum- Tweets are my own
@SibylJoCloud Sibyl Cloud
@Jason_A_Caron Jason Caron Patriotic American, Engineer, & loyal fan of anything that drives or flies on this planet or away from it
@HartS_APP HartSastrowardoyoAPP Official Twitter.Award-winning Asbury Park Press reporter,photog for 7 yrs.Published in books & mags:Spaceflight,Nat Geo Traveler,NASA's Scientist-Astronauts.
@erick_clavijo erick clavijo
@bapun12449 Debajyoti Dash IT Professional, loves travelling, a snap from my SLR camera, connoisseur of scottish whisky
@CindieLou CindieLou [alchemistress] I'm a tangent lost in an obtuse world. (Professionally I'm in TV/Film; Personal interest in #Fiction #Writing). #sts135 #NASAtweetup alum
@Vossels Carlos Vargas
@matt_reiser Matt Reiser
@LandsatLuvrKT Katie M My Tweets are mine and mine alone,not that of my employer.
@Smith5se Sarah S. BS from CMU (Fire Up Chips!), MS in GIS from EMU, SSA ambassador, USRA/GSFC scientist (dream job!)! My tweets are mine & mine alone, not that of my employer.
@signal_vs_noise Venkatesh Srinivas BSD hacker, shuttle hugger; Cycling from Baltimore to Portland in 2012 to raise money for Ulman Cancer Fund!
@VAXHeadroom Emory Stagmer Flight Software Lead for NASA's LCROSS program. Public Speaker. Executive Producer, UnTied Music.
@timsell Tim Sell
@NASAblueshift NASA Blueshift Blueshift: Bringing the Universe down to Earth with podcasts, blogs, and more!
@SFC_Don Don Eggert WIARNG Soldier, UW grad, former Dane Co Board supervisor, NASA fan. Tweets/retweets/follows are mine alone, not official policy of my organizations/employer.
@colleenmaleski Colleen Maleski DC Comm pro; PR and policy graduate from The Ohio State University. Tennis & college football fan. Loves to travel. Views are my own.
@ks44 Kori Schulman An official WH twitter account. Comments & messages received through official WH pages are subject to the PRA and may be archived. Learn more
@josephgruber Joseph Gruber Technical Project Manager. Aviation and Aerospace nut. Project Management enthusiast. Living without regrets! Tweets are my own. #pmot #spacegeek
@ohlauren lauren If it involves spaceships, caffeine, yarn, a good story, or is adorable, I'm there. ^_^ #STS134 #NASAtweetup/launch, #STS135 housing/saw launch from the beach!
@KelleyApril Kelley April Singer/Actress~♥Space~For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.~Van Gogh~ #SCTweetup #NASATweetup STS135&Wallops
@SSquire SSquire Biker, Divemaster, Firefighter/EMT, Amateur Radio Operator, Engineer, Baritone, 3 x #NASA Tweetup (#STS135 #Astro_Ron & #SCTweetup Endeavour CDR
@kathy_glass Kathy Glass
@benjamin_carr Benjamin Carr
@__dantheman Dan Strong Android freak, hardware guru, love of all things electronic
@stephonee Stephanie Collins Dreamer - personal finance blogger - nostalgic - knitter - geocacher - #NASATweetup addict - ThinkGeek's Spreadsheet Ninja monkey. Not necessarily in that order
@KireRoth Erik Bjarnar Actor, writer, general inhabitant of the planet.
@ALAJensen Amy Jensen I tweet about malaria. And space. And shiny things.
@lindaleigh Linda L. Capriotti Space Tweep...Captivated by the Cosmos and the Science that takes us there. Proud #Wheeler : ) & @NASATweetup Alumni #LindaWheeler...I Love all things NASA !!!
@disconn3ct Disconnect Android hacker, bbq chef, food and drink lover, sysadmin. Not always in that order.
@sdbikegirl Cassie Soeffing Forward thinking science professional and cycling addict. You only live once-jump in with both feet.
@MatthewJLB Matthew Balan Catholic; multi-ethnic American; conservative; news analyst at the Media Research Center; space travel geek; #NASATweetup attendee, STS-132 launch & Juno launch
@AgilistaAG Angela Gibson An agile agilista dedicated to serving others & life-long learning. Educator. #NASATweetup participant #STS135HQ #NASALangley #MSL #MarsCuriosityRover #AstroRon
@Astro_Ron Ron Garan NASA Astronaut, NEEMO 9, STS-124, Expedition 27/28
@MoonWolf95 miika SysAdmin, Geek, 3D Artist & animator, Author, Wheelie, Smart-ass, Veteran and Patriot Guard Rider
@Spacefan59 Michael Isbell
@rrcthree Robert Cardell Space launches, sailing, fishing, boats, old cars
@spf2juva Sarah Farrell Nurse faculty teaching social media, (tweets are my own and not my org), mother, nana, technology gadget person, STS-133 #Nasatweetup alum, uva alum, 753 follow
@RamonaRightNow Ramona Ponce Very Downtown Costume Designer, believes in Truth, Justice and Musical Comedy
@eric_right_now Eric Mueller Graphic Designer, Logo Policeman, & General Science Enthusiast
@kosame06 Brandi「バンニー」Besecker #PennState '06, #GRAIL #STS135HQ & #Astro_Ron #NASATweetup, #ISSwave #DoAs Infinity 色んな日本のこと(一生に話そう) #TeamScrap #WeStillAre...
@cajunjoel Joel Richard Music lover, LEGO builder, and code monkey for librarians.
@KateCantrell Kate Cantrell Cure Fan, Sea Monkey, NASA Tweetup, etc.
@nutzareus Ching-Yao Yu ℠ Native Detroiter. US Army OIF combat veteran. Smartphone collector. 5x #NASATweetup alumni. Podcast host for
@zippyg2 Glenn A deceptively ordinary expatriate Detroiter.
@dcook654 Don Cook Just a guy waiting for... ...NASATweetUp w/Ron G.
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