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List of many of the participants of the virtual #NASASocial4yrs tweetup, on 21 January 2013:

Screen Name Name Description
@libbydoodle Libby Norcross My job: inspire & equip kids to pursue their dreams @ Challenger Center. My dream: Up in the air. With God at the helm, life is an adventure! Opinions = my own
@KellySchwark Kelly Schwark Artist, photographer, mother, support our military, life observer & currently a Fordham #Psychology Student, #STS135 #NASAtweetup Attendee & #NASASocial crazed. - Westchester, New York - http://www.kellyschwark.com
@timmermansr Remco Timmermans Space Exploration Advocate - Executive Director at @WorldSpaceWeek - Arctic Expeditions at @ExpeditionFact - Tourism 2038 at @Future_Matters - Community by Tweetup - Nijmegen Netherlands - http://www.worldspaceweek.org
@susanbellfilm Susan Bell Creative Technologist. Transmedia Creator/Designer. Private Pilot. Filmmaker & Producer formerly w/ #RobotChicken. Liberal Texan. #NASASocial #spacetweep
@joi_the_artist Joi Writer, novelist, artist, believer, crafter, pony fan, and all-around total geek.
@bobnjuno Bob and Juno (formerly @bobncomet) Bob and Juno my long haired #Weimaraner puppy. We love travel, Detroit Red Wings & @HowardStern. @NASAJuno and #MSL @NASAGlenn #NASATweetups. Forever #TeamComet
@ageekmom Shannon Moore Self-employed web geek; cyclist & outdoors gal; omnipresent Space Tweep; Space Camp (1987) & NASATweetup alumnus since Nov'09 (STS-129). Tweets are my own.
@zippyg2 Glenn A deceptively ordinary expatriate Detroiter.
@AgilistaAG Angela Gibson Educator. Dedicated to serving others & life-long learning #NASATweetup #NASASocial participant #STS135HQ #NASALangley #MSL #MarsCuriosity #AstroRon #AstroAcaba
@esa European Space Agency European Space Agency, keeping you posted on European space activities.
@nutzareus Ching-Yao Yu Native Detroiter. US Army OIF combat veteran. Smartphone collector. Love #NASASocial #WHTweetup. Podcast host for http://aboutfoursquare.com
@schierholz Stephanie Schierholz Awed by the wonder of the universe; motivated by how we can get out there. Love soccer, gardening, snowboarding, Denver Broncos, family. Views are my own.
@SMKinnison Suzanne M Kinnison Educator who's been around the world. Love photography, bicycling, traveling, space flight, astronomy.
@rocketman528 Jeff Wallace CTO, athlete, author, chef: Saving world 1 project @ a time:-) ESA, NASA, Smithsonian and White House Social Media Outreach. Extra in @KatyPerry's Hot n Cold!
@mathling Mary Holstege Software geek. At #NASASocial for #MSL launch and landing (@NASAAmes)
@stedman_casey Casey Stedman I'm a Space Exploration Advocate, promoter of Commercial Space Enterprise, STEM Outreach Volunteer, and a Military Aviator
@JBrianCoyle Brian Coyle #NASATweetup Juno & KSC50/MSL - Orlando, FL
@spacecampkimbly Kimberly Stockton Space Suit Designer for Space Camp, Lover of learning, trying, and experiencing, Costume Designer, and Queen Elizabeth I on weekends
@dothewww JeanCarl Bisson Web developer and photographer. #NASATweetup: NASA Ames, MSL; #Yelp, #SCTweetup, #GEM60, #Goldstone #DSN http://www.30daysoftravel.com
@mrcfmfbc Michael Cassidy Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director, Youth Worker, Board Member, NASASocial (STS135HQ and Landsat) alum
@jhox1 Christine Ruder Educator, technology coordinator, Jayhawk fan! Addicted to Edcamps and Broadway musicals. Attended the NASATweetup STS-135! - Missouri
@starstryder Pamela L. Gay Communicating astronomy and life in academia 1 sidereal day at a time - Edwardsville, IL - http://www.starstryder.com
@CatherineQ Catherine Q. Astrophysicist, science communicator, over-thinker. One of @HuffPostscience Top 30 Physicists to follow. Autoimmune illness girl. Kiwi in US. Dogs rule - USA - http://www.CatherineQ.com
@zekenix Zeke Kersey Fascinated by tech, space, arts, life. Wrote material in regional comedy group in the 90's. Edited “OnionHead” Lit Mag '85-'97. Quit to go back to school. Floriduh - http://www.zekenix.com
@kellskochel Kelly Kochel ~Shooting for the stars~ “ad astra per aspera” - The World, ok it's NY
@mindylyndy Mindy Rawls Marketing and online content manager. SES tutor. Full-on space geek. #NASATweetup #NASAJuno alum.
@ktvee Krissy Venosdale Continually working to inspire kids to dream big and reach for the stars. #NASATweetup STS-134 Missouri
@moviesharkd Debbie Lynn Elias Film Critic to over 136 print & online outlets around the world; owner -moviesharkdeblore.com; journalist - Culver City, California - http://www.moviesharkdeblore.com
@jonverve John Verville Integrating Web Collaboration & Systems Engineering. Tweets are my own. Tweetups #SED2011 #STS134/5 #PilotDay11 http://nasatweet.com - Washington, D.C. Region - http://jonverve.posterous.com
@tinacan25 Tina Canali Space & #STEM advocate, tweetup addict. Enjoyed behind the scenes at @whitehouse, @airandspace, @AMNH, @NASA #NASASocial #STS135. What's next?! - NJ Turnpike exit 8
@chris_radcliff Chris Radcliff Then: Software engineer and occasional space nerd hoping to meet space tweeps IRL. Now: Founder of SpaceUp and benevolent space troublemaker. http://spaceup.org #SpaceIsAwesome
@kimzzz Kim Zzz (Z3D) #GRAIL #NASASocial attendee, Best part of my day is riding my Road King to-from work, otherwise I'm working on it... Phoenix, AZ - http://www.planetzigzag.com
@therealdjflux Flux DJ, Space Nut, Techie, Nascent Photographer, Who Dey!, Co-Founder - @miclothing - #STS133 #NASATweetup Family, and Future Astronaut. Views are my own - Cincinnati, Ohio - http://flux.fm
@adcunningham Aaron Family, NASA, Space, Aviation, Music, Beer, Coffee, NASCAR, Red Sox, Spinners & Patriots. I'm a private pilot & NASATweetup veteran. RedSoxTweetup attendee! - New England - http://adcunningham.blogspot.com/
@bethejustin Justin Self-described geek. Future Mars Retiree. On the hunt for quality SciFi. Technology enthusiast. Avid Movie/TV watcher. Armchair New England Sports & Soccer fan. - Greater Boston, MA - http://www.bethejustin.com
@EmilyKnits Emily M. Longtime knitter; ESL teacher, spouse, mama. Alumna, #STS133 #nasatweetup (both!); #STS135 #CSATweetup. Geek. Feminist. Sometimes quiet, sometimes... not. - Toronto
@ShareefJackson Shareef Jackson Award winning science blogger and host of the podcast @OperationCube #ScienceLooksGood #TWIBIU #NASASocial #STS135 #Nupe #TribbleNation - Philadelphia, PA - http://shareefjackson.com
@muellerspace Kelly Mueller #tweetup #NASASocial participant Current library student. Pic is of my parent's dog. - Naperville, IL - http://bookotomy.blogspot.com/
@dennya Denny Atkin #DrydenSocial #STS135 #NASATweetup participant! Xbox.com games guy. Gamertag: Editer (Personal acct; Looking for official info? @majornelson @XboxSupport) - Redmond, WA - http://datkin.net/blog
@RennaW Renna Baptist. Conservative, fan of all things Spaaaaaaaaace, 14th generation Virginian, chemical engineer ex-cheerleader. Mostly tweets lame jokes.
@VTjawo James VT alum, photographer, cook, outdoor enthusiast. Data Analyst trying to figure out how I can travel more! STS135 Tweetup attendee x2 - Vienna, VA
@Brigitte_Ba Brigitte Bailleul Freelance copywriter and journalist, passionate about space and aviation. @SpaceUpParis team member, #spacetweep - Angers - http://www.parmilesetoiles.fr
@PML33T TL Frasqueri-Molina A Human Curio. Technologist on the outside. Storyteller on the inside. Project Manager CAPM, PMP, CSM. MSL #NASATweetup Alumni. Browncoat. Gamer.
@jenvargas Jen Vargas Field Producer @ICSTVSHOW, @RelayHuntersCrk @MSABCMetroOrl 8 yr Volunteer/#SocialMedia committee, @CentralFLTop5 media gal, #NASASocial4yrs alum & @bunnnn fan!- http://www.indiecinemashowcase.com
@proteinwrangler Carl Carruthers Scientist working on the structure and biochemistry of Nuclear Receptors. I tweet about #science, #aviation and occasionally fly experiments in #space! - Houston, TX - http://www.theproteinwrangler.com
@yukiyu99 Roberto Martínez #TDRS -K, @AstroAcaba, & #MSL @NASA_Langley #NASASocial 's ; #OV103 Rogue #TweetUp - Clemmons, NC
@rusewcrazy Aimee Gravelle #NasaSocialAtlantis, White House Social Alumni x2 - Tampa, FL - http://www.aimeeology.com.
@ALibertad Argelia Libertad Periodista, locutora, doc univ., abogada y Futurista /Journalist, university teacher, lawyer. Participant in 3 NASATweetUp & 1 NASASocial - Caracas, Venezuela
@d_l_miller Danielle Miller astronomy teacher + robotics coach + book worm + NASA NITARP teacher + Juno & GRAIL NASAtweetup alum - Orlando, Florida - danielle-miller.blogspot.com
@Erin_Allen Erin Allen Woman geek interested in sci fi, astronomy, technology, photography, and traveling. Previously attended #GRAIL #NASATweetup and looking to attend more. - http://about.me/ErinAllen
@johnmknight John M Knight Geek Dad,SpaceTweep,LEGO artist,Gamer, Photog,Maker,Tech,Comic book fan, steampunk,movie fan,writer,host http://InterviewWithAGeek.com -work@ http://Interactions.net - Monrovia, Indiana - http://about.me/johnmknight
@UAeroFly William Ung #TDRS #MSL #NASASocial, #SpaceTweep, Disney fanatic, space nut, aerospace enthusiast, scuba diver, underwater photographer, backpacker, traveler...and Nerd! - San Diego, CA
@LaurenAlloyce Lauren Tucker Cross Space and science geek. Psych Pro. Musician. Motorcyclist. Sports enthusiast.Mom of three. NASATweetup/NASASocial alum. Space Tweep. (MSL, ISS, STS, JWST, SDO) - New York, unless elsewhere!
@heathernaut88 Heather D. Smith #NASA #SpaceTweep veteran of #STS135 #NASATweetUp #Jacksonville born, #NOLA raised, currently #ERAU kid - Daytona Beach, Florida - https://www.facebook.com/Heathernaut88
@aggieastronaut Keri Bean Personal and private account of @KeriOnMars. This is where I tweet about politics, religion, etc. I love my husband @jeffamcgee! - College Station, Texas - http://people.tamu.edu/~kbean1988
@jimmylin1 Jimmy Lin Technology Product Strategist, Aerospace and Space Enthusiast and always looking to learn more. Find me on Google+. #NASASocial #Atlantis alum

Atlanta, GA

@acwynn Annie Wynn Technical Program Manager and lover of night skies. #NASASocial Ames (Kepler, SOFIA, MSL Landing), Dryden, KSC, JPL, AGU.
@bige54 Elliot Lipson Web Developer, over 25 years experience in technology, inc. .NET, SQL Server & Sitecore, Technology & Social Media enthusiast, Geek #GRAIL #NASATweetup
@omaflinger Marlene Teacher. Shuttle Hugger. I totally geek out on science, space, and social media. My views are my own. #NASATweetup #NASASocial #Roguetweetup Alum. Houston, TX
@worldspaceweek World Space Week Celebrate UN-declared World Space Week October 4 - 10 annually! Space science events in over 60 nations educate the public and inspire youth. #STEM
@mwilkinson3 Michael Wilkinson Is your mind open? SEEC2013 Presentor •MathSciEducator•Curriculum Designer•Staff Developer•Photographer•Spacetweep• - New York - https://sites.google.com/site/mwmathsci/home
@RhettRothberg Rhett Rothberg Invigorated by science/skepticism/reality/knowledge. #NASATweetup / #NASASocial #STS135, #AstroAcaba tweep. Views are mine and mine alone. - Washington DC
@pillownaut Heather Archuletta The Big Bang Happened on a Tuesday. Vulcan Up! #HashTagifyMars! - San Francisco, CA - http://pillownaut.blogspot.com
@F1Richie Richie Smith NASA Enthusiast, NASA Social Alum, #NASASocial #NASATweetup, KSC VC APH, World & Domestic Traveler, BBC & 70s Retro TV Fan, Ex-TV & Film Extra, Music Lover. - Florida, USA - http://mynasaspace.blogspot.com
@datachick Karen Lopez Sr. Project Manager & Architect, Consultant - Speaker - NASATweetup SpaceTweetup. Microsoft MVP. Love Your Data! A bit snarky, too. - Toronto, ON - http://www.infoadvisors.com
@JeffHolton Jeffrey Holton Business analyst at Cisco, wannabe Christian, teacher, blogger, husband, & father. #NASASocial alum. Bearer of unbearable puns. Well, somebody has to! - Livermore, California - http://jeffholton.com
@BigBadEd Big Bad Ed Dry English Wit, Wet Liberal Views, Cyclist, Runner, Father, Husband, NASA Fan.
@KelleyApril Kelley April Singer/Actress~♥Space~For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. ~Vincent Van Gogh~ - ~SCTweetup/NASATweetup~ - http://odysseyofadreamer.wordpress.com/
@Garrettishere Garrett Frankson Researching Stellar Flares and Studying Astrophysics at UW-Madison, NASA SoI PI, Published Author, #NASASocial Alum, Soccer Official, Future US Astronaut. - Madison, Wisconsin
@kosame06 Brandi Besecker #WeAre #OneTeam!! Future Mrs. Lee/Posluszny (whoever runs the slowest); Survivor of multiple #SpaceTweep #NASATweetup/#NASASocial; 一緒に日本語を話そう!
@jotulloch John O. Tulloch Space Geek, Civil Servant, Father; Participant in STS-132 JSC, STS-135 JSC, Ames Planet Hunters, Dryden Showcasing Aeronautics NASATweetup/NASASocials.
@geoffryken Geoff Ryken I say things; #STS134 #NASATweetup alum; I won't get your Harry Potter jokes.
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