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This tweetup is hosted by @NASAAmes and @SOFIAtelescope

The Official SOFIA at Ames NASATweetup List of Participants, curated by @NASAAmes on Twitter, follows 51 people. Per NASA Ames, over 260 people registered for an opportunity to attend this tweetup.

NASA Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@NASAAmes NASA Ames Ames Research Center (Silicon Valley) enables exploration through development of innovative technologies and interdisciplinary scientific discovery.
@SOFIATelescope SOFIA Telescope Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy -
@NASAKepler NASA Kepler Mission The Kepler Mission is designed to survey our region of the Milky Way galaxy to discover Earth-size planets in the habitable zone.
@NASA NASA We typically post in Eastern Time (ET). To convert to UT/GMT, add 5 hours (4 hours during Daylight Saving Time).
Non-NASA Participants
Screen Name Name Description
@acwynn Annie Wynn Full-time project manager, long-time runner, amateur writer, informal photographer, occasional blogger, telescope freak, and NASATweetup geek.
@adllewellyn ali llewellyn committed to jesus, asking good questions, opening doors, space exploration, and #opengov.
@audibleaudacity Airam Sossat Vinyl Record Enthusiast. Political Junkie. First Generation Greek.
@BeccaZ Becca Techie. Love history, travel, sports & the great outdoors. Midwest roots.
@bhaven Barbara Z. Haven I like tech trends & tech friends, improving government, open gov, non-proprietary formats, collaboration & sustainability. Not speaking for others here.
@Blainee Blaine Elliott Music, advertising, food, politics, engineerin' data warehousing stuff @
@BraxtonJulie Julie Willis Info on Braxton Technologies, LLC & other interests. Braxton offers mission planning/scheduling, modeling /simulation & command/control systems
@Camilla_SDO Camilla Corona SDO I am Camilla Corona SDO, NASA SDO's Mission Mascot. I help with Education & Public Outreach and I train to fly to Space.
@cdtomlinson Chris Tomlinson tech industry business development; security/networking/software
@cereisinger Carl Reisinger Software Engr/Rocketeer/Ham Radio/Photography/Astronomy, 2nd NASA Tweetup, 1st also at AMES (Planet Hunters)
@ChrisAstro Chris Calubaquib College student/Astronomy/Photography/Space Enthusiast/Music/Arts/Tech... Veteran of two #NASAtweetups: #STS130 JSC & #STS132 KSC and #STS135 #SVPtweetup ;D
@ChrisShut Chris Shuttlesworth Obsessed with hockey, baseball, theater, wildlife conservation and technology (though it hates me back)
@cindyli Cindy Li Just me,Cindy Li.Giving cute substance.Married to @themattharris.Product designer for Y!Design (Flickr,Mail&Messenger)
@composerjk Jeff Kellem Dancer, musician, system architect, among many other things. Focusing on my next venture.
@crocutax2 Crocuta crocuta Driver, Scientist, Photographer
@ctp Chris Parker Software engineer (fruit-style). Getting back into watching the space program & space exploration. First #NASATweetup, and first time at Ames.
@dnathe4th Dom Narducci @Uber engineer. BS in Aerospace Engineering. Self-proclaimed RootBeer aficionado and Medial Capitalist.
@dothewww JeanCarl Bisson
@dtfile Dave T I am my kid's dad. I'd rather be riding my motorcycle, flying an airplane, or riding my bicycle.
@fireflysays fireflysays freelance photographer/martial artist. proud mother of three awesome kids! Owner of one cat and a dog. It's hot here.
@ikluft Ian Kluft Software Engineer, Flight Instructor, Ham Radio, #NewSpace advocate, 1st #NASAtweetup/2nd tour of SOFIA
@JetForMe Rick Love space. Wrote MissionClock ( Professional software developer. Create hardware in my spare time. Instrument-rated pilot.
@johnfoster johnfoster I'm no lawyer but I've taught law at an art school.
@karissabe Karissa Bell News junkie, world traveler, caffeine addict, Greek speaker, wannabe journalist. Sometimes I blog and stuff.
@karovila Karolina Alien ninja disguised as a computer geek. NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador. I teach little earthlings about spacecraft missions. My own tweets.
@ladypembroke Beth Johnson Wife, mother, singer, student, geek girl. Majoring in astrophysics. Love Star Trek and the Whedonverse. Member of #GGBC and originally from #c.
@lriggz lisa dawn rigano
@Marimikel Marimikel Charrier Work= Marketing/PR for the #space industry. Life= Dog Lover. Unashamed geek. Harpist. SciFi speed reader. #Spoonie. Endlessly sarcastic. #STS135 #NASATweetup'r
@Marky95118 Marky Life is good.
@megueleventvibe Meguel Varda I'm a skilled photographer, Trance loving, hard playing individual. Director for San Jose -
@michelejohnson Michele Johnson @NASAKepler public affairs, wondering wanderer, science cheerleader, moon-baby, desert dweller, & Shetland Sheepdog furry lover. Views are my own.
@midnightminx19 Janice Z Monson Adopt a rescued Bull Terrier. Glambert #4705 Retweeter of news & interesting facts & dog stuff.
@mlroach Matt Laroche Software engineer, beer advocate, Palo Altan, husband.
@moti mike newton
@MotoFredP Fred Patton Editor-in-Chief, HP webOS Developer Portal (Opinions expressed here are my own, or of those I RT!) Hobbies: Drumming, flight sims, cooking, flying lessons.
@nitinbadjatia Nitin Badjatia Wandering through the realms of emerging technologies, occasionally veering down random paths...
@PatrickMichels Patrick Michels Writer, photographer, editor at the Texas Independent in the American Independent News Network. @txindependent
@roach Jason Roche Geek, developer, off-road enthusiast, amateur radio operator, time tourist. I work @ Twitter - First #NASATweetUp
@rocketman528 Jeff Wallace CTO, athlete, author, chef: Saving the world 1 project at a time:) World Marathon Majors runner. NASA STS-133, Ames, Goddard, JPL, SOFIA & 1st ESA Tweetups!
@RONLEVINE59A1 Ron Levine Chief of Police, Foothill-DeAnza CCD Police Dept.
@scrapyardsound Dave Software geek, soon to be pilot
@seanherron Sean Herron Technology Strategist @NASA Headquarters. Passionate about the web, politics, #opengov, & doing good.
@sfsidewalk SF Sidewalk Astro San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers meet very informally at the GGNRA only Dark Sky Preserve: Lands End. Rock Springs @ Mt. Tam & various street corners in SF
@shupp Bill Shupp Software engineer, musician, space enthusiast.
@sj_astronomy Rob Jaworski San Jose Astronomical Association, software program manager, first tweetup ever!
@SkivingWords Caroline Unpaid editor, procrastinating writer, gamer, geek, disorganized artist, creative process ramblings, purveyor of random things, generally uncensored thinking.
@static_neurotox Lee Morgan I hate Peeps™
@superbetsy Betsy Langowski I work at Apple in Cupertino. I like Pink. I'm a geek!
@vRobM Rob Marković (Robi) Virtualization Lead at VCE • Datacenters & Virtualization • VMware VCP[3,4] • Old skool & new tech - Tweets are my own. Bok :)
@viral_desai Viral Desai
@yuhualuo yuhua
@ZappCatt ZappCatt Gaming(Xbox360/PC), Sports, Tech, Photography
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