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Screen Name Name Description
@glorialloyd Gloria Lloyd Chapel Hill News and Raleigh @NewsObserver journalista. Things that make me smile: adventures, animals, avocados, Saturn V rockets.
@amy_jill Amy Jill *Burgh Verified* I love #space @steelers and @pghpenguins. Interested in photography. @NASA_Landsat #NASASocial Alum. Engaged to @jpazurjr
@ggsmithwick George Smithwick
@caseyjn Casey N
@lganley Laura Ganley Technology Resource Teacher; Yoga, Cycle, and Kickboxing Instructor, Runner, ThyCa Survivor, NBCT, Wife and Mother--not necessarily in that order!
@pamkstewart Pamela K Stewart Singer to electrical engineer worked for NASA to TV production assistant studied geology interned for NASA studied geophysics want to be a (singing) park ranger
@domnicella Meg Smith Foul mouthed, food crazed, tree hugger. Occasional barefoot runner. You can also find me at @GoogleLocalDC.
@corrietweets Corrie Davidson Traveling adventure seeker. I tweet about video/film stuff and life. You can also catch me at: @CorrieDavidson & @GoogleLocalDC
@kellskochel Kelly Kochel ~Shooting for the stars~ “ad astra per aspera”
@troubledhubble MeaganRhiannonHubble 24. INFP/ENFP Published Author. Starving Artist. Social Introspective. Descendant. Theocratic Student. Improvising Through Life. Pretending I'm Important.
@DrewMerkle DrewMerkle Nerd
@stephosuli Steph pittsburgh, math, rock, hockey. not necessarily in that order.
@crystalgrn Crystal Geller I love my family, the art of bonsai, orchids, birds and anything space!
@Space_Sugar Jeffrey Sugar Father, husband, space geek.
@KireRoth Erik Bjarnar Actor, writer, general inhabitant of the planet.
@michaelpolak Michael Polak A computer geek living Down The Shore.
@98Irish Sean Gallagher Husband, Father, Irish fan, sports and political junkie
@aediaz69 Axel C. Diaz Space program enthusiast.
@rocketman528 Jeff Wallace CTO, athlete, author, chef: Saving world 1 project @ a time:-) ESA, NASA, Smithsonian and White House Social Media Outreach. Extra in @KatyPerry's Hot n Cold!
@trentfaust Trent Faust Astronomy and Spaceflight geek, usability tester/web developer from Seminole, Florida, @NASAJuno #NASATweetup and #SCTweetup participant
@Charizardi Charissa S. ⭐ *Gotham Verified* Everyday life in a planetarium. #STS129 & @NASAGlenn #nasatweetup alum. Pittsburgh to the core. I JUST REALLY LOVE HOCKEY AND SPACE, GUYS.
@teaandrobots Julian Burton Geronimo, don't panic, and may the odds be ever in your favor.
@HBSastrowardoyo HartSastrowardoyo Space enthusiast,astronaut chaser w/a Sharpie.Published in Spaceflight,Nat Geo Traveler mags;NASA's Scientist-Astronauts book.STS-135,Astro_Ron Tweetup alum.
@EvenHill Stu Evenhaugen
@MarylandSpace MarylandSpace Retired teacher of gifted seminar students. NASM is my favorite museum. My Scottish Terrier's name is Sally Ride.
@andy17null Isaac Rogers I live life the best I can.
@jmfbrooks Jeanne Brooks Director of Innovation & Community Engagement at @ONA, founder/curator @spaceshares
@vastargazer Mark An amateur astronomer & wana-b physicist who wishes he'd been a professional astronomer. What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life
@Brookstone23 Tim Brooks Remembering the good old days that were last weekend
@Pillownaut Heather Archuletta The Big Bang Happened on a Tuesday. Vulcan Up! #HashTagifyMars!
@LilSprite34 Lisa Tom Mom that loves Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Scifi/space, LA Lakers, Movies! Cooking, R&B...nerdy board games, comic book heroes, martinis & writing
@BaysideScience6 Schmitz Science Welcome to Bayside Middle School, where we are all a twitter over the world of science in 6th grade!
@kayjaylech Kayla Lechler just trying to figure out this thing called real life
@Sig727 Sierra Schauer University of Arkansas grad
@Singhaaaa 신하영 UNCPA HY.S
@AgilistaAG Angela Gibson Educator. Dedicated to serving others & life-long learning #NASATweetup #NASASocial participant #STS135HQ #NASALangley #MSL #MarsCuriosity #AstroRon #AstroAcaba
@jamminpsu Christina Strommer Graphic designer/STEM advocate/gadget geek/literary junkie/music enthusiast. And a mom. Eat well. #NASASocial #Landsat
@kimblem Kimble McCraw Mostly Geek.
@RealLifeUnplugd RealLifeUnplugd History is made by those that take part in the experience that is life each day.I am writing it.Equality.Savvy.Social Entrepreneur. Advocate.Catalyst for change
@PrincessSMH Melissa I'm a huge WWE, Bones and New England Patriots fan. If you love any of those 3, follow me and I'll follow you back. Straight edge and proud of it.
@Observe26 Yvette Johnson To know me is to love me and to be blind.
@nutzareus Ching-Yao Yu ℠ Native Detroiter. US Army OIF combat veteran. Smartphone collector. Love #NASASocial #WHTweetup. Podcast host for
@A_Neutron Amy I'm a geek lawyer who is kinda into quantum physics and a lot into tech. Oh ya, I have a cat too.
@dcdanoland Dan Ryan
@trek7771 Wayne
@benjamin_carr Benjamin Carr
@aliwilgus Alison Wilgus I should be making comics right now. Sometimes I do, at and
@njdjlc Bailey Rose A Mom who loves the New Jersey Devils, Diet Coke, Disney, flip flops and of course little Miss Bailey Rose.
@weathersavvy1 Tasha Sumo Simple tweets about my weather blog Weather Chat, meteorology and other Earth Science phenomena. #NASASocial STS-135 HQ and #AstroRon participant.
@TheMalchemist Eric Malcolm A mindful man from Philly, potential energy, 'bout to EXPLODE like a quasar, blasting off into the 13th Dimension
@AndreaBitely Andrea Bitely Digital Content Manager @NCF_Updates at @USChamber. I tweet #politics #space @Nationals. Madly in love with @AdamBitely. My opinions only.
@bigshel99 Sheldon Thomas Enjoying life... sports, exercise, startups, investing, embedded systems, home theater, electronics... all the things a growing boy needs. Go Hokies!
@RCham220 Ron Chamberlin In Public Safety in the Boston, MA area. A+ & Network, MS-MVP Alum. I follow US Civil War, air and space, emergency ops, and good folks.,#nasasocial, #sisocial
@Spaceman101 Cliff Lentz Artist/Writer/Regular contributor to Sportsradio 610 WIP! Follower of all things AIR and SPACE!
@BegoniaTech Leslie Young Live. Laugh. Love.
@mccullochdd Danielle McCulloch Technology transfer consultant for university, government, and corporate entities. Intellectual property management and technology commercialization.
@tikidaisy Alison DC native, NFL fan, geek girl, problem solver. Into social media, architecture, pop culture and tiki bars. Work for @PresNation, board of @NAPC.
@rusewcrazy Aimee Food | Space | Garden | Crafting | White House Social Alumni #whgarden | NASA Social Alumni #nasasocial
@RobinSelvy Robin Selvy adventurist, marketer, runner, baker, spider, southerner(atheart), student(oflife)
@theladycreep Creepy Kelly There's a lot of things about me you don't know anything about, Dottie, things you wouldn't understand, things you couldn't understand.
@RhettRothberg Rhett Rothberg Cosmologist in a parallel universe, internet insomniac, dad/husband & #NASATweetup #NASASocial #STS135 attendee! Views are my own.
@dwhelton danielle whelton Currently: SVP Operations&StrategicEngagement for HomeFront Comm. Formerly: Sr Exec Producer for @CNN White House Unit. News-junkie, space-geek, & RedSoxGirl.
@JCGibbsDC JC Gibbs Panamanian living in DC | #SMCDC Digital team | work w/ @BangkokGolden ^ @FloorAmericaDMV | ❖ Always learning ❖
@mjean2 Miriam J. Ramirez MD Former Puerto Rico Senator, Medical Doctor
@Rocketboom Rocketboom Internet Culture
@edwardprichards EPRConsultingService Innovative, accomplished CEO leading global Clean Tech/Alternative Energy, Specialty Chemicals & Materials organizations. Taking Business Beyond Your Horizon
@trevor_gowan Trevor Gowan Jazz Sax, Street Soccer, and all things Astrobiology from the point of view of a traveller by trade
@MoonWolf95 miika SysAdmin, Geek, 3D Artist & animator, Author, Wheelie, Smart-ass, Veteran & PGR Rider. 2/14/2012 NASA Tweetup Alumnus
@Singing_Runner Katy Sputo @JacksonvilleU alum. Half-Marathoner. Triathlete. Singer/Actress. Lover of dystopian fiction, traveling, Disney, big cities, & politics-but don't share my views
@Astro_KevinC Kevin Cantoran University of Pittsburgh - Sophomore. Pursuing the path to become an astronaut. My dream's always been to reach space, and I try having fun on the way there.
@S_Neutron Shaun Extroverted Computer Geek/Programmer/Linux Enthusiast/Network Manager
@B1RDERGIRL Denise Ryan Policy advocate, bird, weather & sky watcher who loves public lands, politics, wildlife, oceans, SCUBA, parks & history — these tweets are my own..
@cthulhuchick Ruth Sunshine & Cthulhus. (Geek, gamer, podcaster, eldritch enthusiast, librarian-in-training, broken crafter.) Free Lovecraft ebook:
@mslinda22 Linda Proud SpaceTweep:NasaTweetups: #STS132 Atlantis launch, #EarthDay40, #Budget2013 & #Astro_Ron. #SITweetup @smithsonian: Mummy Meet 'N Tweet and I love #Castle.
@traineyscience t j rainey Science lover, aspiring teacher & weather nerd. Currently a math inst. asst. Always looking for hands-on math activities and STEM projects at secondary level.
@Wishing4aTARDIS Kathleen K I love all things science, space and hockey, especially the STL Blues. I'm also a big Dr. Who fan. NASATweetup/Social alum #STS-135-HQ, #Landsat, #MSL
@KristenFitzpat1 Kristen Fitzpatrick Just a girl observing the world. Commentary on pet ownership, home improvement, various nerd hobbies, specializing in sarcasm.
@camsiemcadams Camsie McAdams STEM lead, US Dept of Education, former teacher, urban education reformer
@zippyg2 Glenn A deceptively ordinary expatriate Detroiter.
@jenonearth Jen I don't have very good internet tone.
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