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STS-135 #NASATweetup Photo and Video Sharing Guide


The #NASATweetup is a historic event, one that we'll all remember for the rest of our lives, and one that we'll all want to document as well! But I know from experience that sometimes you can become so fixated on shooting pictures and videos of an event that that becomes your main focus, and you definitely don't want that to happen here!

There will be 151 other tweeps with you at the event, and you can bet the majority of them will be recording the moments as well! If we all share our photos and videos, then nobody has to worry about snapping every moment -- chances are, someone else will be shooting too.

This page lists the locations where we can all share our photos, as well as some tips and tools for getting and sharing the best shots.


Flickr: Join the STS 135 NASATweetup group, and add your photos to the Group Pool there.

Smugmug: To Come...


Vimeo: Troy Janisch worked with Vimeo to provide attendees with a freeVimeo Plus account for July! The Plus account allows for higher-quality video, 5GB/week upload space, ability re-download original files, and more.

To participate, individuals just need to register their free Vimeo account and join The Space Crowd Group on Vimeo at After individuals join the group, Troy will ask Vimeo to upgrade their account, with priority given to individuals who've contributed videos to

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