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Ames Mars Curiosity Landing NASA Social Resources

NASA Social Participants

Official Announcement of Event:

@NASA is holding 7 concurrent @NASASocial events on August 3, 2012, to celebrate the upcoming landing of @MarsCuriosity. These multi-site #NASASocial events will be attended by the following Twitter participants: Official Twitter Master List for MSL Multi-Site NASASocial curated by @NASASocial.

The following table lists attendees selected for the NASA Social event at NASA's Ames Research Center.

Screen Name Name Description
@ChrisAstro Chris Calubaquib ‏ College student/Physics/Astronomy/Photo/Music/Arts/Tech/STEM. I LOVE to travel. #NASAtweetups: #STS130 JSC & #STS132 KSC, #STS135 #SVP & #NASAAmes! ;D
@cpuguru Doug White ‏ Research Associate at the University of Delaware. Part of the Ocean Information Center (OCEANIC) & Jedi-in-training.
@madscienceskill James Sharkey ‏ Lab assistant, writer,father.
@adject Amy Martin ‏ starer, thinker, grazer, designer
@brouhaha brouhaha ‏ Developer of microcontroller firmware (e.g., ARM Cortex-M3 or MIcrochip PIC), digital designer (incl. VHDL & Verilog, FPGAs & CPLDs), iPhone & Android apps.
@pinkgodzilla2 Carol So very, very confused by it all. But, heck, that keeps it interesting.
@TammyMcLeod37 Tammy McLeod ‏ Programmer, foodie, ocean lover, idealistic over-achiever.
@johnfoster johnfoster ‏ I'm no lawyer but I've taught law at an art school.
@DannySkarka danny.skarka ‏ Director, Production and Operations at MediaOne. TV and Social Media guy. Astronaut wannabe.
@Pillownaut Heather Archuletta ‏ The Big Bang Happened on a Tuesday. #HashTagifyMars!
@martarauch Marta Rauch ‏ Mobile usability, smartphones, iPad, tablets, iPhone, Android, gamification, augmented reality, #NASASocial for Mars Curiosity Rover
@ladypembroke Beth Johnson ‏ Wife, mother, singer, student, geek girl. Majoring in astrophysics. Love Star Trek and the Whedonverse. Member of #GGBC and originally from #c.
@AnthroPunk AnthroPunk ‏ AnthroPunk looks at how people promote, manage, resist and endure change; how people hack their lives (and others) - living the world not just in it.
@DeepSpacer Brian Williams ‏ Writer, space geek,NASA tweetup 133 survivor, and part-time Quizat Haderach. Now a writer for
@THenggeler Thomas Henggeler ‏ Bay Area Sports Fan (Go A's, Niner's, Raider's, Sharks, Giants), Avid Golfer and Fisherman, and major RUSH fan.
@shawneworkman Shawne Workman Science communicator & student of the ever-evolving world of publishing. #NASASocial participant #NASAAmes #MSL #MarsCuriosity.
@JeffHolton Jeffrey Holton ‏ Business analyst at Cisco, wannabe Christian, teacher, blogger, husband, & father. #NASASocial alum. Bearer of unbearable puns. Well, somebody has to!
@SpaceGurlEvie Evie Marom ‏ Space Crazy, Aerospace Engineer, Rocket Propulsion, FIRE Button Presser, Green Energy Enthusiast, Science Geek, Atheist, Snowboarder, Silly, Funny, Awesome..
@acwynn Annie Wynn Project manager, photo-blogger, runner & lover of night skies.
@finndevin Devin Finn 3D laser scanning, modeling and PI of my own fake space program...
@michelejohnson Michele Johnson @NASAkepler Public Affairs, wondering wanderer, science cheerleader, moon-baby, desert dweller, & Shetland Sheepdog furry lover. Views are my own.
@courtneykuhlman Courtney Kuhlman Graphic Designerd // Space Enthusiast // Live long and Creative // If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.

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NASA Hosts/Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@NASAAmes NASA Ames Ames Research Center (Silicon Valley) enables exploration through development of innovative technologies and interdisciplinary scientific discovery. Silicon Valley ·
@NASASocial NASA Social Follow us for announcements on social media @NASA and for info about upcoming NASA Socials
@NASAKepler NASA Kepler The Kepler Mission is designed to survey our region of the Milky Way galaxy to discover Earth-size planets in the habitable zone.

Trailing Earth around the Sun ·

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